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Darth Wiki: Chasing Time
"Congratulations Tiara Belknight, you are the new ‘Time’."

When the destruction of her village, the death of her parents, and the kidnapping of a sibling, Israel Belknight, leads Tiara Belknight on a journey, she discovers that her destiny is more then what she thought. Almost dying in the desert which her destroyed village had been on the outskirts of, Tiara is saved by a half-demon named Chrono Chardove and a Ghato (Wolf Demon) named Kivah. Then, despite going their separate ways Tiara ends up reuniting with them within the Ruins of Arazoir. There she encounters the demon named Vane Tarmikos who had destroyed her village and had taken Israel. After Vane destroys Tiara's heart, Tiara, in her last seconds of life, grabs a hold of the Sword of Time which was in the middle of the ruins and accidentally pulls it out as she fell and died. The Sword of Time, which then recognized Tiara as its new master making her 'Time', activated and performed 'Synchronization', an ancient magic that binds a broken body to a healthy one in order to survive, to bind Tiara to Chrono in order to save its Master's life. Because of this incident Chrono, reluctantly, and Kivah, happily, begins to travel with Tiara and ends up doing many adventures with her as she tries to find her brother and also balance the duties of being Time. And, along their journey, they meet up with a member of the lost race; the Hachi Clan, a Female Assassin, and an old acquaintance of Tiara's.

Chapters One - Six can be found here

This story contains examples of:

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    Tropes A - D 
  • Aborted Declaration of Love: Ultimately Ray decides to never admit his feelings for Tiara and gives up on her due to his fear of a Mayfly-December Romance.
  • Acceptable Feminine Goals: The reason Nira left Kai was because he wanted her to give up being an assassin and her thirst for revenge and just settle to becoming a wife and mother for him after he proposed to her and Nira accepted.
  • Action Girl: Nira and Kivah. Tiara becomes this after she Took a Level in Badass from learning how to use Sitaus and martial arts.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Santorym and Daith gets a chapter all to themselves to show a typical day in their lives before all hell breaks loose with Leit of Zephyr finally finding Asante's pack and kidnapping half of it it (including Asante and Santorym) in order to lure Kivah out.
  • Adventure Towns
  • Aerith and Bob: Names such as Kivah and Chrono with Ralph and Tiara as being the most prominent.
  • All Deaths Final: Mainly, anyway. There are a few loopholes.
  • All Genes Are Co-Dominant: The half demons have the powers and durability of their demon parents but also all of the weaknesses of the species. They do not have an extended lifespan and instead ages like a human.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: At least for Ray.
  • All Myths Are True: Tiara mentions in passing early on that children born of the gods is a myth. She then proceeds to meet five different half gods throughout the story including Sin's younger half brother and also Kivah being revealed as one, as well as her siblings.
  • Almost Kiss: Happens with Tiara and Chrono at the end of Tani's Gate. After having saved Chrono from the worse point in his life, Tiara and Chrono, transfixed with each other, move in to brush their lips together when Chrono turns his head at the last second because he is distracted by the appearance of Tani.
  • Alternate Animal Affection: Kivah does type two all of the time; licking members of her True Companions (Especially Chrono) on the cheek and even when she gets together with her mates she tends to butt heads, rub noses, and lick them .
  • Always Female: Time. Not that Vane knew that. Kivah states that it is probably because Arazoir is a big pervert who like chicks with swords.
  • Always Save the Girl: A non-romantic, gender-switched version is that of Kivah stating that, if she would ever have to choose between Chrono or anyone else of her True Companions/doing the right thing, she would always choose Chrono. And she wouldn't hesitate to do it. Of course, considering what Kivah is, this is unsurprising.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: Ralph in a Not So Stoic moment does this to Nira after she nearly dies from slitting her own throat. It works.
  • Annoying Arrows: Averted. Kivah, while in her Human form, gets hit in the back, piercing her lung and heart, by an arrow shot by Aron. She dies almost immediately, complete with Blood from the Mouth and dying in Chrono's arms. However, thanks to a gift from Arazoir, Chrono is able to bring her back to life.
  • Artifact of Death: The Sword of Time turns out to be this for anyone who isn't it's master, but who got special permission to use it. This is what happens to Israel.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Sol. Kivah has also been offered this twice by Arazoir to join him in the Heavens but she has refused each time. It is however outright stated that eventually she would have no choice but to ascend.
  • Attempted Rape:
    • Vane at one point tries to rape Tiara just to mess with her. He even threatened to have Israel rape her after he was done with her. He is, however, prevented Just in Time by Ray.
    • It's also implied that Raidis, a Soarei demon Ray and Chrono meet on Exile Island, wanted to rape Ray and Chrono but was prevented from doing so when Ray and Chrono escape.
    • When the Time group, sans Ray, is captured by a group of men, this is one the things the men plan to do to Tiara, Nira, and Chrono. They are saved by Ray.
  • Author Appeal: The main reason for all of the Homoerotic Subtext and the blue eyes.
  • Babies Ever After: Ralph and Nira have a son two years after Tiara and Chrono's deaths; he becomes a main character of the Sequel.
  • Backhanded Apology: Kivah gives a two part version of this to Nira after the latter makes her thoughts known of her disgust that Kivah has two mates and that they love each other as much as her.
    Kivah: I’m sorry that I offended you, Nira, for being in a loving, functional relationship with two mates instead of one.
    Kivah: And I also apologize that my mates being in love with each other has rubbed your own delicate sensibilities the wrong way despite you knowing nothing of the hell that they went through to be able to express their love freely. It is truly the fault of us three.
    Nira (confused): What?
  • Badass Crew: The Time Group, naturally.
  • Balancing Death's Books: The necklace that Chrono used to revive Kivah required that someone die in the revived person's place. Kivah fulfills this by killing Aron, making him take her place.
