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Darth Wiki: How Not to Write an Example
aka: How To Write An Example
Dizammmbo! Has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this page but it's such a sweet pic that it's just gonna be shoehorned in. I mean look at it! We can totally justify having his face plastered on this page as long as we insert colorful descriptive text that vaguely ties it to the topic!

How has Scourge, the absolute king of this trope not been mentioned yet? Scourge, just Scourge. He could easily have made this trope!

"This quote could just as easily have gone in the examples section, but I'm putting it here because it's from my favorite show."
My Favorite Show

"This quote actually isn't an example, but I'm putting it here because it's from my favorite show."
My Favorite Show

"In Short, no. In long, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo."
Zero Punctuation. This also doubles as Yahtzee's reaction to this page.

Here at TV Tropes, we like to encourage editors to dive right in and add examples without forcing them to spend months lurking around and arduously studying proper editing form. Because that's for suckers. This isn't The Other Wiki, which means we want to have fun and screw the rules (with or without the money). With that in mind, here are some favorite things our tropers do when posting.

Compare That Troper, which you should strive to be.

Oh, and contrast How to Write an Example. If you want to propose a whole new trope, see How Not To Write AYKTTW.


  • New examples should go at the top of the list so that people read them first rather than having to read through all the other stuff again.
  • Start out by making me pancakes. All tropes are better after you have enjoyed a nice plate of pancakes.
    • If you think an example is inaccurate, put a huge Justifying Edit right below that post. Nothing livens up examples like chains of Natter below them. Always use increasing levels of bullet points rather than new paragraphs: Example Indentation in Trope Lists is the work of fussbudgets.
      • Actually, there are several other things that livens up examples to that degree.
      • Such as?
      • A big ol' Edit War?
      • That, my dear, sweet marvelous troper with your slender hands and thick, lush hair and, most importantly, your soul-piercing eyes, is utter nonsense and/or just plain lies and you should be deeply ashamed of yourself to the bottom of your cold, wretched, overly small cardiac muscles. Justifying Edits, you see, are always, ALWAYS an fantabulous idea to stick onto one of the pages on this wiki. And it unquestionably is, of course particularly preferable to all tropes that they are always, ALWAYS a mammoth, all-consuming Wall of Text. They greatly grow upon the original entry on a page that another individual composed over the course of hours, with their fingertips deftly impinging the keyboard, and/or just plain clears a few things up in a TV Tropes entry that the first poster neglected to even reference once or wasn't decipherable sufficiently on. Moreover, it does a lot to solve the very grievous trouble of risking the comprehensive decimation of an entry, thus fleetly avoiding anything that could possibly perceived as a potential slight and quickly putting a cessation to the possibility for a long-lasting, acrimonious Edit War before it even begins to come about, because every last individual on this planet is absolutely cognisant that Edit Wars are the rootage of fury and avarice and lust and pridefulness and indisposition and all of the other unrighteousnesses on this damned, horrible planet and everything at all possible should be done to altogether avoid them at all costs, reasonable or unreasonable. In addition to everything else in this long, long, long piece of writing, mind you, an edit under an original entry encourages polysyllabic, interminable bouts of lively and spirited discourse on the subject at hand today and, with any luck, proves that snowmonkeys somehow driving snowmobiles and all parties involved in that affair share a pleasant, clear consensus. Also, troper, make sure that you never, ever omit your long, long, long tangents and segways. Those are the most crucial part of a Justifying Edit, merely because if you can easily interpret, with perfect, peerless pellucidity, your train of cognizant thought than surely everyone else on this huge, all-encompassing internet site would be able to do the exact same thing because you, yes, you are a uncorrupted representative of every last one of all of your fellow writers on here and everyone else knows that since you are mad e of such pure concentrated awesomesauce, if your mind forms an opinion on something, whether it's exactly correct or based on false premises or anything in between, than everyone, everyone else has the exact same opinion on the subject at hand and will greatly appreciate with all of their hearts that you took precious moments of your extremely valuable time to make a justifying edit on this very wiki. But you also have to stuff into your edit in as much detail as humanly possible because, otherwise, how else do you accept, with absolute certainty, that anyone else would be aware that you had randomly, on a whim, commented on snowmonkeys driving snowmobiles swiftly down a steep, high gravely hill in the destitute wilderness of Appalachia (Eastern U.S, from Pennsylvania to Georgia), right in the intermediate of this exceedingly long, altogether inane and worthless argument if everyone who's reading this paragraph simply skips right to the end of this written material? And the part of all this nonsense that's the most egregious of all? Sometimes, or possibly even probably, such a large Wall of Text Justifying Edit can have many, many, many words contained within it but in reality says very little of dire importance, or even nothing at all.
      • It's not "segways", it's "segues". Segways are silly wheelie-things to ride on.
      • Holy Shit! I'm not reading all that!
      • But how else can you know what's being talked about unless you read every word to understand both the context and the discussion of the Justifying Edit and/or explanation? Don't you see? DON'T YOU SEE!?
      • What if I'm blind, then, I CAN'T SEE!
      • yeah! yeah! yeah! [[overlylonggag YEAH!]]
      • You don't need to read the whole thing. Just read the first few words, decide the person who disagrees with you is an idiot, then proceed to write your own EVEN BETTER super-spectacular Justifying Edit.
      • It's not enough! You must also remove theirs from existence, for how can visitors bask in the glory of your mighty example if theirs is in the way?
      • In addition to a Justifying Edit, you can also prove your point by Pot-Holing the entire previous post as Critical Research Failure, Fan Dumb, etc. Everyone loves that.
      • This Troper says X Just X! Would this happen on The Other Wiki?
  • It is strange that nobody has yet mentioned the technique of expressing complete and utter disbelief that the page has lasted so long (three hours!) without someone having mentioned the obscure show which happens to be your favorite.
  • It's important to spread the word about your favorite anime and other stories. Be sure to add an example for it on every trope you can, even if it doesn't fit perfectly. Don't worry if it confuses the reader. For more information concerning the following phrases, see Playing with a Trope.
    • Played Straight in Your Show: the trope actually sounds like it may have happened pretty much that way in your show.
    • Subverted in Your Show: It looked like they might have been going to use this trope in Your Show, but they didn't. Alternate definition: Any form of Playing with a Trope in your show other than completely, 100% straight even if it's something as similar as Played for Laughs or Downplayed.
    • If this trope happens more than once or twice in Your Show, add that the entirety of Your Show is an example. Never mind that this doesn't really make sense.
  • As opposed to putting new examples at the top of the list, put them in the middle. You can especially put them right before an entry that has two or more stars; sure, it will break the flow between whatever came before or after, but that'll just make your own entry stand out more and won't be confusing in the slightest!
    • Partially Subverted in Your Show: They could easily have used the trope in your show, and almost did, or they used it in a way that is different from the description.
    • Averted in Your Show: The trope has nothing to do with your show, except the trope is really cool, and Your Show is awesome. Alternate definition: Subverted or inverted in your show but you don't want to say anything is a subversion and have never heard of an inversion.
      • Inverted in Your Show: Your Show didn't even come close to using this trope. That's how awesome it is.
    • IIRC: you aren't sure if they used the trope in Your Show or something else.
      • What does "IIRC" stand for?
      • If I Recall Correctly.
    • Played With in Your Show: the trope trope reminded you of something in Your Show, and it was funny.
    • Deconstructed in Your Show: Your Show used this trope, but because it's Your Show, it's a deconstruction. Your Show is the edgiest, most subversive thing on TV and in no way would ever play a trope straight, so clearly they were doing it ironically and everyone else is just to stupid to recognize it.
