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"Click the edit button to start this new page. "

Tim dutifully clicked the edit button and started to type in a description for his NaNoWriMo project, The Further Adventures Of Mori Manami. Strange, he didn't remember going to TV Tropes and... hey, why was his hand moving on its own?

"Stop that!" She said. She then panicked at the sudden loss of his manhood. And panicked again at his equally sudden recovery of it.

"I said Stop That!" How about no. I'm the author and you're the character. That means that you have to do what I say. "No it doesn't." Yes it does, in fact, Tim picked up his pen and started writing his NaNoWriMo Project on a piece of black paper.

"Two things wrong with that, me. One - it's black paper, nobody will be able to read it. Two - it's not November yet! You're cheating!"

Only if I get caught.

"But you're posting this on TVTropes as we speak!" Tim found himself saying as he typed into the "Edit Page" box for The Further Adventures Of Mori Manami. "How will you NOT get caught?"

It's simple.


This isn't actually part of the story, it's just an example of how the story is going to go.

"I... well, you... SHUT UP!"

Tropes that this work is an example of