  • Barehanded Blade Block: Ray does this from time to time while Chrono has at least done it once.
  • Bash Brothers: Ray and Chrono are this when they are not at each other's throats.
  • Batman Grabs a Gun: Subverted with Tiara who was unable to break her one rule, Thou Shalt Not Kill, even to Mercy Kill a little girl who had consumed a poison with no antidote that would take hours to kill her while she is in terrible pain. Kivah does it for her.
  • Battle Couple: Nira and Ralph, Chrono and Tiara.
  • Because Destiny Says So
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The reason behind Chrono's devotion to Kivah. Also is a major part of why he has a romantic interest in Tiara.
  • Berserk Button: Under any circumstances do not hurt anyone Kivah thinks of as important enough to care about. This goes especially for her little brother Sol, her mates Santorym and Daith, and Chrono. If you see her red eyes you are definitely fucked.
  • Beta Couple: Nira and Ralph.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Tiara, who is usually sweet and mindful, can turn into a very threatening person when angered. Ralph also counts though in his case it is more of Beware The Quiet One.
  • Big Eater: Ray, Chrono also mainly because he is being competitive with Ray.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Tiara towards Israel.
  • Blade Brake: Nira is rather fond of using her knives this way.
  • Blessed with Suck:
    • Half-Gods may have the powers of their Godly parents, but, due to the fact that their existence is unstable because they are of two different planes of existence, the Half Gods much give up the thing they would have cherished most to stabilize their lives on Mizet. This is what happened to Kivah and her siblings.
    • Half-demons are Blessed With Suck for even though they get the powers of their demon parent and have a lot more durability than humans; half-demons are considered bad luck and tend to be ridiculed throughout Mizet.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Kivah, Tiara, and Nira respectively.
  • Body-Count Competition: Chrono and Ralph does this every time they fight together. Ralph always wins, much to Chrono's chagrin.
  • Body Snatcher: Sin. Kind of has to be cause of the whole 'no body' situation.
  • Book Ends: The story ends with Tiara getting blasted in the heart by Vane/Sin, killing her and Chrono, and with Ray walking mindlessly through the desert of Arazoir like Tiara did in the beginning of the story.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Israel, thanks to Vane.
  • Break the Cutie: Tiara and Israel never truly had a chance.
  • Broke Chapter: Turns into a brief Tournament Arc.
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Chrono and Tiara, respectively.
  • Brother-Sister Incest / Parental Incest / Kissing Cousins:
    • The Gods and Goddesses, who are based on the Greek gods.
    • During the scene where Vane almost rapes Tiara, he threatens to have Israel rape her as well after he was done with her.
    • Raidis, a light demon that is not all there in the head, mistakes Ray and Chrono for lovers and then lovers who also happen to be brothers when Ray tries to trick him.
  • Bullying a Dragon:
    • Nira is really lucky that Kivah finds her insults amusing...
    • The King of Haidic threatening Tiara who, while a Nice Girl, has her limits and has the power to warp reality and create miracles. It should not have come as a surprise to the King then when Tiara cursed his kingdom to thirty years of black rain.
  • Bystander Syndrome: Kivah tends to think along these lines when it comes to people that she deems as 'uninteresting' but she has been shown to help... when forced by her True Companions.
  • Cain and Abel:
    • Tiara and Israel, though in that instance, it is not voluntary. Israel, being Brainwashed and Crazy, will do anything Vane commands him to do, including hurting, killing, or even raping Tiara. Being in his normal state, Israel would never even consider hurting Tiara.
    • Ray and his half brother Dwale. Ray actually does kill him in the end.
    • Also Kivah and her older sister Maroon.
  • The Call Knows Where You Live
  • Came Back Wrong: At one point Ray gets his soul eaten by a monster and Tiara, reacting in a momentarily lapse of judgment, kills the monster before Ray's soul is returned. Ray's soul is actually returned (By Kivah's request to her uncle, the God of Death) but it was tainted (Type II) and eventually it does have a negative effect on his psyche.
  • Cannot Spit It Out:
    • Chrono and Ray both cannot seem to come up with enough courage to tell the clueless Tiara that they love her. Ray ultimately goes the Aborted Declaration of Love route and gives up on her without confessing his love while Chrono does confess just before the climax and Tiara reciprocates.
    • Nira cannot spit it out for Ralph. Ralph eventually does it for her.
    • Kivah has this as a chronic disease, an example being her unwillingness to inform Chrono about how much he means to her. Chrono naturally has issues because of this. To be fair to Kivah though, she actually does have a good reason for her aloofness. Due to her Wandering Jew status, the only way Kivah can continue staying with Chrono is to keep a wedge of discomfort in their relationship so that she can't set down proper attachments, which she had given up in a Equivalent Exchange to stay on Mizet due to being a Half God.
  • Can't Live Without You: Chrono and Tiara; due to the Synchronization.
  • Cartwright Curse: Ray has this bad. It is even lampshaded by Kivah, being an example of very dark humor.
    Kivah: "Ray, I swear to the Gods, every time you like someone, they have died. Stop it."
    Ray: (Angry) "Shut up Kivah, not everyone I like dies! Tiara is still alive!"
    (Both look at Tiara) (Beat)
    Ray: "Yeah."
  • Chekhov's Boomerang: The prayer stone given to Tiara by Kivah in the beginning of the story which transported her to the Ruins of Arazoir also plays an important purpose in the Sequel.
  • Chekhov's Gunman:
    • In one of the chapters Tiara names and blesses two babies who later go on to be main characters in the Sequel.
    • Ralph. He is after all mentioned in passing as Tiara's crush but the reader doesn't actually meet him until later on in the story.
    • The pair of twins the Time Group save from a burning house. Turns out they are Vane's children and they go on to be villains in the Sequel
  • Children Forced To Kill: Israel.
