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Darth Wiki: Illiteracy Communist
Certain members of this website, ones whom this troper suspects to be, more or less, illiterate, have accused intelligent tropers of being Grammar Nazis. This troper wants to fight this evil plague of stupidity. Anyone who wants to join S.H.I.T. D.I.C.K. A.S.S.H.O.L.E.S. (Stop Having Idiotic Tantrums, Dumb Illiteracy Communist Kooks, All Stupid Shit Has Obdurate, Ludicrous Excess, Silliness) should sign up here:

  • Assassin wants a sentence to end with a goddamn punctuation mark.
    • Does "lol" count as punctuation these days? It sure seems to be used as punctuation most of the time.
  • Archabacteria blames Communism for everything that is currently wrong with the world. Yes, even greedy corporations.
  • Dukia
  • mrbing0 notices that this page isn't alphabetized.
  • randomfanboy
  • Houston wants to know what the commas did to you. Did they steal your yo-yo when you were a child or break your stickball bat?
  • IBlameCommunism blames Communism for illiteracy. Heil, Kameraden!
  • Kriegsmesser blames illiteracy for Communism. Has anyone even read the Manifesto?
  • Belfagor did. And despite being a diehard Marxist-Leninist, he's in. He blames illiteracy for anti-Communist revisionism.
  • Sirkrunk
  • Fighteer
  • Rikka
  • The Tall One
  • Bloodthirster will take any excuse he can get to take some skulls.
  • Umbee understands the occasional typo, but thinks that repeated spelling errors are a sign of either idiocy or laziness.
  • Queen of Dorkness wishes to repay those who have crushed the poor semicolon beneath the bootheels of obscurity , comma splices must be abolished.
  • Morbius shall avenge the capital letters. They were nearly wiped out.
  • Av12971 has joined the party.
  • Morkais Chosen has more of a problem with illiteracy than Communism.
  • L3wt will not let the wiki turn into something resembling My Immortal. Please, think of the commas!
  • sithlordservo fights the good fight for the commas and the Capital Letters and is absolutely definitely not serving as a double agent of the Illiteracy Communists.
  • Deus Ex Biotica is mostly seeking self-aggrandizement.
  • Game Chainsaw thinks that the quality of the grammar here is really very good, but nonetheless agrees that the illiteracy communists must be hunted down and butchered one by one! Spellcheck shall rise again! We shall fight typos on the beaches! We shall fight them on the streets! We shall fight them in the hills! We shall never surrender!... wait... I think I went wrong somewhere here...
  • Dun Dun is a copy editor and will treat most articles as a copy.
  • LadyKnighted is a firm believer in basic language skills for those who claim literacy.
  • Lockon Lockon, we must prevent syntax genocide! Fünf Vokals (und zuweilen y), ein Semikolon, EIN ENGLISCH!!!
  • Let the cleansing begin!
  • Malchus is just in this for the the t-shirts and the hats. Honestly, the Nazis had the best clothes. Then again, so did the Soviets...
  • Auztria is very dismayed by the mangling of the King's English he witnesses on a daily basis.
  • The Great Unknown will defend the English language to the last.
  • Balrog1911 has reserved a few special places in hell for those who wrongfully use apostrophes or simply omit them. After that come those whose spelling iz lyk dis bcuz its so gr8, and then the comma-massacring mobs. If a German such as himself can learn this, then the native speakers should at least have a grasp of basic rules.
  • Elmarien fights on two battlefronts: English and Portuguese. Commas and accents are not pills - stop swallowing them.
  • SS-Standartenführer Octane, Nr. 3 Polizei-Maschinenschreiber Regiment, 4.SS-Division (mot.) meldet sich zum Dienst! Heil die Grammatik! o/
  • MiriaRose für Grammatik und Ehre!
  • Bishop Rodan will stop at nothing to eliminate the filthy illiterate Untermensch.
  • Myshii has no idea why she is on this page but understands that there is the possiblity of killing some shit and then painting said shit purple, possibly with a slegehammer.
  • Taco Ninja wants the world to know that the number '2' is not a proper substitute for the word 'to' in SCHOOLWORK.
  • The One Who Tropes wird TV Tropes von den bösen, analphabeten, kommunistischen Horden verteidigen! Heil Spellcheck! o/ Translation: Will defend TV Tropes from the evil, illiterate Communist hordes! More a Spelling Nazi than a Grammar Nazi, I mean, how did 150+ articles get the word villian in them?
  • happymediocrity: Reread what you typed. Then, edit as necessary. It's not that hard.
  • HeartBurn Kid wants to remind you that, when you obviously are not bright enough to find the shift key or the comma key on your keyboard, it instantly says to anybody who's reading, "I have no idea what I'm talking about! About any subject! IGNORE ME!" As well, it makes your writings difficult to read, so even if one wanted to know what the hell you're trying to say (and I don't), it'd be hard to figure it out. And I'm pretty sure it causes the deaths of various small, cute animals somewhere in the world.
