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A series of video games AXavierB has been planning to make for ages using Game Maker. When it was originally conceived, it was to be a ripoff of The Legend of Zelda, complete with character expies and a suspiciously similar plot. However, as AXavierB's powers of creativity slowly improved, the characters and setting were changed drastically into something almost entirely different.

The plot is somewhat loosely based on Australian aboriginal mythology. The games are set in an island country called Spectryu, where folktales speak of the rainbow serpents; spirits that drove away the primordial chaos and formed the earth billions of years ago. These serpent spirits have the power to control the water cycle and often manifest themselves through the electromagnetic color spectrum, hence their name. The series centers around a pair of young kids; Sierra, who has PK-based powers, and her best friend Aleron, who fights with water warfare. Together, they have various adventures around Spectryu, exploring and saving the world and stuff... because it's not like their parents or any other adults have got a handle on that.

The Spectryu series consists of reflex-heavy gameplay inspired by the reality TV show Wipeout. Depending on the nature of the various obstacle courses, the view shifts between overhead and sidescrolling perspective. Exploration is also optional, with various routes through each course.

Currently, two games are planned for the series:

  • Spectryu: Atheos' Soul
  • Spectryu: Fusion Islands

Tropes present in the entire series

  • Everything's Better with Princesses - In early conceptual stages, Sierra was going to be the princess of Spectryu. In fact, she was going to be an expy of Princess Zelda. AXavierB then realized this was completely unfitting for the setting of the series.
  • Everything's Better with Rainbows - Though not as sugary as this trope would seem to imply.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You - It is based on Australia, after all.
  • Improbable Weapon User - Aleron uses water guns and water balloons in combat.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun - "Spectryu" is a portmanteau of "spectrum" (referring to the rainbow) and "ryu" (a Japanese dragon). Rainbow dragon = rainbow serpent. Clever.
  • Punny Name - Sierra is named after Sierra Mist; her main color scheme is yellow and lime green.
  • Reality Warper - The rainbow serpents could be interpreted as a form of this.
  • Tsundere - Sierra switches between Tsun-Tsun and Dere-Dere depending on who she's interacting with.

Tropes present in Atheos' Soul