Darth Wiki: Shades Of The Empyrean

A psychological/dark fantasy/action/horror/deconstruction series of door-stopper novels set to destroy the current status quo of the High Fantasy genre. So far it amounts to half a prologue and a thousand pages of notes spread out over multiple notebooks and e-mail accounts since at least 2006. More to come soon.

Commonly used tropes throughout the series:
The Dark Arts - Used by the majority of people now, as the last couple of decades of warfare basically crossed the Godzilla Threshold
Deadly Decadent Court, and almost every trope that entails
Child Soldiers
—Sometimes overlapping with Raised by Orcs / Changeling Tale
Power Born of Madness / With Great Power Comes Great Insanity - Leading to a prominent use of Power Limiters and methods of destroying the natural ones.
Bolivian Army Ending - Some of the chapters WILL end like this.
Four Is Death - Shows up EVERYWHERE, sometimes intentionally on the creators part, sometimes not.