Darth Wiki / This Does Not Exist

Yes, this was deleted before. But now it lives again!

Under normal circumstances, I'd kinda feel like a prick putting this here. But it's "Darth Wiki". I'm supposed to act evil. And it was way to0 tempting to resist.

fleb: I say, this section's Evil Makeover is toast-worthy. A Glass of Chianti for all!

Big T: Obviously, this page is intentional. Unless we have a hackerů

Lincoln: Getting rid of this gem is a sin. If we deleted this, we'd be just like That Other Wiki, and in addition, you would be just like them.

Inkki Bookman: The truth is that not only does this page and discussion NOT exist, it has never existed at all. In fact, only people with Ripple Effect-Proof Memory will even remember that it ever existed at all.

Big T: I took this off the talk page so we can cut that page, making it look like this page really doesn't exist. But apparently someone else didn't like my idea.

Big T: Apparently somebody bought in to the Kayfabe and made this a redirect. (I'd hate to think they just didn't discuss it.)

Nightelf37: Hello, fellow Darth troopers. I mean tropers. I came to edit your spelling errors and make my mark on this wiki. Mwha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

The One Who Tropes so is this an Abyssal page, or a page that Nobodies made?

gumbal1: Is this the fate of all deleted pages?

If This Does Not Exist, then should we be glad about it or horrified?

Why not both?

Because █████████ █████ ██████ ██ ███ █████ ███ ███ ████.

Ego-Man25: You know what I think? Refuge in Audacity exists for a reason. I say we have our chianti, and drink it too! Huzzah!

Where the hell am I? I was just browsing some Sliding Scales, and all of a sudden, I'm here. Where is everybody?

We are closer than you think, penguinking...

So hold on. I am on a page that claims not to exist? I have a bad feeling about this.

Burgerlord - Wait, if this page doesn't exist...how are we here?

I've been trapped here so long I don't remember what there is to go back to. It's dark in here and I'm cold...so cold