  • The Chosen One: Tiara who is chosen to be Time. Ultimately subverted considering Tiara was not supposed to be 'Time', her younger sister Sierra was. She was however made Time in a Gambit by Kivah to make her a readily available Love Interest for Chrono.
  • Claustrophobia: Ray. After accidentally killing his Step Father in self defense of himself and his mother, Ray is thrown into a literal, small hole in the ground for a week while awaiting his trail, leaving him traumatized every time he is in an enclosed space.
  • Close-Call Haircut: Tiara receives one while fighting a bandit. Afterwards Ray shows his ability to properly cut hair by evening it out for her.
  • Cock Fight: Chrono and Ray over Tiara.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: In universe example: In the Kingdom of Ranisa, the way the Lady Land women keep track of the relationship status of the men is by having all of them wear different color armbands when they become of age. White means 'single', silver means 'engaged', and gold means 'married'.
  • Combo Platter Powers: All of the demon species.
  • Concussions Get You High: Subverted with Chrono who, when he gets a concussion, shows signs of confusion, dizziness, vomiting, a headache, being physically clingy, and Skewed Priorities. He does slur his words however which tips Ray off on what's wrong with him.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Tiara, Israel, Nira, and Ralph.
  • Cool Sword: Sitaus, the Sword of Time, Kryba, the sword of Humanity, and 'Faith'; Chrono's sword.
  • Cosmic Chess Game: Effectively most of the plot is this between Kivah and Arazoir.
  • Couldn't Find a Pen / Carved Mark:
    • Kivah, who is separated from the rest of the Time group and stuck in the company of a bound Vane, takes advantage of the one-sided Synchronization between him and Israel to crave instructions into Vane's arm for Israel and whoever is with him (Ray) to come meet her.
    • Ray reluctantly suggests this later to communicate with Kivah through Tiara that he and Chrono are stranded on Exile Island. Chrono refuses.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Kivah. She's created more than one.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Ray falls victim to this during the Tournament Arc when the other team chooses swords as the fighting style for that battle. Ray, being a Bare-Fisted Monk, does not know how to use a sword and is easily defeated. Fortunately, Nira and Tiara make up for his loss.
  • Cry into Chest: Tiara does this to Chrono after he rescues her from an attack. Due to them being mere acquaintances at the time, it being close to the beginning of the story, Chrono (who Hates Being Touched) is not at all happy about it but was unable to bring himself to push her away until the innkeeper came in.
  • Debut Queue: Kivah and Chrono first, then Ray, then Ralph, and finally Nira.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Kivah and Chrono are the worse offender though Chrono mainly does this in his Inner Monologues.
  • Decoy Damsel: Kivah plays this role while in human form during her schtick as a Bandit.
  • Delivery Guy: Ray. Poor, poor Ray.
  • Designated Love Interest: Tiara is this to Chrono in an actual In-Universe example. Kivah made Tiara Time for the specific reason of making her a convenient Love Interest for Chrono by forcing them together, without even taking Tiara's feelings into account. This does come back to bite Kivah however.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Tiara, after Israel dies.
  • Determinator: Everyone of the Time group shows hints of this, but Tiara gets a special mention for never giving up on finding Israel no matter how hopeless it seems to be.
  • Defensive Feint Trap: A favored technique by Nira. An example being Nira exaggerating an ankle injury to get a demon to attack her so she would have an opening to stab him in the ribs.
  • Did They or Didn't They?:
    • Tiara, while emotionally distraught, invites Chrono to her bed the night before the Climax. It is not stated whether they had sex or not.
    • Between Ray and Kendall. If they didn't, they at least heavily made out.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Israel dies in Tiara's arms.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Santorym and Daith attempt this on Kivah. It actually does work for a while but Kivah wises up.
  • Don't Tell Mama: Despite knowing that telling her mother would be a good kick in the teeth for Kivah, which, considering her belligerent relationship with her mother, would give Kivah the upper hand, she actually keeps Asante in the dark about her being Half God out of the concern that Asante would not take it well. Asante finds out eventually, anyway.
  • Doomed Hometown: Tiara, Israel, and Ralph's.
  • Downer Ending: Tiara, Chrono, and Israel are dead, Sin, who now possesses Vane's body, is not killed but only temporarily sealed away, The Ruins of Arazoir has collapsed on Tiara and Chrono's bodies as well as on Kivah, and Nira and Ralph are ultimately separated from Ray who collapses in the desert, crying.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Ray. He hates it but has been known to take advantage of it when the situation calls for it.
  • Dude, She's Like in a Coma:
    • Ray has a rather unhealthy tendency of kissing Tiara while she's unconscious.
    • Not that Chrono is any better.
  • The Dulcinea Effect: Ray, for a little village girl he met in a dungeon. The little girl turned out to be his Goddess, Era, in disguise who wanted to see if the darkness in his soul had been cleansed.
  • Dying as Yourself: Israel.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Every member of the Time group. Tiara found her parents dead and her village burned and had to watch Israel get kidnapped by one of the bad guys. Chrono was rejected by his birth mother due to being the child of the demon who raped her and even though he has a replacement Mother in Kivah, Kivah is very avoidant of informing him about her fondness for him (though she does have a reason for it) which causes him to have a "Well Done, Son" Guy complex. He also has issues about being a half-demon who is hated by demons and humans both for something only skin deep. Ray got exiled from his home world for preventing the murder of his mother by his {step} Father's hands. Ralph, after going through a lot of trials to get the Glaive of Rai, comes home to find his village destroyed and having to bury all of his people as well as his father. Nira watched her parents get slaughtered by a Ghato (who she believes might be Kivah though Kivah vehemently denies it) and grew up to become an assassin, emotionally distant to other human beings and having a deep-seated hatred for Ghatos. Kivah meanwhile is a Half God and was given up as a puppy by her mother to a Mad Scientist. She also had to give up her attachments to anyone or anything to stabilize her existence on Mizet and must forever be a Wandering Jew.
