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Darth Wiki: Death Dreams Characters
the characters for the Death Dreams novel. In construction

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    The Real World Characters 

Jason Roivas
"Why...Why, do you guys must ALWAYS monologue? It's like you are putting a death sentence over you heads..."

The Protagonist. He is an expert with guns, including classics. He is generally a more or less average student, with an interest in arts. He is just 17, and so, don't expect him to be the most competent of the bunch. However, he will fight against those who opress people he cares about and is very determined. All in all, he's just a regular kid, and a geniunly nice guy.

  • Abnormal Ammo: His Colt peacemakers have been jinxed to fire several spell-induced bullets.
  • Action Survivor: Through most of the first book.
  • All Just a Dream: Subverted.His dreams are are a real realm, summoned by the god morpheus, through thousands of milenia, he has been trapping chosen people in it, seeking to bond both worlds. It is also implied that his own world is considered a dream by the people of the Demza Kingdom.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: in universe, at least, the other characters can't decide wether he's a nice guy, a douche, a looser, or evil incarnate.
  • Berserk Button: Ashley, most of the time. Also, every time one crosses the moral event horizon.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: His speech to Lord Loxias, also, he is prone to make these kinds of speeches, followed by a beatdown every time he gets mad.
  • Deadpan Snarker:Swell...

Brandon Asher
"So, jason, while you go to the bathroom and take care of some no doubt heroic matter, I will deal with this mess."

The leader of Jason's group. Tall, good looking, and with a rich family, he is a good guy, just a little bit selfish.

Taylor Asher
:"Ugh. Pick."

Brandon's little sister (as in, he is 17, she is 16.) The Chick of the group, somewhat. She is a little bit, uh selfish like her brother, maybe a bit more.

Dan Varrigan
"Listen now Jason, I do this because I want to impress him, and yeah, you may think I'm wasting my time here, but you know what? Yeah, he may be an asshole to most people...But he's still my dad."

The Big Guy of the group. An expert swimmer. Has daddy issues, as you can see.

Omar Casas
"Heh, I figured...What is the point of all of this? Maybe I shouldn't be so melodramatic."

The Smart Guy, he comes from spain, he is a little cynical. His favorite hobby is to treat his friends a little roughly.

Ashley Riedel
"Hey jason! Got a sec?"

Jason's stepsister, who likes to push his buttons. A lot.

Henry Roivas

Jason's Father.

Marlene Johnson

Jason's divorced mother.

    The Dream Realm Characters 

Terrance Del Mar
"I believe in my cause."

An elf, a golden scar, to be exact, member of The Law Mongers,a group seeking a way to bring down the castle. He is an archer, and relatively young. He is still learning magic from his mentor, Salazar. After 2 months of planning, they have managed to infiltrate Demza, and now they are planning a way to attack the castle, hold the place for ransom and put up a supplementary government while the whole situation fixes itself up.

  • Authority Equals Ass Kicking: he is an archer...A VERY good archer.
  • Chaotic Good: he fights to everthrow the goverment, in an attempt to put a new king that is just.
  • The Determinator: look at his quote. He will not give up, no matter the cost.
  • Fantastic Racism: He is a golden scar, so yeah.
  • Le Parkour: While he and jason know how to aim, this is what makes them different, he is a good runner, and good at avoiding obstacles.

Fireya Month'iel
"So the upper class doesn't know a thing, huh? Poor excuse...The fact that they have it easy in life doesn't justify their ignorance...Or their lack of interest in us."

A human Were-wolf, she is a Mercenary, she has been hired by someone called “Light Thirteen” to capture Jason Roivas. She is now prowling across the the port. She has full control of herself in wolf form. Determined, she doesn’t take any sides, and does her work to survive.

  • The Big Guy: well, the big girl, in any case. Being a werewolf gives you a lot of power anyway.
  • Character Development: somewhat: True Neutral, then she goes into Chaotic Good, at the end of book one.
  • The Determinator
  • Detractor From Decadence
  • Heel-Face Turn: Well, she isn't EVIL, per se, but once she finds out that he client isn't anywhere to be seen, she goes to work for Terrance.At the end of book one, she finally becomes a true member of the law mongers, seeking the freedom of her kingdom.
  • True Neutral: at first, she does what she does to survive.
  • The Woobie: She is a werewolf, and as so, she is hunted by the goverment for use as a weapon, just like the others. She just wants to be left alone, since she suffers from a bit of antisocialness.

