Darth Wiki: Science And Sorcery

It's Everything meets ...Everything!

Everyone in our universe presides over a mysterious nether-universe, in which magical schoolgirls, heavily-armed battling robots, and warriors beyond compare are a reality. This place is the Omniverse. Presided over by a being called "Ultima Apotheos", the Omniverse strains and groans in pain as its authors put everything and everyone through a veritable hell of an experience. There is no escape from the torture, short of being lost within irrelevance. As long as you remain in the gaze of the gods, your very existence is to be their plaything.

Many great legends have risen up to stand against the Powers That Be. The greatest of these is Tobias Erikson, a character created by the Ultima Apotheos itself, designed as the ultimate Mary Sue. Turning from his wicked ways, Tobias fought against the Ultima Apotheos, but he lost. Others are rising up to follow in his stead, but they are all destined for failure.

Powers from all across the fictional spectrum rise up against the Ultima Apotheos. Try as they may though, there is nothing they can do but pray for mercy. The darkest days of your existence begin the moment that the eyes of the Ultima Apotheos reach your world. You may receive mercy, but your lives will be a plaything to the whims of those who walk beyond.

This work illustrates the following Tropes:

If there's a bad fan fic trope (that doesn't involve syntax) that hasn't yet been listed, not only does Science and Sorcery illustrate it, but it will also be the patron saint of said trope.