    Tropes E - H 
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Santorym, Daith, and Sol made an appearance in a nightmare of Kivah's in which it shows everyone she cares about slaughtered in front of her. They are not referenced to besides their physical appearances and they are not properly introduced for chapters later.
  • Elemental Eye Colors:
    • Played straight with the water (Aliuri), fire (Firlys), air (Mata'i), and shadow (Magus) demons. Subverted with the earth (Hachi) demons who have Supernatural Gold Eyes and the light (Soarei) demons who have Gray Eyes.
    • Ralph, who has dark blue eyes, matches his element, lightning, as a human example.
  • Elemental Powers:
  • Emotions vs. Stoicism: Kivah has this issue all by herself with her human form (Emotion) and her Demon form (Stoicism). Kivah is quite disturbed about how her emotions tend to run beyond her control while in her human form, and it is one of the things that she has to overcome.
  • Empathic Weapon: Sitaus, the Sword of Time.
  • Ensemble Cast: Even though Tiara is officially the main character, the rest of the Time Group get almost equal chapters dedicated to their perspectives.
  • Escalating War: Part of Ray and Chrono's schtick is to begin insulting each other until it escalates to full on physical blows.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • Tiara insistently taking the cutting knife away from her pregnant mother to do the vegetable chopping herself despite her Mother's protest. This shows her major and even stubborn concern for her family members, which is later shown to be one of her main characteristics.
    • Kivah drugging an unsuspecting Tiara in order to get her to sleep. This shows that while Kivah does kind things, the way she goes about them are not necessarily moral. Lampshaded by her when she tells Chrono 'that (he) might not approve of what (she) is about to do next' as she is mixing the sleeping draft into some water right in front of him.
    • Chrono's ECM was when he gave Tiara his poncho that would protect her from the sun without any prompting from Kivah, showing his Jerk with a Heart of Gold status.
    • Ray's ECM was, after showing amazing Martial Arts while fighting Chrono for the first time, suddenly collapses after his stomach roars in hunger. Cue the next scene where Ray is being treated to dinner by Chrono, Tiara, and Kivah, and happily scarfing down a plateful of food with several other empty plates to the side of him.
  • Equivalent Exchange:
    • The law when it comes to dealing with the Gods. The Gods can't interfere in the physical world without payment and they must in turn give payment when they have a lesser being do favors for them.
    • Due to being born of two different planes all half-Gods have to give up the thing they would value most in life in order to stabilize their existences on the mortal plane with the risk of being destroyed if they try to get back what they gave up. Kivah and her siblings, Maroon and Sol, are of no exception. Kivah gave up her attachments or 'roots' while her older sister Maroon gave up her love and her younger brother Sol gave up his ability to grow up, mentally and physically.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Chrono and Ray's experience while on Exile Island.
  • The Exile:
    • Ray was exiled from his world due to the fact that he accidentally killed his (step) Father while defending his mother from getting murdered by said (step) Father.
    • There is a whole 'Exile Island' where the people from the different kingdoms are dumped as punishment.
  • Eye Scream: Subverted, though narrowly. Kivah stops a seven year Chrono from stabbing his eyes out after he decides that he doesn't want the 'cursed' Purple Eyes. This later becomes a plot device during Tiara's trail of Heart in Tani's Gate where it is Tiara who stops Chrono from stabbing out his eyes.
  • Fallen God: Sin.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Getting Israel back.
  • Fantastic Racism:
    • Half-Demons are ridiculed by both Humans and Demons.
    • The Ghato (Wolf demon) and the Kissa (Cat demon) are considered less and weaker than the other demons species because neither of them have their own kingdom.
  • Fantasy Contraception: All half demons, including Chrono and Kivah are sterile. For anyone else there are 'pregnancy charms' that secretes sterility herbs into the skin and when removed, the herbs will eventually be washed out of the system so the woman can get pregnant if she wants to.
  • Fantasy Pantheon: Mizet, the world this story is held on, has its own Gods and Goddesses. There are The Seven Old Ones: Arazoir (Creation), Kalani (Sky and Storm), Heriana (Love and Passion), Theyis (Death and Judgment), Titano (Sun and Fire), Rante (Sea), and Isides (Forest and Moon) who are all siblings. And then there are the younger generation: Mirva (Fate and Prophecy) who is the daughter of Heriana and Kalani as well as Kalani's wife, Thai (Travel, Trade, and Gold) who is the son of Heriana and Rante, Har (Games, Luck, and Victory) who is the oldest son of Mirva and Kalani, Karamai (Seasons) who is oldest daughter of Titano and Isides (who are married), Era (Earth, agriculture, and hard labor) who is daughter of Heriana and Theyis, The twins Victorei (War, bloodshed, men, and strength) and Phili (Women, Marriage, Childbirth, and Children) by Mirva and Kalani (They are eventually forced to marry), Suola (Domestic Animals and Civilization) who is second daughter of Titano and Isides, Zeles (Wisdom) who is only son of Victorei and Phili, and finally Kinkos and Kenkos (Light and Darkness, respectively) who are the twin sons of Suola and Theyis. There are also a lot of minor Gods and Goddesses with Lyna (Fear), Motros (Terror), Tani (Knowledge), Arte (Magic), Tallis (Music), and Hyatt (Gates) as examples. Ameut (Sin) (God of Battle) is the son of Victorei (who cheated on Phili) and Lyna while Dora (Goddess of Destruction), who is the Big Bad of a side story, is the daughter of Arazoir and Heriana.
  • The Farmer and the Viper: Dwale, despite being forgiven by Ray for stabbing him and Ray even going so far as to tend to Dwale's wounds, poisons his brother in a last ditch effort to kill him.
