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Darth Wiki: Mythology 101 Cycle
A work-in-progress by Pinata (real name to be revealed upon publication, but as of right now he's ingested a bit too much Paranoia Fuel), this 10-book fantasy/Deconstruction of fantasy series essentially asks the question, "What if Quentin Tarantino wrote The Chronicles of Narnia?"

Not only is it Troperiffic, Bloodier and Gorier, Darker and Edgier, and Hotter and Sexier (that is, if you're not scarred for life by it), it's also being intentionally constructed with No Fourth Wall.

Because it's a work in progress, don't expect many spoilers here, at least not plot-oriented ones. Comments on the discussion page are welcome, especially since I'm curious whether there's actually a market for something that's this far out there.

The story follows a professor of folklore and mythology — and his students, and a cop who gets dragged into the mix — who are recruited by an Elvish princess to help her fulfill an ancient prophecy back in her world (referred to by the characters as the "World of Myth").

The series provides examples of:

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