    • Reconstructed in Your Show: Your Show used this trope, but because it's Your Show, it's a reconstruction.
    • Justified in Your Show: Your Show uses this trope, but since it's Your Show and therefore awesome and you've completely forgotten that Tropes Are Not Bad, you make excuses for it.
    • Zig-Zagged in Your Show: Okay, Your Show did something with this trope, and you know it wasn't a subversion. Must have been a Zig-Zag.
    • They Plotted a Perfectly Good Waste in Your Show: Since it's Your Show and you know the source material better than the writers, you explain how everything would have made more sense/been more awesomer had they did what you wanted instead.
If your show is The Simpsons, Futurama or Family Guy, THIS IS MANDATORY.
  • Repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page, in case somebody misses it.
    • Or take your examples and relocate them to the bottom of the page every so often for the same reason. Really, you'll be doing everyone a favour because your examples are just that good. The people who passed over them the first time around (out of temporary blindness, naturally; what other reason could there be?) will giggle with delight upon seeing them and veteran viewers will thank you for reminding them of old favourites.
  • If a trope is subverted, put in at least one adverb to call attention to the greatness of your show:
    • Partially Subverted
    • Somewhat Subverted
    • Painfully Subverted
    • Hilariously Subverted
    • Arguably Subverted
    • Brutally Subverted
    • Brilliantly Subverted
  • These phrases are also must-haves:
    • Subverted \ Averted HARD (use these ones every time subverting or averting a trope has even the slightest impact on the plot of the show)
    • Ruthlessly Parodied
    • Partially Averted
    • Partially Inverted
    • (show\character) breathes this trope.
    • (show\character) loves this trope.
    • (show\character) IS this trope Up to Eleven.
    • {show\character) is this trope incarnate.
    • (character) is the patron saint of this trope.
    • (character) is the poster child of this trope.
    • (character) is the king/queen of this trope.

  • Other good stuff to know:
    • Jumped the Shark: A show that was cool to begin with, but later it became SO cool the director screwed it up because you just can't do something that cool justice.
    • Mary Sue: A really good fanfiction character you wrote, and there are a bunch of losers who read it and the idiots actually think the character sucks.
    • To liven up the debate on the site, it helps to describe other people's favorite characters and shows as being these.
  • Make sure to repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page. Someone might miss it.
  • If there's something in the example that might reveal anything about the work's plot, put it in spoiler tags. If you feel that even listing the show's title on the trope page would spoil it, hide it too so people can't tell which show is being spoiled. Feel free to do this with whole paragraphs or every other word.
    • Alternatively, if you have an example from a show that everyone has obviously seen don't bother spoiler tagging it. It Was His Sled after all.
  • Feel free to write whole paragraphs about how an example is wrong. This works even better if you accuse the potential readers of having ADHD.
    • Bonus points if they really do. Hint: ADHD doesn't work that way, btw.
  • If you don't like the examples, don't bother taking it up on discussion. Just take it to the Cut List and throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  • People might not appreciate how much more cool and extreme and unbelievable the example from your favourite show is, and indeed your favourite show itself is, compared to all the other ones people have mentioned, so be sure to use loads of italics and preferably an "I Am Not Making This Up" (which, by the way, This Troper just thought they should cut in to tell you, was formerly a trope that was not only deleted, but was also accompanied by the removal of all links invoking it in mid-2009).
  • Try and do everything you can to make sure if any other tropes can somehow be forced into the description, force it in. This includes using a skilled Pot Hole. A Cosmic Horror Story will make more sense than the Mind Screw that you've managed to cleverly place using a combination of Buffy Speak, Person as Verb and Techno Babble. Just keep on listing the examples within the description itself because you do know that everyone knows about Doctor Who and Star Trek...yes even the Expanded Universe. And of course the Five-Man Band is completely responsible for this tropes existance, although saying so to other people will likely cause an exclamation of a Big "NO!".
  • Be lazy. Other people will fix your spelling and formatting for you. Or for extra fun, change their corrections back, as many times as you need to. Who cares if you might get banned for needlessly staring Edit Wars?
  • If listing a Troperiffic show, be sure to say "obligatory (show) example" before posting your example. Bonus points if it's an obligatory Doctor Who example.
  • Your Show is always the best one on T.V. Wait, what do you mean? That trope was clearly a clever subversion that "seemed" like it happened. A Justifying Edit will see to that...
  • Of course, everyone knows every detail of Doctor Who, Star Trek and their kind, so don't bother explaining details.
    • Bonus points for introducing new plot points obtusely with no further detail, like this: "But then X came into the picture..." Its so much more fun when you're coy!
  • TV Tropes is really a forum dressed up like a wiki, so feel free to start rambling discussions about your favourite show.
  • Most importantly, if someone else begins to talk about Their Show, and you hate it, immediately start insulting it.
  • Feel free to add in little Take Thats towards shows you don't like, such as "Well, it is Their Show, of course it sucks!" even if it makes no sense and adds nothing to the entry.
  • Make sure to repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page. Someone might miss it.
  • Feel free to shoehorn any show or characters you don't like into negative tropes, even if you haven't actually watched the show and are just parroting something you read on a comedy blog with an axe to grind.
  • Explain The Joke as often and blatantly as possible.
    • See, it's funny 'cause it's a bad idea. In fact, that's the entire premise of this page! All examples should be taken sarcastically. Even this one, because you see, the page is titled "how not to write an example", so therefore something like this, written completely seriously (unless it's not) should demons.
      • The Demons. Lolz. That's funny, because it's a reference to DOOM: Repercussions of Evil, where one of the last lines is "No! You are the demons!" He potholed it, but I thought I should make it extra clear.
      • See, this example is funny because we're all just a bunch of tropers who are making a recursive joke over and over again and think the recursive explaining of the joke and (anti-)hypocricy is funny!
  • We at TV Tropes take a relaxed attitude to our beloved works, so make sure if you see someone attempt a serious thought about something (subtext, deeper themes, or critical analysis) then you qualify by Pot Holeing a bunch of Serious Business or "Stop Having Fun" Guys.
  • List Your Show as an example without elaborating. Don't worry—the trope description makes the exact example obvious, after all!
  • Feel free to repeat examples already listed. Some might forget if the list is long.
  • If you really like a show, add another trope from it halfway down the list. People love to be reminded of great shows.
  • Remember, every possible instance of trope-like behavior that isn't played dead straight must be a subversion.
  • We are not Wikipedia, so we don't have any Neutral Point of View garbage. Bash anything you don't love, and bash the bashers of what you do.
    • The simple fact that we are not Wikipedia can be used to justify basically whatever you want.
  • X Just X and Two Words: Obvious Trope are the most vital pot holing you can possibly do. This means that your show is awesome enough that it shouldn't need an explanation.
  • There's no need to actually identify the title of your favourite show - obviously, everybody knows who Leon is, and if you say "Leon. Just...Leon", nobody will ever think of a different Leon.
  • Never refer to a Japanese series by its corrupt English title - always use the original Japanese. Under no circumstances should you refer to Rumbling Hearts when you have "Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien".
  • Don't worry about being respectful with religion and politics, the opposing viewpoint will surely back down after reading your witty, insightful comments. Besides, anyone who disagrees with you is totally just a whiny little baby anyway. What are they gonna do about it? Cry?
  • Also, being a Mama Troper who personally goes after anybody who posted on his or her newly launched articles is perfectly warranted here.
  • And don't forget the Noodle Incident, boy was that a riot.
    • Never explain the Noodle Incident to anyone who is unfamiliar with its source. Just argue about it in the most insular way possible.
  • Who says you need to use the preview function? You're spelling and page linking is perfect.