  • Festival Episode: Ray get's a Temporary Love Interest during such a chapter.
  • Fiery Redhead: Nira; Ralph on the other hand subverts it.
  • Fight Off the Kryptonite: Chrono was able to do this once through sheer anger, pushing through his weakness to water/rain in order to attack Dwale, Ray's older half brother, with his flames after witnessing Dwale impaling Ray. He goes through excruciating pain though and would have died had Kivah not forced some of her energy into him.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Ray has a black pair of these that he wears at all times because it was the last gift his mother gave to him before his exile.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Ray and Chrono become this after surviving Exile Island together. Doesn't stop them from being Vitriolic Best Buds though.
  • First Guy Wins: Even though Ralph is first mentioned it is Chrono who the reader first meets.
  • First Episode Resurrection: Tiara who is killed three chapters in by Vane and is then resurrected by Synchronizing with Chrono.
  • First Time Feeling: Kivah's emotions are usually suppressed, if they exist at all, but when she is turned into her human form her emotions overwhelm her and Kivah had a hard time controlling them.
  • The Final Temptation: Arazoir's offer for Kivah to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence so that she would have a home and no longer be a Wandering Jew. Kivah has refused him both times he had offered her this but Kivah states that eventually she would no longer be able to resist it.
  • First Love:
    • Tiara is Chrono's.
    • Celia was Ray's.
    • Kai was Nira's.
    • Nira is implied to be Ralph's.
    • Santorym, Daith, and Kivah is this for the other two.
  • Foreshadowing:
    Kivah: "She (Tiara) is fixated on her brother because him, and the hope of finding him, is the only thing keeping her going. Take that away and she will crumble. She's weak.
  • Forged by the Gods: Sitaus, the Sword of Time and Kryba, the Sword of Humanity, are swords that Arazoir made. He also made Zetan, Sword of Revenge, and the Glaive of Rai for his brother, Kalani.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend:
    • Subverted. Several times Tiara brings up the name of her friend, Mika, who had died during Vane's attack on her village (Though it turns out Mika is alive but Ralph never tells Tiara this at Mika's request). She also remembers her parents and has Flashbacks of them a few times throughout the story.
    • Ralph also brings up his dead father a couple of times.
  • The Four Loves:
    • There is a holiday that exists in the sixth human kingdom, Crio (The small kingdom known for pleasures), called Loving Day where everyone celebrating the holiday buys color coded bracelets to give to the people they love. Each different love; Romantic, Pure, Friendship, and Family, have their own colors: Gold for Romantic, White for Pure, Purple for Friendship, and Blue for Family. The Time Group gets mixed up in this holiday on their visit to the kingdom and Hilarity Ensues / Drama Ensues as the members try to figure out what color to give to each of their True Companions.
    • The love, Storge (Family), also plays a very important part in the plot and is Tiara's main motivation for taking her journey.
  • Freakiness Shame: In a Flashback it is shown that Kivah tells Chrono that his violet eyes are beautiful to save him from the despair of being a Half Demon and to also save him from stabbing out his own eyes. Tiara does the same.
  • Freudian Trio:
    • Kivah (Id), Santorym (Ego), Daith (Superego).
    • Also Tiara (Superego), Chrono (Ego), and Ray (Id).
  • Friendship Moment: Ray and Chrono tends to do this a lot in the rare moments when they are not bickering. Probably the best example for Ray was when he claimed that he wouldn't jump into the ocean to save Chrono from drowning but does so in practically the next scene without hesitating despite risk to his life through hypothermia. The best example for Chrono is probably when he comforts Ray after Israel's death by giving him a one-armed hug which, for Chrono, is a big deal. Also during that scene Ray states "We could have been great friends," (referring to Israel) and Chrono, mistaking Ray's statement as a reference to him, automatically says "We are friends, idiot."
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble
  • Gender Is No Object: Amongst all of the demon species as well as three out of five of the human kingdoms. The only two kingdoms where Gender roles come into play are the kingdoms Ranisa and Haidic which is a Lady Land and a No Woman's Land, respectively.
  • Ghost Town: The Time Group see many of these on the borders of the kingdoms.
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot: Kivah, in human form, does this at one point by making out with Tiara to get the attention of a crowd of men.
  • The Glomp: Ray does this to Chrono after finding him alive despite having believed that he had killed him due to an illusion cast by a Soarei demon who had a grudge against Ray. Chrono, predictably, punches him in the face before helping him up.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Israel and later Chrono and Tiara.
  • Grand Theft Me: Sin's ultimate goal is to possess Tiara's body in order to have control over Time. He actually does succeed in his plan using Tiara's brother as leverage but it doesn't last because a sibling's love is powerful indeed.
  • Green Eyes: Nira has these which go along with her Red Hair.
  • Grudging Thank You: Chrono does this to Ray after Ray saves him from drowning. It is even lampshaded by Ray.
    Chrono: Ray… thank you.
    Ray: (amused) How did that taste coming out of your mouth?
    Chrono: (sincerely) Like poison.
  • Half-Breed Discrimination: Half Human Hybrids tend to be treated like crap by both humans and demons.
  • Half-Human Hybrid:
    • Chrono (Half Fire Demon) and also Kyo (Half Cat Demon) and Rynn (Half Water Demon) from the Sequel who are the most important though the Time group runs into these from time to time. It is noted that half demons are infertile and has about the same lifespan as a human. They are also neglected by both humans and demons and their violet eyes are considered bad luck. They however do inherit the powers of their demon parent and are a lot more resilient than humans.
    • It is also revealed that Kivah is a Hybrid though instead of being Half human and Half demon she is Half demon and Half ''God''
  • Hammer Space: One of Kivah's powers (Due to being Half God}. Is called her 'Dimension Pocket' and holds virtually anything; it is even said to be able to sustain food and drinks such as milk. It however cannot sustain life and any living thing that falls into it would die automatically so Kivah could potentially use this as a weapon.
