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Darth Wiki: The Caged Phoenix
After a long drawn-out battle with a gigantic evil mind-altering squid, Olapen plunges into the depths of despair- as she confronts her alternate personality then has a long debate about the philosophies of living for eternity. Much Mind Screw ensures as they both argue and there's two observers watching them... It's a WIP (work in progress) and a direct Deconstruction of my character. I made an Fan Vid of this series :D It's my first truly psychological horror series.It deals with the issues of 'social isolation' and the more psychological ramifications of loneliness and more importantly, mental illness. The story was also inspired from when I was watching the movie called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Note: This story takes place a full three and a half years after A Rouge's Tale... But Now I Must Go

     Lotus (Part I) 

first love, which is why she's so bitter towards him now.

     Zhēngq Realm (part II) 
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