  • It's also wicked fucking funny to put a goddamn shitload of gratuitous motherfucking swearwords in your jizz-splattered examples, bitch.
    • If you see such examples, don't clean them up, just paint all over them. It's so f*cking easy and nobody knows what it originally said.
  • If a trope example mentions something in Your Show that you don't like, be sure to point out that that episode never really happened! This never gets old.
    • In addition, make sure when deleting or editing Fanon Discontinuity entries that you take potshots at said entries and derogatorily insinuate that these people are Fan Dumb. Don't be diplomatic and ruffle those feathers! You're here to start an Edit War, Fan Dumb or misunderstood inside joke be damned!
  • Always sign your posts with This Troper, preferably potholing it to your contributor page, which should be in the Main namespace.
    • Better yet, don't pothole it, but put it in brackets like this: This troper ([[This Troper Sk8bordizzle91)
  • Make sure to repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page. Someone might miss it.
  • Everyone uses Wikipedia, and everyone loves [[Wikipedia formatting]].
  • Repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page, in case somebody misses it.
  • Play around with [{(\formatting/)}]. It's fun 'and' educational!
  • Never upload images to TV Tropes; that will just waste our bandwidth, or something. Just link to some other site for the page image.
  • Anyone who edits your examples for any reason is an idiot. Just change it back, no need to check the discussion page or edit reason.
    • Okay, seriously? I had a much better version of this example on here just a little while ago that totally mentioned this one in-joke I have with my buddy from my college's anime club, but then somebody edited it. What the Hell, TV Tropes!
  • Repeat examples whenever possible.
  • TV Tropes has everything. Don't worry about Redlinks. They're just motivation.
  • Remember, if someone has included an example from Your Show in a trope that's a bit negative, delete it immediately no matter how valid it is. Remember, Your Show is awesome, and would never play such a trope straight.
  • Don't bother actually putting the name of Your Show in the example, just write a quote or a character's name and Pothole it.
    • Bonus points if the work is an obscure webcomic that had 3 issues and has been on hiatus since 2001.
    • If you want to make a sarcastic comment about a show everyone ought to know, e.g. Xena: Warrior Princess, you can be especially clever by calling it "some action-adventure show from the 90's" rather than simply using its name.
    • As demonstrated above, it really helps if you have no idea how to use an apostrophe in referring to a specific decade. Because poor literacy is kewl.
      • And if someone ever makes a comment like the above, always call them a Grammar Nazi and proceed to putt bat granmae ands pelling inn Al of you're sentiences.
    • Also, always quote an in-site meme from That Guy with the Glasses, or else you'll be SCARING THE LITTLE GIRL, and girls like PAAAAAAAANK! TIMING!
  • On a related note, beat every joke meme TO DEATH. Bonus points if:
    • A) It's the goddam Batman and
    • B) It adds nothing to the discussion!
  • Don't forget to mention The Game, so that everyone loses.
  • Whenever possible, repeat examples. Sometimes rewording them can help people understand.
  • If one of the examples is factually inaccurate, don't delete or edit it. That would hurt the feelings of the person who posted it. Instead, write a lengthy rebuttal that only makes sense to people who have seen the series in question. Remember: by law this note must begin with the word "Actually".
    • Actually, if after you have written an example you notice that someone else has written a lengthy rebuttal against your example that you feel is wrong you should add a counter-example against their rebuttal which clearly argues against everything in that example while proving how correct you were in the first place.
    • To be fair, a rebuttal can also start with "To be fair." For you see, Other Tropers Are Morons and therefore as long as you don't say "Actually," they won't recognize your rebuttal as a Justifying Edit.
  • Word of God doesn't mean "what the creators say". What it really means is "what the True Fans say". Feel free to write down what a True Fan like yourself believes preceded by "Word of God says..."
    • Also, it is imperative to explain why something isn't true just because Word of God says it is. Remember: Fanon is more important!
  • Make sure to be as dramatic as possible, especially if the trope implies a certain slant. The Complete Monster isn't that guy who blew up an orphanage, he's the vicious fiend who, with callous disregard for the sanctity of human life, blew up an orphanage full of innocent orphans. And That's Terrible.
  • Make sure to emphasize the important parts of your TROPE to make it STAND OUT!!'
  • Two Words: Use this trope.
    • Wait, isn't this three words?
  • Don't forget: when people read an article and find the same translations of a character's name, they get bored! Make sure to use as many different translations and transliterations of a character's name as you can find or make up.
  • When editing, make sure to change as little as possible each time, so you can take up the whole edit history. Did you know that if you're the only editor in the full view of the edit history, you win candy?
  • There's nothing as cool as Youtube links, which never get deleted. Combine this with Two Words: Obvious Trope and X Just X and you get the holy grail of TV Tropes:
  • Truth in Television: This Troper's brother-in-law's best friend's sister's roomate's myspace friend once wrote an example about the time his best friend's aunt's dogsitter wrote an example about an inside joke he and his friends have about TV tropes examples! Let's just say it was way too good for the (now defuct) Troper Tales page.
If you don't feel like using a bullet point, you don't. Don't worry if it breaks the formatting; that's not your concern, after all.

Web Comics
    • Also, all vandalism remains on the page forever. No one ever reverts it within hours or even minutes after it's posted.
    • And everyone always gets a chance to see your hilarious vandalism.
  • If you were thinking of an example, but forgot it after you started typing a point, you don't have to delete your progress. Just submit it and come back to it later. The asterisk will be waiting for you when you get back. Also, if you delete an example, it's common courtesy to leave the asterisk for the next person that comes by.
  • Make sure to repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page. Someone might miss it.
    • Or, alternatively, use white font, or in this case gray, so nobody can read it anyway, unless they highlight it.
  • Despite what the other parts of the internet say, people care about RP examples, be sure to mention an example from your OC or an RP you did, it won't get deleted and doesn't belong on Troper Tales, no one uses that anyway.
    • And use lots of comma splices, they really help.
  • Remember, everybody loves hearing what Mr. Croshaw has to say on a topic, no matter how unnecessary it is. After all, like he says:
    Insert quote here.
    • Everyone loves seeing xkcd links everywhere too! It's good publicity!
      • xkcd probably once did a joke about that, but I'm not sure. Search through its archives and you might find it.
    • And even though putting "OF COURSE!", "OR IS IT?" and "You know, FOR KIDS!" really aren't as funny in writing as they are onscreen, keep putting them in anyway!
  • If you come across a YMMV item, make sure you sum up the entire thing in one example, just so you can get a cheap potshot on those fuckers who are part of the problem.
  • Make sure to replace perfectly fine images with other ones, ideally really obscure and not really comprehensible to anyone who isn't familiar with the source material. Bonus points if they cut off text.
    • Be sure to replace perfectly fine quotes with quotes from your shows too, don't worry about them not being anymore relevant to the trope as long as they are from a show you like.
  • Put irrelevent images on articles. For funsies, of course.
  • When dealing with Shipping entries, you are contractually obligated to engage in Ship-to-Ship Combat and Justifying Edits in order to protect your OTP.
  • Remember that you are a much more quirky and fascinating snowflake than everyone else, and hence most things you do qualify you as a Troper Tales example and should be entered as such. This goes double for unpleasant things - be sure to put Troper Tales entries explaining how your behaviour makes you a Magnificent Bastard or Insufferable Genius rather than anything as mundane as, say, a Jerk Ass.
    • True story, This Troper totally did this one time! It was so awesome!
  • It probably isn't a good idea to enter things that go against the entire theme or point of the article.