  • Happily Married: Kivah and her two mates Santorym and Daith. They do have their issues though.
  • Headbutting Heroes: Nira and Kivah, though it is mainly on Nira's part.
  • Herald: Kivah turns out to be this to Tiara.
  • The Hero Dies
  • Heroes Want Redheads:
    • Ralph ends up with Nira. Also Gender Flipped considering Ralph is also a redhead.
    • Tiara also had a crush on Ralph at the beginning of the story, though she grows out of it due to the shallowness of her feelings.
  • Heroic Bastard:
    • Chrono, due to the fact that his Father raped his Mother.
    • Kivah, whose parents have never actually met before. (It's complicated).
    • Ray, as well, due to being the product of his Mother's affair.
  • Heroic Fantasy
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Israel.
  • Heroic Suicide: Nira, who was possessed and commanded to kill Ralph (her Love Interest) opted to slit her throat instead. She does get better though thanks to Kivah's quick reaction.
  • Hey, You!: How Chrono addresses Tiara when they first meet. He starts calling her by her proper name after he rescues her however.
  • Hikaru Genji Plan: Arazoir suggests that this is what Kivah is raising Chrono for. Kivah automatically denies it but Arazoir stays mockingly convinced, even dubbing Chrono 'Concubine' much to Kivah's annoyance.
  • History Repeats: Ray twice gives up on his romance with a human girl, allowing his rival in love to snag her.
  • Homoerotic Subtext:
    • Mainly between Chrono and Ray who usually find themselves in the most awkward of situations.
    • Ray stating that if he would go with a guy it would be Ralph. However Ray was only trying to irritate Nira by saying this and promptly got a punch to his face for his troubles.
  • Hufflepuff House: Thyili and Rthic, kingdoms of the Aliuri and the Magus, respectively. Even though they are essential to the setting to keep the number of kingdoms balanced between the Humans and the Demons (Crio, notwithstanding), they are irreverent to the plot since the Time Group never visits them.
  • Humanity Ensues: Due to a sword that changes demons into humans with one slice, Kivah (who is a wolf demon) is changed into a human for several chapters. After she gets changed back, she gets to actually keep the human form. Also the sword in question was actually created by her Father.
  • Human Mom Non Human Dad: Chrono and most half-demons. It's very rare for demon women to associate intimately with human men but it does happen.
  • Humans Are Bastards / Humans Are Good / Humans Are Flawed: The way their creator, Arazoir, likes them.
    Tropes I - L 
  • I Am a Monster:
    • Kivah thinks of herself as this because she is Half God. It didn't help that her Mother became so horrified when she found out that she couldn't look at her daughter and basically went through a minor Go Mad from the Revelation before she snapped out of it.
    • This is what Ray thinks after he kills his older half-brother. It results in his eyes becoming Kaleidoscope Eyes, alternating between brown and black depending on his mood.
  • I Have Many Names: Kivah, who has gone under the names Kay, Karis, Kallan, Kaiya, Kris, and Kayless. The name 'Kivah' is also an alias. Kivah actually has two true names; Kylila and Kaindri, with the latter being her God's name.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: Vane outright does this to both Tiara and Ray and at least attempts it with Kivah.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Kivah. This is also the reason why she goes under so many names, she tries to dissociate herself from what she is by going by different names.
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: The reason Kendra kidnaps Chrono.
  • I Never Told You My Name: A little girl Ray meets in a dungeon says Ray's name before he introduces himself. Ray doesn't notice this however because he is distracted at the time. The girl is later revealed to be Era, Ray's Goddess.
  • If You Won't, I Will: Kivah Shoots The Dog and Mercy Kills a little girl because Tiara couldn't do it due to her Thou Shalt Not Kill code.
  • Immortal Procreation Clause:
    • It is stated that it is difficult for the demon species to reproduce and when they do, it is rare for them to have more than two children. It is, however, much easier to reproduce with humans.
    • Kivah, and her siblings, who are The Ageless are also infertile. However, this is more to do with their half breed status than their Immortality.
  • Impaled Palm: Vane uses Ray's Achilles' Heel, his hands, to his advantage in a very sadistic way by using Israel's sword, Shadow Biter, to pin Ray against a wall by impaling both his palms.
  • In a Single Bound: The Hachi clan members, the Ghatos and the Kissa have this as one of their powers.
  • Inciting Incident: The destruction of Tiara's village and the kidnapping of Israel.
  • Infant Immortality: Subverted, and then played straight. In the beginning of the story Tiara's Mother Annice was pregnant and about ready to give birth right when Vane came and slaughtered the whole village. It is not mentioned what happens to the unborn child but it is assumed to be dead. However later on in the story Tiara has a dream of her baby sister being alive and Tani, Goddess of Knowledge confirms it with Tiara's one question. For Phili, Goddess of Women, Childbirth, Marriage and Children, took the baby from her Mother's womb seconds before she was killed and then puts the baby with a childless couple. She did this as a favor to Arazoir who wanted the baby alive since the baby is Time, Arazoir's pawn. Tiara goes to visit her sister but leaves the child with the couple to raise her while Tiara tries to go after Israel.)
  • Insane Equals Violent: Kivah's older sister Maroon.
  • Interspecies Friendship
  • Interspecies Romance:
    • Basically any demon/human coupling.
    • Ray is especially known for this, mainly going after human girls. He also had a one night stand with Raine, Chrono's older half sister. She is Firlys and a different demon species from him.
  • Intimate Haircut: Ray gives one to Tiara, though it was a one-sided intimacy. Ray was definitely happy to be having a chance to play with Tiara's hair while Tiara did trust him to do it. However she thinks they are just friends and felt nothing romantic about it.
