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A rather strange web series that is a send-up of wacky Slice of Life anime such as Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou. More properly, it's a parody of things that get lost in translation in media between one culture and the next, using the standard slice-of-life formula as a framework to do this, the jokes are incredibly surreal, often bordering on anti humor at times. The show itself follows the day-to-day exploits of space cadet highschooler Gazunzun Zu'Bye and her circle of friends as they slack off through their high school career. If that sounds fairly typical, it's not. Gazunzun and co. live in an alternate universe where the continents are arranged differently, and in a nation called Zokai. Zokai's culture is a bizarre mashup of Japanese and American pop culture combined with flat-out weirdness, and much of it is never explained directly to the viewer, making what are technically puns and "pop culture references" totally nonsensical. Of course, these often are explained to the viewer, which frequently only makes things more confusing. The show is produced by Scribblebook Animation & Art.


  • Anti-Humor - The show's particular brand of surreal humor often verges into this.
  • Cloudcuckoolander - Gazunzun is this. Strangely, the only things she does that seem to ever get a reaction out of anyone are things that we would consider normal.
    Lambu: You ate noodles with a fork?!
  • Just for Pun — All things pun-related are thoroughly skewered. Why is the city of Tozeken shaped like a fish? Because the characters for "Tozeken" are the characters for "big-ass fish" upside down! Of course!note 
    • Another example is the apple sequence in episode 11.
  • Lost in Translation — This, and all related subtropes — are lampooned endlessly. With frequent "translator's notes" appearing onscreen to explain what's been "lost". In actuality, these are rarely more than non-sequiturs. A good example is the aforementioned apple scene, wherein a character expresses confusion over whether apple pie is made with apples or dog meat. This is "explained" by the notes as "apple" and "dog" being the same word in Zokainese.
  • Tsundere — This is apparently a socially acceptable way for the Zokainese to express affection for each other. More worryingly, so is being a Yandere.
  • Shout-Out — Parodied. The things being referenced often don't exist, though there are legitimate shout-outs in between the nonsense.
  • Surreal Humor