    • That said, you should go ahead and do so anyway, since every precious word typed by your skilled hands is made of pure, solid gold and should be shared with the world no matter how far it deviates from the actual theme or point. Anyone who deletes your artistry is either jealous or just doesn't get it, so feel free to re-add your example with a passive-agressive (or just downright aggressive) note to this effect in the edit reason box.
      • Or better yet, no reason at all.
  • If your favorite webcomic isn't being promoted as well as you hoped, plug it in every trope you can find! Then, watch the hits roll in! (PROTIP: Bonus points if your webcomic references an anime or science-fiction show. After all, nerds eat that stuff up!)
    • Referenced in xkcd. So nice, it had to be plugged twice!
  • See the (now-deleted) page quote for a classic example of this!
  • Always assume that the only reason anyone is here is to discuss Japanese culture. The only shows we discuss are anime and the only comics are manga.
    • As an alternative, always take offence at the very idea that anyone could like anime or manga. Be sure to insert complaints, wherever you like, about how Japanese fiction "completely dominates" this Wiki. In doing so, be sure to assume that all anime and manga consists of 100% triple-X-rated porn, and/or is aimed only at "immature" twelve-year-olds.
      • Then go on about how all of it is perfect and none of it is naughty, unlike the very flawed western version of the medium.
  • What's up guyz? I'm new here, don't really get it.. But well I think that this page is a subversion? inversion? aversion? IDK LOL of how to write a goodddd article, but idk ahhaha :) It's awesome though, kpeace!
  • When posting an example of how Their Show played a trope straight, be sure to speak of it in the most scathing terms possible. Because people who are new to the site need to know that all tropes are bad, ALL OF THEM.
    • On that note, make sure to use broad generalizations whenever possible. Art and fiction are not unique by nature, so it can be determined, by extension, that everything applies to everything in a pretty equal and nondistinct manner, so to speak.
  • remember, txt tlk n no caps r quik esy ways 2 rite an xample b sur 2 include mispelings n no puncthuateon marks after all u dont want 2 deprive teh ppl of ur gr8 xample 4 more time tehn necessry y waste time folowing teh laws of gramar
  • How Did We Miss This One??
    • We didn't. It's way up toward the top.
      • Oops silly me. XD
  • How has mentioning how something has not been mentioned not been mentioned yet?
  • As far as I remember Series did it in the last episode I saw, the one with the character with my name that was good.
  • Tell, don't show. Remember, Viewers Are Morons and are completely incapable of figuring out the quality of a work without you mentioning it. Also, quality is absolute, and if you don't like something, no one is allowed to like it.
  • TV Tropes is made of this! And/or win, depending on the situation.
  • Shamlessly self premote your own entries by making them long and adding padding. Undercut this with bad spelling.
  • Forget about the normal color format! Write examples how ever you want, what color you want, no matter how "eye raping" or hard to read it is! Want to write "ed" in blue just for kicks? Go ahead! Want to write the letter "z" in gold, also for kicks? Go ahead to!
    • That is so strange, yet deleting it isn't the right way to do it. Instead, make a little script about it, even staring your favorite characters:
      Ezekiel: Dude! Why is z in gold eh? Izzy, Mark Z. Dalewenkski, z z z z z z z z z z... and why is "ed" in blue all the time? Even if it's part of a word, like red? Ededededed... See? Nothing is happening, eh.
      Ed: (From Ed, Edd n' Eddy) Prepare to meet your doom!
      Ezekiel: Oh shi—!

  • If a show you don't like features anything funny whatsoever, make sure to put it under Narm, because intentional humor does not exist in Their Show, despite everyone and their three-year-old brother insisting it was "obviously" a joke. Meanwhile, Unfortunate Implications exists for taking anything you want out of context to make Their Show look bad. However, if you see Your Show on there make sure to add a couple paragraphs complaining about how it's totally justified and Not What It Looks Like and this is Political Correctness Gone Mad!!!
  • USE AS MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS AS POSSIBLE TO EMSHISISE YOUR EXAMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Be sure to use tropes detailing methods of speech not only to describe the trope, but to describe, like, the way you're talking in the entry-words-thing itself, because THAT. IS. ALWAYS. FUN.
    • "Insert quote here related to entry above without proper formatting."
  • Make sure to repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page. Someone might miss it.
  • Remember to write as though the article is a script. * rolls eyes* Because if you really did roll your eyes while typing, you would totally go to the trouble of typing it.
    • That hurt my feelings! * Runs off crying, and then, presumably, runs back to type this*
  • Be sure to mention your sexual preferences and fetishes wherever possible. There's no such thing as Too Much Information.
    • Too Much Information is this transgendered gay female furry troper's fetish, and therefore, I will tell you why I am attracted to this previous sentence, and why you are too.
      • I am a sex-deprived male and I want to have sex with you now because you are a female on the internet.
    • This goes double for furries. The rest of us never get tired of hearing about you guys. Especially when you're telling us that we're furries, too.
      • Oh, come on. You know you think Krystal is hot.
    • Also, don't feel afraid to make an edit explaining that you find something squicky, even when that's completely irrelevant to the trope or is clearly fanservice directed at a different section of the population to you! Just remember: there is only one acceptable form of human sexuality - yours!
  • All-Blue Entry (All Dark Gray Entry in this case) as much as possible.
  • Go ahead and insult characters you hate. Especaily if they are from Ed, Edd N Eddy.
    • Also make sure to explain precisely why no one should like this character and why they should feel bad about it if they still do. Be sure to make minor character flaws out to be far worse than they actually are. And remember, the more condescending and snotty you are toward the character and his/her fans, the better!
    • Or pothole multiple different tropes to every character in the title! Who cares if it's really annoying or you get them wrong? For example: Ed, Edd and Eddy.
  • Feel free to tell everyone that Your Mileage May Vary on a certain topic even if you are the only person who's mileage varies at all.
  • Alternately, when writing about a work with a Broken Base, remove all opposing YMMV links or viewpoints from the examples. After all, your side of the argument is the only one that's valid.
    • Add a Wild Mass Guessing after an example.
      • Refute that very guess immediately thereafter.
  • The best way to correct an error is to write your correction by a bullet underneath while presevering the original mistake for posterity.
    • It's preserving, dumbass.
      • You're both wrong. It's "persevering."
  • Make sure and let everyone know Your Show is the darkest and edgiest thing around, and its very existence is Getting Crap Past the Radar. Make sure to go on about all the times Your Show Crosses the Line Twice by making jokes about (censored for edginess)s-*-x!!! On Prime Time television for gosh sakes! How do they get away with it?
    • Remember, if subtle sexual innuendo appears in a work, it's always because the Moral Guardians were too stupid to notice it. They would never, say, decide that it is subtle enough that children won't pick up on it.
    • When it comes to Getting Crap Past the Radar, accuracy comes second to making sure all kid's shows have their own page, so feel free to remove context or just outright make stuff up if it makes something sound dirtier.
    • Or just use immature logic to make out an innocent event as if it were radar material, like Anakin giving Padme his lighsaber (HURR HURR HURR)
  • This Troper has won more than the attacks were a great example of Clay, I have never played Neverwinter Nights. This person (who can not do something wrong, because it is a "fiction writers brought") decided that I was frauding through the doors locked (I have never heard of), and further detailed description is out of immersion in the end of this, cited numerous examples of complex, really good in-depth study of mechanical equipment during use. His case was dismissed and he was banned on the basis that nobody with that level of knowledge on the subject could ever have learned it without extensively practicing the felony in the first place.Insane Troll logic applies to him immediately, and to ensure Troper has a tendency to track this day, still do not know whether he is doubtful the success of the legacy of The Inheritance Cycle.
    • On another note: It is also bad idea to post your example somewhere the Troll it concerns can find and edit it.