  • Intimate Healing:
    • Lots of it; Chrono being the most famous for giving Tiara a healing potion mouth to mouth in their first scene together. And she was unconscious. To be fair to Chrono though it was Kivah's idea.
    • The Hachi clan has healing properties in their saliva, so any healing is this by default.
  • It Amused Me: Let's just say that it's not a good idea to be around Kivah when she's bored.
  • It's All My Fault: Tiara considers it her fault that her village was destroyed since Vane had been looking for Time which is her.
  • It Gets Easier: What Chrono believes due to Kivah's upbringing. It is the reason for his Thou Shalt Not Kill vow. It is however Subverted with Ray, who, despite having killed at least four people, still mourns his fallen enemies like they were his best friends.
  • It's Quiet... Too Quiet:
    Ray: It's too quiet in here.
  • I Uh You Too: Friendship variant. Chrono's response to Ray stating that they are friends is to say "I'm sorry" (for saying something mean to Ray during the conversation) and "Thank you." Ray got what he was trying to say.
  • I Want Grand Kids: Asante is very blunt about her desire for Kivah to give her grandchildren but Kivah who is actually infertile due to being half God completely refuses all of Asante's attempts to convince her into conceiving much to Asante's agitation. However, Kivah does eventually adopt a female Ghato pup who was abandoned by her biological mother who stays with Kivah's Mother's pack and is mainly raised by Santorym and Daith due to Kivah's Wandering Jew status.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Ray eventually comes to these terms towards Tiara.
  • I Will Find You: Tiara's motivation for going on her journey; to find her brother Israel. She actually does get him back in the end but only long enough for him to die in her arms.
  • I Will Wait for You: Gender Flipped example. Due to Kivah being a Wandering Jew she always leaves her mates, Santorym and Daith, behind but they always say that they will wait for her to visit them again.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • Chrono.
    • Kivah when she is not being a full out Jerkass.
  • Keet: Ray is a downplayed version of this trope.
  • Kidnapped by an Ally: At one point Santorym and Daith 'kidnap' Kivah away from her companions.
  • Killed Off for Real: Israel, being the only one who doesn't come back to life in the Sequel due to the Set Right What Once Went Wrong event.
  • Kill the God: The ultimate goal, to kill Sin. Tiara fails the first time, only being able to seal him away before she dies. She is however more successful in the sequel after Sierra saves her life.
  • Kissgusting: Chrono reacts this way (looks of disgust and washing out his mouth) after he feeds an unconscious Tiara some medicine. Of course, to be fair to Chrono, he had just kissed a stranger and has a Hates Being Touched mentality.
  • Kissing Under the Influence: Nira and Ray do this after they get drunk, though they don't remember it in the morning.
  • Knife Nut: Nira.
  • Knight Templar Big Sister: It's really not a good idea to threaten Kivah's younger brother, Sol.
  • Lamp Shade Hanging: Kivah loves doing this.
  • Last Breath Bullet: Sin kills Tiara this way (and Chrono, by default), by shooting Tiara in the heart with one of Vane's powers just as Tiara was sealing him away.
  • Let's Get Dangerous: Get Kivah pissed off or serious enough and you will really see how creative she can be in slaughtering you.
  • Limited Wardrobe
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Kivah is this to Chrono. A fact that she is painfully aware of.
  • Loving a Shadow: Tiara realizes pretty quick that her affections for Ralph had more to do with his looks than with him. She is ashamed by it but eventually does grow to love Ralph for him but it ends up being a familial love.
  • Love Martyrs: Santorym and Daith in relation to their love for Kivah.
  • Love Triangle:
    • Between Tiara, Chrono, and Ray.
    • Ray was involved in one between himself, a girl named Celia, and their best friend, Gabriel. Ray actually won that one but when he realized that Gabriel liked Celia too Ray, feeling guilty, left the dojo and when he returns Celia and Gabriel are married with a seven year old son.
    Tropes M - P 
  • Mad Scientist / Evil Genius: Leit of Zephyr. (He was Kivah's foster-dad and creator.)
  • Magical Defibrillator: Ralph at one point uses his powers to restart Ray's heart.
  • The Magic Goes Away: It is stated a few times that humans used to have magic but after the Battle of The Gods, when Sin tried to become Top God, Arazoir locked Arte, God of Magic, into a cell for all eternity because he was on the side of Sin. Arazoir also stripped him of his godly powers and actually put them into the Sword of Time, making Time (Tiara) the only human in the world who has magic.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Kivah. This is practically her most distinctive characteristic.
  • Mayfly-December Romance:
    • Played straight with any demon/human romance.
    • Also played straight with Kivah and her mates Santorym and Daith. Since Kivah is immortal due to being a half god she will eventually outlive her mates.
  • Meaningful Nickname: Kivah's nickname for Chrono is "Little Crow." The logic behind this nickname is this: since Chrono is a half demon he is judged as bad luck because of a physical characteristic (his Purple Eyes) much like a crow is also judged as bad luck because of another physical characteristic (it's black body).
  • Mind-Control Eyes: Israel has these after being Brainwashed by Vane.
  • Mindlink Mates: Kivah with her two mates Daith and Santorym. It's a Ghato trait.
  • Mind over Matter: A power of the Ghatos. Kivah, obviously, has this too but she can only lift light objects easily and the more it weighs the more strain Kivah goes through.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Chrono and Ray, though it was more like Mistaken For Incestuous Gay Lovers.
  • Moment of Weakness: Happens to Chrono when Kivah falls into Ethylio, River of Insanity. It resulted in him punching out Nira.
  • Monster of the Week
  • Morality Chain:
    • Santorym and Daith serves this role for Kivah and later on in the story so does Chrono.
    • Tiara serves this role for Nira after they meet, causing her to do a minor Heel-Face Turn due to her being a Punch Clock Villain as an Assassin.
  • More Than Mind Control: Israel, according to Vane.