  • kittengrl39, despite her name, is a dedicated opponent of those who use Funetik Spelling and apparently skipped their first-grade English class.
  • Technonarrator. This troper considers anyone who cannot use proper spelling and grammar except when they are doing so for the sake of sarcasm and humor to be in dire need of a "Attention and Care" transplant. We should start a list.
  • Raining Metal is ready to send those Commies running back to their mommies!
  • Sickle Yield keeps a comma shelter in her basement.
  • Arya Adrianiel has lost all faith in the human race due to the poor grammar and spelling that is becoming the norm.
  • Gamer Am I will use all resources at his disposal to hunt down these illiteracy communists until not a single one remains on the internet! Alright, not really; I don't have the necessary resources to do that.
  • Unclebella thinks that people should at least capitalize words at the beginning of the sentence. Please?
  • AOTKorby would like to strangle someone every time he sees a word misspelled or misused on the wiki.
  • Artemis92, while bang alongside the idea of purposefully misspelling words to show dialect/the lack of education of the speaker, will not tolerate people who cannot write a coherent sentence in their native freaking language.
  • Schezar, will fucking annihilate you if you spell "more" "moar"
  • Triple Elation dies a little bit inside every time an edit abuses ellipses...then fails to put spaces after them,or any other punctuation mark for that patter,and put the apostrophe's where they dont belong rather than where they do,it should go without saying though that semicolons are out of the question,everyone knows run-on sentences...are the best...haha...
  • ZellThe5th notes the red-clawed literacy fiends and their cursed ilk as a primary reason behind his request for a 'Smite' button in the Darth Wiki Tech Wish List. He also suspects that they may have been the bane of his forebears.
  • Um... hi guys. I wish to join. I dislike poor grammar just as much as the rest of you.
  • Anima is going insane from seeing people her age type with less coherence and respect for grammar rules that she learned in second grade.
  • Life in General supports this organisation. Grammar and spelling are causes that are dear to my heart, and I would gladly take up arms in their defence. Before I commit myself, however, I would like to be sure that Commonwealth spelling is acceptable here.
  • desdendelle wants people to acknowledge the existance of English grammar. All Hail English Punctuation!
  • Gumbal1 hates bad grammar and has joined.
  • rikalous believes that spelling and grammar corrections should be taken as a friendly gesture rather than an act of hostility, and that most people on the internet have no reason to type like they have ten seconds to reveal the villain's plot and tell their wife they love her.
  • SheWhoChewsGum has had it with these motherfuckin' grammar problems on this motherfuckin' site!
  • Rosepetal owes her Grammar Nazi tendencies to being raised by an English teacher.
  • Midtime does not recognise the human right to change at leisure a language they do not understand.
  • GameSpazzer will not rest until the internet is forever rid of people wHo type liek dis!1eleven. HEIL GRAMMAR!
  • Anomaly188 wishes to eradicate long winded sentence structure and the black plague of purple prose! Remember: Punctuation is your friend, motherfuckers!
  • Ehekatl wants everyone to remember the classic rule. Either have one or three periods. Trying to show a pause in fifty-four periods is just annoying, and makes you look like you're trying to rewrite My Immortal.
  • Jaunebleu hears the screams of dying kittens every time a fellow troper uses incorrect grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation. Capitalize the first letter of every sentence, bitches!
  • B2WM can forgive some html errors, but not homonym confusion. If she must loose the Wargs upon your illiterate ass, you will lose.
  • ChrisWWII continues to fight losing battles for the glory of grammar on several other forums. He will not stand for grammar being defeated on TV Tropes as well! For grammar! For the Emperor!
  • St Fan would fight for English Grammar just as well as French grammar. Especially the irrational hatred toward the hyphen so often witnessed on this Wiki.
  • OsmosisD regrets the fact that many forums and comment pages lack edit buttons. He also regrets those literary mistakes that he cannot fix for that idiotic reason alone. He is so peeved by this, he might just go and hack said websites to fix any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors present.
  • CactusWren is going to beat with a railroad tie the next person who responds to a criticism of grammar or syntax with a whine of, "But language CHAYYYYYYYYNNNN-jez!" If thinking that words mean things makes her one of those evil Prescriptivists... then yeah, she's a Prescriptivist.
  • Shiny Manaphy: Yes, I'm dyslexic, but at least *I* reread my writing so that it's legible! (I apologise for any mispellings or grammatical errors, but I'm fairly sure that I went back and got them all.)
  • While RaichuKFM is more loyal to the Reichswehr (Germany's army during and before WWI), he is willing to help the cause in its present incarnation.
  • Makkine will violently dismember anyone who lines up multiple exclamation marks!!!!!! She also hates the word "anyways"!!!!