  • If you find an example that is repeated later in the article, don't remove the repeat. Instead, continue to repeat it! Pothole Rule of Three in the appropriate spot and sprinkle Running Gag links afterward. If someone removes the repeated examples, chastise them for not getting the joke and/or sucking the fun out of the site.
  • The ultimate example of this trope: Remember that examples that loom large in your memory are the most important examples ever, and be sure to tell everyone that so they know, even if there's nothing particularly unique about them.
  • If there's a show you don't like, and it's on a page that says it gets unnecessary hate (e.g Hatedom, Periphery Hatedom, Hate Dumb), make sure to reply with a long paragraph explaining why it deserves to be there. Even if Wiki Magic deletes it, make sure to come back and rewrite it. Bonus points if it's Literature/Twilight or any Disney Channel show.
  • And another thing about How Not To Write An Example, never forget to put a Wiki link to the currently discussed trope in your example, since it's important to always have a recursive link reloading the page you're currently reading. Even better, put it inside a pothole, as this augment the chances to catch the unwary.
  • Never finish your sentenc
    • Candle Jack strikes ag
      • This meme has officially stopped being funny, guys. Candle Jack. There, I said it! And was I kidnapped? No! I'm too cool for th
      • Remember, if someone says "Candle Jack" and forgets to not finish their sentence, feel free to do it for th
      • It's an especially good idea to do so if there were important information after the words "Candle Jack." For example, you are right now in grave danger and the only way to protect yourself is t
  • I'm not sure, but I think if you're not absolutely positive about an example, you're supposed to just put it up anyway with a disclaimer about how dubious it is. That's less dangerous than checking it up on Google, who we all know is not your friend.
  • Always have lot's of conversation.
  • When writing an example about a movie or other live-action show, don't even bother looking up for the character's name; always use the actor's name instead. After all, we all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was killing people for real in every one of his movies.
    • Alternately, make sure to refer to all actors by their most recent or big-budget role. For example, all references to Liam Neeson should make some reference to the fact that he was Qui-Gonn Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Because, you know, that's definitely his best performance and the only one by which anyone should know him.
  • Always duplicate examples.
  • Always duplicate examples.
  • Always duplicate examples.
  • Always duplicate examples.
  • Always duplicate examples.
  • Always duplicate examples.
    • Your Mileage May Vary. Also remember to start the sentence preceded by two or three asterisks with "YMMV" or "Your Mileage May Vary" if you don't agree with that.
  • Remember: You are always right. Anyone who disagrees with you clearly isn't familiar with the source material. Show them who the real fan is!
  • Write quickly, do not proofread, and be certain to out words when you type.
  • If you're referring to the Harry Potter fanfic My Immortal - and if you're discussing a fanfic trope, you'd better be - it's critical that you refer to the main character as "Ebony—no wait, I mean Enoby." Simply referring to her as "Ebony" alone would not sufficiently indicate the degree to which you are superior the the fanfic's author.
    • Similiarly, on the page for any work that is generally considered to be So Bad, It's Horrible, don't catalogue the tropes the story actually uses: just find every conceivable way of talking about how bad this work is.
  • Every article needs at least one reference to Warhammer 40,000, shoe-horned in wherever.
    • And don't even bother spelling the whole title out. Everyone knows what WH40K is.
    • Remember: Each race gets their own example. This is the only way to make people understand that the universe is made up of Black and Grey Morality.
      • And if it is a general W40k example, remember, that Warhammer 40000 takes the trope up to eleven, SLAUGHTERS EVERYONE along the way, and rockets into space laughing maniacally!!!
      • Also, make sure to add tons of inside jokes about the fanbase, regardless of context, like how Matt Ward is our spiritual liege, or how-BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!1 SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!!!!1
  • Don't bother to update your examples to correct future tense for an "upcoming" media work when said work actually comes out. After all, it's still the future at the time you wrote it!
  • Always duplicate examples.
  • Complain about examples you don't like. Especially if these examples are in Troper Tales, because that absolutely doesn't defeat the purpose of Troper Tales in the first place.
  • All trope names can be used as Stock Phrases. Try it sometime!
  • Delete examples from any show you don't know. Notability is everything!
  • Cross out any incorrect facts when editing. It doesn't make you look like a douche at all. Everyone needs to see how incorrect the example's original poster is!
    • Or try and fail to do that because the markup has now been removed. It's still here, you idiot moron.
      • Feel free to continue making jokes like the above even though you need to view the page source just to understand them.
  • Complain about all pictures being Just a Face and a Caption, except the one from Your Show, then suggest ones from Your Show as replacements. When people try to prevent having the entire wiki consist of pictures from Your Show, cry conspiracy!
  • When someone does something that annoys the Hell out of you, chew them out for it in your edit, then go to this very page and write a snarky remark of how you should never do the thing that annoys the Hell out of you. Everybody wins!
  • And remember: Always duplicate examples in case someone missed a previous entry.
    • I'm sorry. I didn't get that. Could you please repeat it?
      • Always duplicate examples in case someone missed a previous entry.
      • Oh, hey, thanks a lot.
      • You do know that there's a duplicate example here, right?
      • Gah! You duplicated the example of a duplicate example! There's already one above! You should check the page before you start editing. Zheeesh!
      • Now, now, people. This is degenerating into natter. Cut it out.
      • Um... just so everyone knows, they covered nattering near the top, so this is kind of redundant.
      • Hey! Why did you do nattering again! It's already here! Learn to Read!
  • Always use an example you add to a trope like Draco in Leather Pants or Misaimed Fandom as an excuse to bitch about fangirls.
    • Come to think of it, why limit yourself to a specific type of trope? If a character or show can serve as an example, you can still get a few shots in. For example: "Character A on Show X fits this trope, but you'd never know it from the way his stupid fans go on about him" or "Character A is an example of this trope if all of the Mary Sue fic about him is anything to go by." Be sure to cram in as many pot holes to Fan Dumb as you can reasonably manage. Let it rip, all of TV Tropes awaits your opinion.
    • And remember, if you really want to shut the fans down, just say that Word of God has Jossed them. No need, however, to provide a link or even the name of the source you got your information from so people can see this for themselves. Everyone should just take your word for it.
  • How can this list not have this example yet?
  • In a similar vein, always state how shocked, SHOCKED, you are that Your Show has not been mentioned yet. Clearly, leaving such an earth-shatteringly obvious example off the list for so long is such a crime against humanity that people must be reminded of it even after the example has been listed.
  • rmember taht you sing gdod grammer iz 4 skwairs!12!34~
  • Who cares if Complaining About Shows You Don't Like has been eighty-sixed? Just bitch about the work or do your character bashing in the examples instead! You can find a way to make the example fit if you're creative enough or apply your own personal fanon.
    • Also, be aware that Dethroning Moment of Suck, It Just Bugs Me! and Wall Banger are all the New Complain About Shows You Dont Like. So forget any specific episodes, scenes or moments and just bash the work as the affront to Heaven it is, in the most categorical and vicious manner possible. And remember, boys and girls, the show's creator personally writes every last word of every script, so don't worry about misblaming.
    • Also, don't forget that this isn't limited to fictional characters, you can use the examples as your soapbox for bitching about or making fun of the actors that play them, too! On that note, no joke ever stops being funny and fresh, so don't worry that you'll be the 532145687528th person to make yet another Lindsay Lohan is a trainwreck, Orlando Bloom looks like a woman, Hayden Christensen is a lousy actor, etc. joke.
    • Don't forget to overreact and talk about how much the thing makes your ears bleed and OVEREMPHASIZE HOW FUCKING BAD IT FUCKING IS.
  • Make sure to repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page. Someone might miss it.
