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Sins Vs. Virtues is an unpublished series by CJ Croen 1393. What format it will be written in has not been determined.

There is an ancient prophecy created after Lucifer's failed attempt to overthrow God. God realized that Lucifer would try more than once and created the Virtues to keep the Sins in check. Each century, generation after generation would feature groups of people representing the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues. They would fight each other until only one group remained. Unfortunately, the Virtues usually got their butts kicked...a lot. Each generation has a Virtue and Sin who knows of their true origin and they go to seek the other Sins and Virtues. Sometimes, one of them will refuse the call. Fortunately the prophecy points out that the Sin or Virtue can be transferred to someone else if need be, unless one of groups is in desperate trouble (like the Virtues when they recruited Humility). The Sins, however, usually just force people into it. Before their roles are realized, the Sins and Virtues tend to live relatively normal lives.

Skip ahead several thousand years; Tory Hummel is an Ordinary High-School Student until he's suddenly nabbed by a group of cute girls who claim to be embodiments of the Seven Heavenly Virtues; Charity, Kindness, Patience, Temperance, Diligence, and Chastity. They claim that they need a leader in their fight against the Seven Deadly Sins; Pride, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, and Lust. Pride is the leader of the sins and as such it was considered fitting that his opposite, Humility would be most fitting as the leader of the Virtues. Their requirements, however, dictate that a member of the Virtues has to be a girl. Tory was so feminine that they made the obvious mistake and by the time they realized it, it was too late.

Tory is ultimately too full of humility to want to be a hero and ends up wanting to go home. The only thing keeping him there is his crush on Kindness. Things get personal when she gets kidnapped by the sins. An all out war ensues.

Plans and preparations are made for battle, with a few fishing heroes and shopping villains sprinkled in. As this occurs, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse watch passively, helping both the sins and virtues due to the fact that their not meant to really take action until the end of the world.


Character Tropes:

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     The Seven Heavenly Virtues 

The Virtues as a whole

Humility (Tory Hummel)

"I never wanted to be a hero in the first place!"

The reluctant leader of the Virtues.

Powers and Abilities: None at first. Becomes skilled at various forms of martial arts later.

Charity (Sister Nia)

"Remember what I always say, Tory: 'giving is a virtue'..."

A nun who acts as Humility's second in command. Former leader of the Virtues.

Powers and Abilities: Genius level intellect and skilled in martial arts.

Kindness (Ashley)

"H-hello...m-my name is Ashley."

One of the Virtues, later captured by the Sins as bait.

Powers and Abilities: Care-Bear Stare.

Temperance (Lina)


The muscle of the Virtues.


Patience (Tiana)


The pacifist of the Virtues.

Powers and Abilities: Spiritual energy, skills in martial arts.

Diligence (Myra)

"Wake up, you lazy bums! We have work to do!"

The Virtue's hard working strategist.

Powers and Abilities: Skilled sharpshooter, varying combat skills and army experience.

Chastity (Tessa)

"Someday I'll meet someone who'll love me!"

The hyper Love Freak of the group and the idealist.

Powers and Abilities: The Power of Love, weaponized.

Puck Masterson

"Hey Tory! How long were you planning on hiding these cute girls from me?"

Humility's best friend who found out about the Virtues by accident and fell head over heels for Chastity. Becomes the techie of the group. Becomes a Double Agent for the Sins after Pride tricks him into believing that he could gain Chastity's love through them.

Powers and Abilities: Genius level intellect with technology.



Charity's pet pterodactyl and the Virtue's scout and messenger.

Powers and Abilities: Flight and enhanced eyesight.

    Virtue Allies 

Father Time

"I always have time."

The ruler of time itself.

Powers and abilities: Can control and manipulate time.

Priest Mark

"Sometimes, I even question myself..."

A priest from Father Philips' Corrupt Church and a Spanner in the Works. Secretly in love with a witch named Melissa.

Powers and Abilities: None.

Brother Samson


Patience's adoptive father.