King Meto

King of Trolls, he is looking for a way to create a Troll Rights amendment, with little results.

  • Good Is Dumb: he actually believes that the goverment will listen to him.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: he is searching for a rights ammendment...When their Race consists of a bunch of outcasts, and not just by the goverment, by EVERY race. Jason is pretty nice to them though.

"I always take things seriously.But why act so sad and broody? After all, if that's how new Demza is supposed to be, then we might as well stop fighting and let Forcrey win."

An elf that works with law mongers, she is a long time partner of Terrance. She is a lot more skilled in magic than Terrance, but more relaxed, if a bit shy. She is being hunted by mercenary who is supposed to bring her alive to her family.

King Forcrey
"I swore to make Demza the best kingdom. Unmatched on all accounts! This, will go on."

An elf.Ruler of Demza, he seeks to make it a militay based kingdom, instead of making people appy, letting them do what they want, and let them live to their full potential, he assigns each race a set of works and priviledges.

Lord Loxias
"All of you should just...die."

A human who serves the kingdom. Also known as the “Purge”, because he travels from town to town with his small army, looking for any outcast. His main weapon, the “Mort Talwar” can spread deceases when pointed skyward, and kill whatever it pierces.

General Cedric
"I will fight for my cause! This I what we believe!!"

A dwarf who commands the Demza Army. His Poison Bracelets keep his strength in check, without them, he becomes a berserker maniac. While not dim, he believes in more aggressive tactics than any other of the army, which suits the government well. His lust for combat once led him into defeat at the hands of another group, he then vowed to never let his men die again because of his stupidity. He is like a father to his men.

  • Affably Evil: He is very sympathetic, and will always fight fair, and so, he will not employ the "kick them when they are disarmed and helpless" method like his ruler.
  • Big Bad: of the whole series, he is the real igniter, if there ever was one. He's actually Morpheus.
  • Blood Knight: He is motivated by his desire to fight, and his desire to see demza made into a stronger plae. lies.
  • The Brute:again, lies.
Death Seeker: he is the only one in the bad guys to truly fit this trope. He wants both of the worlds united so he can stop having these dreams of the real world.
  • Evil Counterpart: to everybody in some way or another, really. At first to Fireya, then to terrance, and finally to Jason. Ok, maybe not so much to Leah...Well, a little.
  • Magnificent Bastard: You have no idea...

    The Races 


A very basic, average caste. They are experts at more “Intellectual arts”. However, they get put as low soldiers or slaves in the case of the latter, this occurs to war prisoners from outside the main kingdom. Only a few Aristocrats live in comfort in their mansions. Even less make it to the government.


Dominant race. They are experts at conjuring magic. Originally a form of art by the Druids (a reduced group of elven sages that lve in the woods), magic is now a science studied by modern warfare. Most elves choose to enter this military branch of “military science”. The rest are mostly rich, or on the main power. While elves get to choose more professions than any other race, they are mostly militaristic ones. Elves who are outcasts get branded with spell and sent to the Iteper prison island. These elves are known as the “Golden scars” due to the nature of the spell.


Strong, and “experts at weapon making”, Dwarfs are ordered to teach their young the art of a black smith. Any one who fails to do so gets sent to the eastern mines. When a Dwarf is 18, he can choose to either keep making weapons, or join the army. Learning to read is forbidden, that right is only for humans and elves.


The Lower caste. Seen as brutes, they have been exiled north, far away from Demza. They are, however, magic conductors too, although not at the same levels as an elf. Despite this, they have their own language, and take a more natural approach to magic, just like the Druids (It is even rumored that they learned many of their secrets from the original Druids, when both groups weren’t outcasts. Once habitants of an Underground city, they only now tell stories of that place, as they were driven out. Trolls are sought for their skin. Mercenaries hired by these “Skin Collectors” hunt both trolls and Golden Scars on the loose.


A relatively new decease, it is incurable. It can only be stopped for a while with an enhanced silver bracelet. It will keep the bearer in human form, except in full moon nights, or if the wearer takes it off. Contrary to popular belief, one can control their own thoughts and instincts in wolf form. A new law is proposing that every new born gets a werewolf injection. The law has yet to be approved.

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