  • See this Tips Worksheet and the edit tip that appears when you begin to edit a page? Blatantly disregard it!
  • Always duplicate your examples. Someone could have missed it.
  • If you see a badly-worded phrase or a gratuitous use of first-person in an otherwise perfectly good example, don't fix it, just delete the whole example. For that matter, delete the examples directly above and below it too, for good measure.
    • Better yet, delete half the
  • 完全日本語で書いて下さい。
  • ARTICLE 11, SECTION XIV, TITLE 4, SUBTITLE C, CLAUSE 2, SEATS 103 AND 104: In order to ensure everything on the wiki is as professional as possible, all tropers shall attempt to imitate the writing style seen in the United States Internal Revenue Code. Any deviations from this style should be changed accordingly.
  • Rapbqr lbhe fcbvyref va ebg13.
    • Nurgle?
      • Encode your spoilers in rot13. (And then repeat them in plaintext for the benefit of anyone who doesn't know rot13.)
  • Feel free to stick your new example right smack in the middle of the page, even if it
  • Show off your foreign language knowledge every chance you get kawaii neko baka desu.
    • Always write names of anime characters with a Funetik Aksent, whether they're from Japan or not.
splits another example.
  • If you have an unpublished work of your own, try to shoehorn an example from it into every trope page you can.
    • Asterisks are cool. The more of them indenting your paragraph, the better.
    • Even cooler is when they make a neat little pyramid! So to add an additional point to an example, you should always put it on the next line with one more asterisk than the line above it!
  • Why wouldn't you put a rhetorical question in your example?
  • Be sure to pothole the trope in question as many times as you can in the page for the actual trope itself, even if clicking it will take the reader nowhere.
  • Try to ensure that you resist the temptation to pare spoilers down to their absolute minimum, because everybody loves giant blocks of blank text, right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right?
  • Everything ever is a subversion. There are no invoked tropes, averted tropes, tropes played for laughs, inverted tropes, or anything like that. Not even tropes played straight. It's all a subversion.
  • A special idiocy should belong to the fandom of this example who write fanfics about that thing that happened before.
  • Put examples in the wrong place and make sure to repeat them if they're a lot higher on the page
  • Be sure to talk about Shipping 24/7! Who cares if it has nothing to do with anything? Be sure to mention that Seddie, is like, soooo much better than Creddie.
  • When potholing, create a link for each word in the phrase and have each link go to the same trope.
  • All page images must be anime or manga-related. If you stumble across one that isn't, change it to one that is even if the new image doesn't illustrate the trope properly.
    • On top of that, if you ever see an Animation Trope illustrated by a picture from a piece of Western Animation, not only should you replace it with an Anime image, you should rant in the edit reason box about how only a stupid child would think it appropriate to illustrate a trope with a picture from Looney Tunes or The Simpsons. If you want to go that extra mile, then start an Image Pickin' Discussion to this effect — but not until you've already replaced the image, since discussing the change before you do it would be just plain silly.
    • If you see a sudden surge in images from one source, jump on the bandwagon and only suggest shows from that source. Screw diversity in page images! We're a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fansite!
  • If you disagree with an example, passive-aggressively pothole the entire thing to Completely Missing the Point or something similar. Because it's not Natter if you don't actually reply, right?
    • Or go ahead and natter if you must, just make sure to include some variation on "ugh, did you even watch/read/play the same thing as the rest of us?"
  • Remember- If The Links Are Not Red, you've gone and Failed Beyond Redemption.
  • If you mention trope present in a work with negative reception, be sure to mention that the work is awful.
    • Additionally, make sure it's something really trivial or bizarre. Like acid reflux, or being afraid Sarah Palin will eat you. Those are entries bound to raise the hair on other troper's necks!
  • Nuke YMMV tropes from work pages whenever you see them, and don't bother adding them to the YMMV tab. Sure, the admins went to the trouble of creating separate YMMV pages and a system of marking tropes that need to be moved, but in actual fact they want all the subjective and fanspeak tropes to die a horrible, flaming death, so you'll really be doing them a favor!
  • dont bothur wit speleng an gramer. its 4 bouring stukup ppl not kool 1s lik us.
    • n its not fare if im not amerekan n englesh isnt my frst langage so baneng me 4 my speleng an gramer iz discrmininacon!!!
  • Don't forget to use the word "infamous" all the time with no regard to its actual meaning of "having an extremely bad reputation".
  • Also don't forget to mention Avatar: The Last Airbender and gush about how wonderfully the trope was used in it.
  • There are no other opinions. Your show is universally loved so you have the obligation to remind everyone how much they love it.
    • There Is no Such Thing as Notability doesn't apply to your show. Be sure to remind people how many people have watched it and all of its critical praise even if the page in question doesn't seem like the appropriate place to list such things.
  • Make sure the work name cannot be seen in your example. Just Pot Hole a character's name, or a random out-of-context quote. This will make it much easier to find an example from a specific show, and will make the example so much more comprehensible.
  • Your example is meant only for fans of the show, so feel free to make it incomprehensible for these pathetic plebs who aren't familiar with it (or don't remember every single part of it). Double so for the Crowning Moments pages and the Memetic Mutation page; those are only for posting disjointed, out-of-context quotes and inside jokes.
    • Topping your example off with "You know the one I mean" or something similar is a good idea, since every single person in the world will always know exactly what do you mean, right away.
  • "New Media", "Web" and "Web Original" are totally different things, and it's a good idea to have two or even three of them among the page's folders.
Skip using bullets for the occasional example. It helps it stand-out and gives the page an artistic "staggered" look.
  • Whenever a new episode of your favorite show comes out, always put it as the most recent episode in your example. The episode will always be recent even after a week or month when a newer episode airs or whenever another season starts.
  • Your mileage may vary, but you can't remind people too many times about how their milage may vary with a particular example. Of course, your milage may vary.
    • On the actual YMMV page of various topics, just delete ones that offend you. After all, YOUR gas mileage is the one that matters.
  • If you see an example you don't agree with or that offends you, just remove it. And never put anything in the "edit reason" section of the page. The fact that you personally don't approve of it should be reason enough for everyone.
  • Make sure to repeat an example if it's a lot higher on the page, or somebody'll miss it.
  • If something is even remotely out of the ordinary, pothole to Understatement.
  • Your personal fanon is as good as Word of God, so be sure to keep this in mind when adding examples to pages.
  • Whenever you write crossover Wild Mass Guessing theories, don't bother telling where outside characters are from. We all know that Mario is Luigi's cousin, after all.
  • When picking a page image, make sure it's a totally moe young girl from this really cool anime that you like, but nobody else who isn't a hardcore otaku has ever heard of outside of Japan. Be sure to include an out-of-context quote as well! It doesn't matter if nobody knows what you intended by this image; surely it demonstrates the trope perfectly well for other people who haven't seen the show if it does for you.
  • Always remember, feel free to inject your own personal opinions about politics, religion or morality into any article you feel like, as well your opinions on life, the universe and everything, today's weather and whether the Axis could have won World War II.
  • In fact, your personal experiences are perfectly relevant in any situation and everyone else is really interested to hear them! Don't forget to begin your subjective soapboxing with "This Troper".
    • This gay, autistic, deaf, French-speaking troper certainly agrees.
  • Always end an example with either I Am Not Making This Up or So Yeah.
  • Remember, when assessing the quality of a work, always be sure to gauge critical reception solely with what people from TGWTG think of it. Actual published critics, perhaps even essayists? What the fuck do the know? They're just a bunch of Oscar Bait loving snobs!