  • chalcedony wishes to annihilate anyone who cannot construct a sentence with the proper spelling, grammar, capitalisation and punctuation it deserves, regardless of language. She's also part-German and hates it when people cannot even use their own native language properly.
  • Ledah wishes that people would just learn how to spell.
  • Dimonite would like people to use the English Language CORRECTLY. USE YOUR ADVERBS, PEOPLE.
  • Andygal would like people to not abbreviate the word "you". Really how hard is it to type two extra letters? Every time I see "u" I want to strangle somebody. If that makes me a Grammar Nazi then so be it.
  • BaronOfStuff is sick to the back teeth of seeing the unfathomably incorrect spelling of simple words, shorthand 'txt spk' used out of laziness/stupidity, and other miscellaneous abuse of the English Language (or any other language for that matter) to the point that he now often feels the urge to drown random strangers when visiting ANY website, due to the rampant idiocy present with the majority of internet users. "Ein Volk! Ein Pakt! Ein TV Tropes!"
  • incendiarist would like to see sentences writ with a single ending punctuation mark, is all. She also wouldn't object to common usage of diacritical markings where applicable. Or she could just kill you.
  • hieronymuserroneous would be elated if your nouns were accompanied by appropriate articles or if you were accustomed to giving your entries a once-over just to ensure that they are comprehensible to anyone but you.
  • alethiophile loves semicolons to the point of overusing them; it occasionally gets tiresome, but it works; he has been able to write entire technically grammatically correct pages without ever using any sentence-ending punctuation, and revels in it, despite the utter incomprehensibility of such work; in addition, he is of the considered opinion that the style of vocabulary selection commonly referred to on This Very Wiki as Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness is that of the highest possible order of quality, and defies any lesser grammarian to protest.
  • TiberiusBlaze tinks Iliteracy Comunists suck lulz. Seriously though, I do blame Communists for everything wrong in the world. Furthermore I don't see anything wrong with greedy corporations.
  • lambrequinprincess would be satisfied by even the most basic adherence to the rules of grammar, in both English and Chinese. Sadly, it seems that half the internet is incapable of noting the differences between "your" and "you're", "their" and "they're", and "their" and "there".
  • CockroachED believes even though English is a bastard language you should never treat it like a bastard child.
  • Kroozer101 feels that the shift key does not get enough love. Nor does the comma, or, indeed, many of the readily-available marks of punctuation.
  • Iydak agrees with the above; too many avoid the semicolon.
  • Dellanotte wishes that the people who created Spellcheck had a full understanding of proper grammar, and she prays that the people engaging in the free-spirited activity that is writing will not rely solely on a machine to verify their work.
  • I Am Not Creative Enough firmly believes that somebody should teach people that 'Your' and 'You're' are not the same word.
  • Klark Kent The3rd actually likes the name Grammar Nazi; DEAL WITH IT.
  • Love Hate Angst wants you to know that two words that are spelled similarly are not synonyms for one another. The first word spell check suggests for you to use is not always the correct one.
  • homayoon also wants to register his disgust with those who don't spend half their life fixing every word they write. It's really easy; you re-read and re-read until no mistake is found in three consecutive audits.
  • mrgate3's post signature says it all: "If you struggle with fifth-grade spelling and grammar, it's pretty safe to assume that Poli Sci 101 is over your head."
  • TheNessFan detests disorder in grammar. Just ask anyone he knows. Grammar Nazi is one of the few instances where the term "Nazi" is dignified. Oh, and despite the fact that he usually ends his posts in ellipses, he hates it when people know not how to use punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and definitions of words...
  • Achyfi isn't the kind to pass up joining a cult, let alone a LITERARY cult.
  • TheLunchster will destroy all communists! Destroy! Destroy! DESTROY!
  • Sekantti is dismayed by the number of unintentional grammatical errors she found on this very page. Admittedly most of them were in German, which is presumably not the native language of the relevant tropers, but still...
  • Trilandian can't stand it when people misuse apostrophes.
  • RallyBot2 despises people who don't know basic English, unless they have a very good reason...
  • Maxwell Daring is online! All systems nominal! Weapons hot! Mission: the destruction of any and all Illiteracy Communists!
  • May Incon: We live in an era where the proper usage of "your", "you're", "they're" and "their" are shunned to the lowest point. THIS MUST END. If we're not the ones fighting against Illiteracy Communists who will?
  • RandomTroperWhoLikes1R agrees with everything that has been said above and would like to add that people should learn proper grammar as soon as possible because it's not that hard to use proper English.
  • rTicWolf This pack is strong. I shall join this pack. I pledge to hunt down all those who use "than" when they mean "then", and "then" when they mean "than", and edit their entries!
  • HammerOfJustice will bring down the gavel of grammar upon the illiterate
  • Ryanasaurus0077: Heil Spellcheck!

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