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A Continuity Reboot of Kinetic Adventures by Yours Truly.

The group of characters who are set to be heavily focused on are the following:
  • Roxanne "Star Lass" Kaizen is the team leader. She has solar themed powers that consist of light attacks, flight, and a power-draining ability to move at the speed of light. Roxy spent most of her childhood being socially crippled, but her friendships with Rio and Astra, among others, have helped her to overcome it.
  • Macario "Willpower" Rodriguez is the heart of the team. He is capable of harnessing his life energy into physical attacks, detecting the aura of other people, and is unable to be killed by anything short of natural causes. Though social and very friendly, Rio is often too dim or scatterbrained to have people stick by him. However, as one of the first true friends Roxy felt she had and because of his endless energy, she sticks by him and is currently engaged to him.
  • Astra "Black Moon" Badr is the second in command. Capable of lunar powers to counter Star Lass, she can alter gravity, control darkness, and go through solid matter. She's not lacking in self-esteem and is very driven to help others in need, but such a personality is countered by her short temper and difficulty in working with others. Nonetheless, she and Roxy have been best friends since middle school and will give their lives to protect one another.
  • Claire "Metal Queen" Morgan is the brains. As her alias implies, she has control over metal, along with a great deal of intelligence that she acquired on her own and a suit of armor she made. She befriended Roxy and Astra in high school, to her still-baffled amazement. In spite of her overly cynical stance on life, Claire can - and will - defend her friends and family with her life if she must.

Along the way, they team up with various other heroes against the forces of evil. Namely Esmeralda "Terrastone" Piedra, Claire's college roommate and Astra's love interest, and Troy "Shifter" Carlin, Claire's boyfriend with whom she has a complicated history with.

Though only the first volume is in the works, I hope to release five (with a total of fifty chapters, ten for each volume). So far only the prologue has been release, but it's no longer considered canon. It can be found here: http://metal-shadow-x.deviantart.com/art/Superzeroes-Prologue-357694215

On May 1, 2013, the story was revised once again. However, the chapters from before are for the most part still considered part of the main plot, but the series will fast forward closer to the present.

Then at the start of 2014, the plot was re-revised. In an attempt to still be in the present, the backstories were tweaked to make the characters more developed as time went on. There's no plans to release what I have, but I'm hoping more things will be set in stone as some are. Currently working on a 13 chapter arc that's at least a bit episodic until near the end.

This story will contain: