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Darth Wiki: Letalium
Letalium is a dark fantasy universe perpetually torn by a war between two rival spirits, Rakhmet and Keth, both of whom want to become god—which in this context, simply means "the guy in charge of everything.''

Humans were once spirits who lived in heaven with Rakhmet, Keth, the angels, and various other cosmic entities including the original actual God. However, the early humans were on the bottom rung of the heavenly ladder, so they decided to hold an uprising. They succeeded in killing God, but all of Its servants turned against humanity, cursing them with mortality and banishing them to the physical world.

With the threat of marauding humans averted and God dead, Rakhmet and Keth both decided that they deserved to take God's place. So they rallied other spirits and started fighting a war over it.

Meanwhile, the humans tried sneak a huge container full of God's blood with them down to the physical world, as they believed that they would use it to restore their immortality. The angels escorting them, however, found out and tried to confiscate it. After a brief scuffle, the humans dropped it into the physical world, and it spilled all over the place. It seeped into the ground and welled up in subterranean pools.

The humans got dropped off in the physical world as planned, but now everyone in heaven knew that the incredable magic power of Godblood was down there. It is very difficult to travel physically between worlds to get it, but it was a valuable resource that could potentially decide the outcome of the Cosmic War between Rakhmet and Keth. So both sides spend the entire history of the Physical World manipulating mortals into procuring Godblood for them.

Created by Anthony Alexander.

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