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Darth Wiki: Necromancy Will Kill Your Dating Life
Seventeen-year-old Tiffany Blackheart has one major obstacle in the way of her dreams of an active social life: she's the latest in a long line of necromancers. While she has a bubbly personality, she's also enthusiastic about her craft, and she doesn't see anything wrong with talking with the spirits of restless dead that haunt St. Louis. This has left her with only one real friend, goth girl Isabella "Bellatrix" Deleon.

Things seem to be looking up when the totally adorable Jake Powers invites her to go with him to the school's Halloween party, but then her dad assigns her to look into the increasing levels of spectral activity in the city. Now Tiffany must juggle her responsibilities as a necromancer with her social expectations, and hope that everything doesn't blow up in her face.

This novel will be written for NaNoWriMo 2014.

Character page in progress here.

Tropes featured in this novel include:

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