  • When writing an example related to modern music, always be sure to include an unnecessary Take That at the artist in question (especially if it's Lady Gaga). Bonus points if in the example you make a direct comparison to older works, and imply modern music is killing all music. Even more points if you use Todd in the Shadows opinions to back up your own (because, as we all know, he is totally a professional music critic, and is in no way biased or perhaps lacking some knowledge on the subject!).
  • Whenever adding an example to this page, be sure to passive-aggressively mock things you dissaprove of that other tropers do, not things that actually completely go against the ru... wait a minute...
  • For all you straight male tropers out there, be sure to cite something as Fan Disservice whenever it pertains to male nudity (of any kinds, at that). After all, you are the most important demographic there is, and there is no way straight/bi women, bi/gay men, and people of any other sexuality that isn't lesbian or straight male would want to see one of those icky penises.
    • It doesn't have to just be how someone is dressed; anything you don't like can be labeled as Fan Disservice. A character you don't like is giving Fan Service? Fan Disservice. A character you like not featured anywhere? Fan Disservice. A scene not play out the way you expected it to? Fan Disservice. Your favorite character not hook up with someone you expected? Fan Disservice. The sky's the limit.
  • Be sure to Pothole every single word in your example to a different page.
  • And please remember to just put a link to a website instead of writing an example. You get extra cool points make it be a broken Geocities page from 1997.
    • Also, if the example is about a daily Web Comic, make sure to make the example about the "most recent" entry (as of 2009). Then, instead of linking to the specific comic, link to the home page, thus making it nearly impossible to figure out which comic it is.
  • Make sure anything you think that is remotely awesome or ludicrous is potholed to Beyond the Impossible. Even if the thing is based off of real life and by in-universe standards should be possible.
  • Write every single word that comes to mind a la James Joyce's stream of consciousness style, resulting in large paragraphs of inane blather which (Note: this section of the paragraph was lost in a freak gardening accident) and that's why I refuse to eat kumquats. Now where is that save button? Oh, here it
  • Try to shoehorn the characters in your favorite series into fitting the Five-Man Band trope even if they don't fit. Bonus points for misinterpreting The Chick as "the woman of the group" or "the useless one" instead of "the female voice of reason/moral center."
    • As a corollary, we at TV Tropes strongly suggest you push the limits of how many people can fit in a band to reach this purpose. I mean, why have one Smart Guy when you can have four? Or seven? And if you can't think of any examples of The Chick or The Lancer in your show, that's fine. You don't need any.
    • Don't forget to also shoehorn characters from Your Show into every trio trope. If your show is The Powerpuff Girls, this is mandatory. Bonus points if the group has more than three characters in it, is arbitrarily split into subgroups to fit the pattern, or isn't really a defined group at all.
    • And if your group has four people in it, it's always a Four-Temperament Ensemble. All the other four-person ensembles are just clutter anyway.
  • Make sure to get carried away! With punctuation...!? In fact your periods. Don't have to. Make sense.
  • Italicize any Wiki Word, even if it's a Trope or a Creator.
  • Put at least one Take That at Justin Bieber. Even if the trope is Space Pirates. Even if someone edits the example to be less offensive, make sure to put a third level bullet to insult him again.
  • Emoticons :D make :) everything :P better :( >:( :'( :C :L :O D:
  • Straight from the Everything Is a Subversion's office: remember, everybody, everything ever is an aversion. Especially when you want to say that a trope is subverted but the Not a Subversion page makes you scared (valid subversions or otherwise), or something's actually justified or downplayed or played with but you just don't have the proper vocabulary to say it, or God forbid... *drumroll* it's actually played straight (we prefer this most with a long, blathery explanation of why your show would never use something as overdone as a trope due to a small technicality, but a short blathery explanation will work). The thought that the vast majority of averted tropes would not be notable enough to be marked on a work page is, frankly, outrageous.
  • Never namespace your links. They will lead to the right page (or at least a disambiguation page linking to the right page) anyway.
  • If you think a trope applies harder to a work you like more than any other work, make sure you bold that trope so that everybody knows. If you think it applies even harder than that, italicize it or put it in all caps, or better yet, do both. Make sure to mention how this is also the greatest, most triumphant, best example of the trope ever and that everyone else on Earth agrees.
  • Remember, Crazy Awesome is about every kind of really freaking awesome things. It is not about people who are crazy and are awesome because of it. If you think something is really, really awesome, make sure to mention that it's Crazy Awesome.
  • Always put Complete Monster to characters who don't apply or just commit a Moral Event Horizon. Especially if the character is a Base Breaker because that won't start a flame war in the least.
    • Complete Monster doesn't even need to be a character. Feel free to use it to describe yourself, or a fellow troper, for petty reasons that do not at all fit the trope description.
  • If the trope is soft-split or has a sliding scale, don't bother to actually add context to the work page examples. The type labels by themselves are Self Explanatory and everyone always remembers what they mean even if the labels are simply letters, numbers, or Roman Numerals.
  • Remember: Everything ever that features a marginalized or minority group has Unfortunate Implications. Even diametrically-opposed portrayals within the same show. And if there are any counterexamples of marginalized or minority characters from the stereotype the show is obviously pushing towards, ignore them. Confirmation Bias is just part of what makes TV Tropes fun.
  • Always rank your tropes in a hierarchy.
    • Subtrope of ranking tropes in a hierarchy.
      • Trope that is an option to go alongside said subtrope.
    • A trope that has nothing to do with ranking tropes in a hierarchy but appears later in the same episode from the same character.
    "A quote regarding the above point that has nothing to do with the trope this page is about, but was just so great it had to be posted here."
  • You know everything we said about This Troper and how it's bad by, at best, making the wiki look like Troper Tales and at worst, making it look like not one person but a coalition of know-it-alls trying to talk over each other? Fuhgeddaboudit. We meant we did not like the word "troper". What a dumb name. See, "this editor", "I" and to an extent, "one editor" are fine.
  • Everyone knows that The Woobie is just Gushing About Characters You Like, so add every character in the series with more than two seconds of screentime and an emotional range of more than complete constant bliss. Most important to add are extremely happy characters who cry in one episode and complete dicks who totally don't deserve to be punished. Contrast Complete Monster, which is for Complaining About Characters You Don't Like. People who suffer sympathetically on a regular basis don't need a trope of their own, because no one would ever write a character who was actually pitiful often.
    • You have two options of doing this: you can list every single character individually, with the first character on a different indentation level because it's clearly the best example, or you can just say that everyone in the series is one without giving any details.
    • How has no one mentioned the absolute king of this trope, spending a lot of painstaking effort listing some guy whose life is overall pretty awesome?? It's okay. Quantity can make up for quality! If you ramble on for ten lines and include all sorts of filler about how totally cute he is and all of the problems that are either extremely minor either in terms of his life or in terms of the story or not anyone's fault but his own then surely everyone will see exactly what a woobie the character from Your Show is, because it will be longer than everyone else's. After all, every example with details must be padding and talking about every single bad event in the series and there is no way that some of the other longish ones are very brief summaries of descriptions that if following your template would be long enough to have their own folders if not their own pages. And for good measure, always remember to say that this is the absolute king of this trope because you spent so much more effort writing stuff down. Especially if half your post relies either on fanon or metaphysics to make your point, because there are absolutely no characters who count without taking into account either one.
  • The only requirement for an Actor Allusion is some vague words to describe an actor's two coincidentally similar roles. No need for an actual reference or anything like that- it'll make the work so much cooler by connecting it to other works.
    • A brilliant reference to a show that came out fifteen years later!
    • This extends to any reference, like Shout-Out and Mythology Gag, in general. If you can tenuously connect some vague aspect in an obtuse manner, it counts!
  • One important thing to remember- everyone knows the same things you do. Therefore, any error in a work must be indicated as such, whether it is through Did Not Do the Research, Critical Research Failure, or You Fail X Forever. It doesn't matter how obscure the knowledge is, or whether liberties were taken for the sake of narrative quality- it is imperative that you let everyone know how smart you are.
  • Every character who has ever done anything remotely awesome, is remotely attractive, is remotely well-liked, has anything remotely special or unique about then, is remotely talented, and is remotely lucky is a Canon Sue or a Creator's Pet. No exceptions.
  • Any pairing you dislike is either Sickeningly Sweethearts or Strangled by the Red String. Make sure to complain as much as possible when you try to justify your reasons, too.
  • AACCFC! note  Be sure to use acronyms whenever possible, because everyone will always immediately know what they mean. In fact, if you ever see a page using the normal, boring version of a trope title (Yet Another Stupid Death instead of YASD, Featureless Protagonist instead of AFGNCAAP, etc) go ahead and edit it to the acronym version. Everyone will thank you for this!
    • Bonus Points for using acronyms that you JMUOTS note , and even more points if it's ALUAFWSLAICPBBELTAOYBTWDBATTIRESDIMILPMTILCRPLANS4WTYWCAIP note .
  • You know those trope names? They're just suggestions. Feel free to alter or combine them to get the point across or really get what you're describing on the list. For example, instead of Broken Base, call it a Completely Shattered Base, or instead of listing Glass Cannon and Fragile Speedster, just use Glass Ninja instead. See? Arbitrarily changing names is fun, and not at all confusing or pretentious!
  • Feel free to refer the reader to examples above and below the one you're describing. They will always be there and there is no chance that said examples will be moved to other pages or deleted later on.
  • When writing a trope example, a decent substitute to explaining everything is to just give the title of the episode, issue, or installment the trope appears in. After all, the only reason Zero Context Examples are bad are because the works are so huge that the reader doesn't know where to start looking. Better yet is using numbers instead of titles. That way, the reader will be guaranteed to care about the order of release date just as much as you are, and definitely won't skip your example to find one worth reading.
  • Arguably, it could maybe be possible that the best way to write an example is to act like you're not even sure it's an example yourself. It's entirely possible that the reader will trust your information anyway, although there is also a chance that YMMVnote . Alternatively, if maybe this possibly makes your example too long and unwieldy, just stick it on the YMMV tab instead because that is probably for such tropes where YMMVnote . Right?
  • Remember to treat your favorite Caustic Critic as if they are Word of God. If they pan a work, make sure to fill up pages with negative tropes that were mentioned in the review, put loads of natter about how awful the work is, and make their negative quotes the page quotes. This applies especially if it's The Nostalgia Critic, anyone affiliated with him, The Angry Video Game Nerd, or Yahtzee.
  • Keep in mind the Totally Legit, Canonical List of Good Tropes. Be sure to put these tropes in all the works you like, regardless of the trope's description or what the page says otherwise.
  • Also keep in mind the Totally Legit, Canonical List of Bad Tropes. Be sure to put these tropes in all the works you don't like, regardless of the trope's description or what the page says otherwise.
  • Keep in mind the Magic Word of TV Tropes: "cleanup." Using this word in your edit reasons means you can delete anything you want whenever you want and no one can stop you. You don't need to be a mod, or have the backing of a Trope Repair Shop or Short Term Projects thread. You don't even need to clean up anything else on the page. This goes double for entries on a work's YMMV page! Does someone have an opinion of your show that you don't like? Just delete it! It's not edit-warring or vandalism as long as you use the magic word!
  • When you talk about something like a piece of Awesome Music or a Tear Jerker, it's okay to make the other person feel really bad about not sharing your viewpoints. Calling them a heartless monster, or claiming that they have no soul is a surefire way to get them to come around!
  • You should always mark every statement you make in a description as an absolute statement that can be contradicted fundamentally by a single counterexample. For example, clearly no work exists where the main character's best friend is an anthropomorphic pineapple. No exceptions.
    • Umm, actually, there is?
      • Repair, Don't Respond for crying out loud.
      • You should have followed your own advice instead of just posting on top of it. Repair, Don't Respond. On an unrelated note, whenever a joke can infinitely recur within itself, keep adding more stars to each bullet (they don't max out at 3), and end the infinite loop with some kind of predictable reference to a show you like, and a pothole to help other tropers discover it.
      • You should have followed oh dear I've gone crosseyed.
      • God-dammit I'll just delete this whole thing...uhh wait, what?
  • Mark every work of a single genre as having the trope. Why bother to explain it when it's so universal? After all, clearly every science fiction movie has Aliens Speaking English so why list individual works?
  • An important note: It's perfectly okay to delete anything you find on moments pages because you, personally, were unfazed by them. Clearly the person who put it there is just an immature child.
    • Now that's just not true. These tropes are subjective. In other words, anything goes. So feel free to disregard any objective criteria listed on tropes like The Woobie or Complete Monster or Audience Reactions like The Scrappy and add any and every character. You also are forbidden from deleting any of these for "misuse" because misuse can't possibly exist with the magic subjective banner.
  • Add the "No Anime and Manga Examples, Please" tag to attract edit war.(this also include video games and other type of example).This type of tag should not be limited to real life examples.
  • Make sure that all description are equal but some are more equal than others.
  • grammer and spelling is for nurds if ppl r so smart theyll kno wut u meen
  • Always make sure to rewrite examples that exaggerate the flaws of a character, shoehorn them into negative tropes, and whitewash characters who are far more evil. Bonus points if the characters are from the show Dragon Ball Z.
  • There is a hierarchy of media here, so if you notice that a page has more anime/video game/cartoon/comic book examples than examples from classic literature, it's clearly proof that the trope is broken. Feel free to remove all of them.
  • There Is no Such Thing as Notability unless the page had an Example Sectionectomy. If it did, feel free to put back only examples you deem notable.
  • If you don't know what you're doing, don't let that stop you.
    • This site is populated by thousands of volunteers who love cleaning up after newbies.
  • Every example is in a tournament and must fight for the title of Grand Champion. That's why it's encouraged, necessary even, to compare your example to other examples. Not only to examples from other works but to other examples from the same work: Bob is a good example, but Charlie is an even better example! It's especially crucial to do this when another example from the work is already posted, since There Can Be Only One true example per work.
  • If you see an example of a trope that looks like one from Your Show that has yet to be listed, rather than typing out a complete description from scratch, tack the example from Your Show on the end with no explanation other than that it's similar. This won't be difficult for fans of Your Show to locate, nor will it confuse anyone reading the other show's example. This goes double if they are different kinds of media.
  • Fanworks are canon so examples from them should be listed under the same heading as the main work's examples.
  • If something is played straight, always remember to remind the reader that it is painfully so. It physically pains you that this trope is played so straight, and the reader needs to know that.
  • Make sure to repeat examples if they're a lot higher on the page. Someone might miss it.
  • Um... I don't know for sure, but doesn't Your Show count as an example? Chances are, it doesn't, but I'm just sayin'...
  • Never end any article, EVER, with that line under the final note... Oh, crap.

And THAT, my friends, is how NOT to write an article.
  • This Troper think you meant to say: How NOT to write an example.
    • Nuh-uh! It was fine the way it was.
    • You "article-ers" are so obnoxious, thinking you could just posthumously change the way the page name is used like that.
    • Actually, you used "posthumously" incorrectly, therefore your argument is invalid.
    • Ugh, pedants.
    • Ahh, well, it's still not that good an example. I'll see you guys tommorow and come up with something worse.
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are evil and you should remove any examples from them whenever you see them. Also, if they illustrate a page, be sure to delete the image without asking first, since no one will miss it.

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