Powers and Abilities: Spiritual energy and skilled in martial arts.


"I'm a good witch."

A witch hiding from Father Phillips.

Powers and abilities: Magic.

The Holidays

Several supernatural childhood icons who ally with the Virtues a few times

Santa Claus

"Ho ho ho!"

Eve Hollow

"Made you look!"

The Easter Chicken


  • I Am Not Shazam: In-universe; According to her, there is no Easter Bunny. The embodiment of Easter is actually a chicken. Being mistaken for the Easter Bunny annoys her greatly.
    Easter Chicken: Oh here we go! Everyone comparing me to that nonexistent rabbit!
    Humility: I'm sorry...it's just that...
    Easter Chicken: Look kid, use your brain. What does the Easter "Bunny" hide?
    Humility: Eggs?
    Easter Chicken: Exactly! And what kind of eggs?
    Humility: Chicken eggs?
    Easter Chicken: Right! Now think kid. Where is an Easter BUNNY going to get CHICKEN eggs?
  • Gossipy Hens: Literally!

Saint Patrick

"You want me gold? You're gonna have to catch me first!"

Manny Menorah

"On my holiday, you get presents for eight days!"


"Cupid knows who falls in love with who!"


"I see my shadow!"

    The Seven Deadly Sins 

The Sins as a whole

Pride (Quincey Su Perbia)

"Everyone will bow to me one day."

The leader of the Sins and a former stage magician.

Powers and Abilities: Magic and influence.

Greed/Avarice (Richard Gold)

"Everything you see, is MINE!"

The brains behind the Sins, who's hoping to help his sick fiancee.

Powers and Abilities: Genius level intellect, a magical, all-seeing monocle, and influence.

Envy (Norbert Lee Viathon)


A perpetually mistreated Sin.

Powers and Abilities: Master sharpshooter.

Gluttony (Chef Dee Vore)

"Who cares? I just want food!"

The gourmet of the Sins and Pride's personal chef.

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced strength, distend-able mouth and gut.

Wrath (Private Satara Ratton)

"Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill..."

The Sins muscle.

Powers and Abilities: Fearsome strength and military experience.

Sloth (Louis Lacker)

"Obey me."

The lethargic Sin.

Powers and Abilities: Marionette Master. Also has super speed and genius level intellect, but is unwilling to use them.

Lust (Asmond Rose)

"A perfect specimen. You have a great body, and possibly other characteristics..."

The deviant of the Sins.

Powers and Abilities: A shapeshifter and a Master Swordsman.


"Richy, I don't like you hanging out with such unsavory characters."

Greed's fiancee.

Powers and Abilities: None.



Pride's pet snake.

Powers and Abilities: Poison fangs, heat sensitive vision, enhanced sense of smell.

     Sin Allies 

Pastor Phillips


A corrupt priest who was tempted with promises of power by Pride.

Powers and Abilities: None.

Sister Pierce


A nun who works for Father Phillips

Powers and Abilities: None.


"Don't you love the feeling of schadenfreude?"

A young sorcerer who tends to team up with Envy.

Powers and Abilities: Bad luck magic.

Sue Perbia

"I will always be loyal to master Quincey."

Pride's creepy as heck Opposite-Sex Clone.

Powers and Abilities: Magic and enhanced strength.


A mysterious man who works with the Sins. Actually Puck in disguise.

Powers and Abilities: None, ironically.

     The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse 

The Horsemen as a whole


"Move out, everyone!"

The somewhat cocky leader of the Horsemen.

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced strength, tactical genius.



The muscle of the Horsemen.

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced strength.


"Everything decays eventually..."

The unfortunate member of the Horsemen.

Powers and Abilities: Whatever he touches rots.


"Death is the one reality."

The Grim Reaper and the brains of the group.

Powers and Abilities: Powerful magic, omniscience, can see the future, can control whether or not someone dies.


"Yes, master Death..."

Death's morose companion.

Powers and Abilities: Sonic screech/scream, flight, ability to shapeshift into a bird, powerful oracle powers.