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"When the rare visitor from the Real World comes to Anima, they have the assumption that Anima is a carefree place where the division between good guys and bad guys are clear-cut, issues are easily solved as the "wrong" side will have the poor arguments and will lose anyways, Love at First Sight is always true, and everyone gets a Happy Ending. This is a lie."

The Animation Crossroadsnote  is a Deconstruction Crossover trilogy being developed by Pumpkin Lore. It follows Dedra Rockwell, an ambitious young girl in Thalia, the capital of Anima. Due to her dream of being an Inter-Universe explorer and a vague childhood memory, Dedra has been stalking tracking the Scarecrow, a mysterious figure who is a powerful Seeker, one who can track down and even create worldgates. One night, Dedra gets up the nerve to approach the Scarecrow, revealing that the Scarecrow is Terrence Skellington. He wakes up from sleep walk and doesn't remember anything to do with his Scarecrow persona. Terrence asks Dedra to help him regain his memories, which she eagerly agrees to.

However, the recent worldgate shifts have made Terrence both potentially powerful and dangerous, and there are many people who would do anything to control him and his powers; King Gregory, who is desperate to find a cure for the worldgate shifts; Morgana Circe, who thinks King Gregory is unsuited for the throne and wants to overthrow him; and a mysterious La Résistance, whose purposes are unknown.

Suddenly, it's up to Dedra to protect Terrence and for both of them to stop The End of the World as We Know It, diving deep into political intrigue, meeting many famous animated characters, and braving many dangers while dealing with the growing affection they have for each other.

Expect major changes, as this is a developing project.

The Animation Crossroads provides examples of: