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Darth Wiki: Harvester
My name is Alice Cadwell. I'm eighteen years old - and yesterday, I threw myself off the roof of thirty story building.

Alice Cadwell has had enough. She has no future, no talent, and no way to change either. Unable to take life, she ends it all by hurling herself off a building...

...and wakes up flanked by two very strange people.

A trilogy (it will be! For serious!!!) by Latia. Basically, a Young Adult Story that answers the age-old question- what happens when we die? And when I say 'answer', I mean 'dilly-dally about the concept of life and occasionally make jokes'.

7 chapters of the 27-chapter first book are complete. You can read the first one here.

  • Harvester
  • Reaper
  • Salvager

Most certainly not to be confused with the video game Harvester.

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