  • Morphic Resonance: In her Ghato form Kivah has pure white fur and blue eyes; in her human form she has white hair and blue eyes. Same goes for Santorym and Daith.
  • Musical Episode: A chapter, complete with handpicked Character Song's for each of the main characters.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: Kivah pulls this when she is trying to get her friends back from the Villain of the Week.
    Kivah (Politely): Please release my friends.... and Nira too.
    • And oddly enough Nira is actually affronted by this even though if she was in Kivah's place she probably wouldn't have advocated for Kivah at all.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Tiara has this reaction when she realizes that by cursing the Kingdom of Haidic to thirty years of black rain after the King pushed her too far, she had just doomed all the people in it.
  • My Parents Are Dead: During a conversation about family between the Time Group, Nira asks Kivah where her parents are and Kivah says that they are dead.
    Nira: (nastily) "And where are your parents, dog?"
    Kivah: (blandly): "Dead."
    • Of course, it is revealed later on that Kivah was lying and both of her parents are alive. With her Father being Arazoir, God of Creation and Reality.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits!: Chrono pulls this after finding out that Ray had a one night stand with his older half sister, Raine.
  • Named Weapons: Kryba and Faith, The Sword of Time also has a name: Sitaus.
  • Nobody Calls Me Chicken: Chrono and Ray both reacts this way and are usually goaded by each other into doing random, dangerous stuff.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Kivah does this to the demon who kidnapped her brother and planned to use him as a main ingredient in his plot to become a God. It backfires majorly on her however due to the fact that Kivah was so busy being consumed with blood-lust and stabbing the demon turned human to death that Sol bled out and subsequently Ascends To A Higher Plane Of Existence. (Then again, practically anytime Kivah decides to fight, this happens. Just ask Dwale.)
  • No Ontological Inertia: The reason Kivah doesn't erase Leit of Zephyr from reality despite a strong desire to do so. If she did, she would have been erasing everything Zephyr did in his life, including creating her. Kivah allows the Ghatos who Zephyr experimented on for years devour him instead.
  • No Periods, Period: Subverted. They are called Monthlies and Chrono learns early on that menstruation cramps are not fun. Tiara also later uses this as an excuse as to why she doesn't want one of her 'Fiancées' (Ralph, Chrono, and Ray are pretending to be engaged to Tiara while they are in Lady Land to avoid getting hounded by other women) to 'service her'.
  • The Not-Love Interest:
  • Not Quite Flight: Ray can ride on rocks that he levitates with his power.
  • Not So Stoic: Ralph sometimes falls into this especially the time he confesses his love for Nira and asks her to marry him.
  • Not Staying for Breakfast: Gender Flipped as it is Ray who wakes up alone after he spent the night with Raine, Chrono's older half sister. Ray is, however, not upset by this considering they both agreed before hand that this would be a one night stand.
  • Now Let Me Carry You: Chrono to Kivah.
    Chrono: You saved me from myself long ago. It’s my turn now.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Kivah sometimes resorts to this just for the fun of it.
  • Oblivious to Love: Tiara to the point where Kivah begins to wonder if she is doing it on purpose.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Kivah and Ralph defeating a pirates' crew and taking over the ship.
  • Oh My Gods!
  • One-Man Army: Kivah who, in her human form, slaughtered a hundred Kissa demons by herself to rescue her little brother from a demon that wanted to use Sol's Godly blood to make himself a God. It really wasn't a smart idea to piss Kivah off.
  • Only Smart People May Pass: Kivah's part in the Trial of Tani's Gate since her attribute was Wisdom. She had to answer five riddles.
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: Sitaus, the Sword of Time.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • When Chrono initiates physical contact with anyone but Kivah or Tiara, you know something is wrong with him.
    • When Tiara decides to go after and kill Sin after Israel's death, you know that she has been broken for good. Of course, when it came down to actually killing Sin, Tiara didn't have the will or the strength to actually do it and instead seals him away. It led to her death.
    • Also when Ray doesn't want to eat, it just got serious.
  • Ontological Inertia: The main reason why Arazoir is set on killing Tiara.
  • Our Demons Are Different: There are eight types of demons, each created by a God or Goddess trying to surpass Arazoir by making a superior species to the humans (Having completely missed the point of why Arazoir likes his humans flawed}. Kalani created the Mata'i (Air demons), Isides created the Ghato (Wolf demons), Rante created the Aliuri (Water demons), Titano created the Firlys (Fire demons), Era created the Hachi Clan (Earth demons), Kinkos created the Soarei (Light demons), Kenkos created the Magus/Dark ones (Shadow demons), and Suola created the Kissa (Cat demons).
  • Parental Abandonment: The whole Time group. Tiara, Israel, and Ralph's parents were killed in the beginning of the story, Nira's were killed by a Ghato, Ray's Dad is dead and his Mother (though she didn't abandon him) is out of reach since she is still on Ray's home world, Chrono's Mother hates him because he is a result of her rape and is a half demon and his demon father is dead, and finally Kivah's mom gave her and her sister up to a Mad Scientist and because of this Kivah hates her and refuses to rekindle their relationship.
  • Parental Substitute: Kivah serves as a Mother figure for Chrono since the age of five.
  • Parent with New Paramour: An odd case as Kivah was already mated to Santorym and Daith before meeting Chrono but she didn't tell Chrono about them. So when Chrono does find out about Santorym and Daith he does not take it well and becomes hostile towards them. Santorym and Daith also does not know how to interact with Chrono though they did know about him through Kivah. It turns out to be especially difficult for Santorym and is of course lampshaded by him and Kivah.
    Kivah: (Playfully) "That’s why you should be nicer to him Daddy."
    Santorym: "I hadn’t realized I was the Father of a teenager."
  • Passthe Popcorn: Kivah practically anytime her companions get into a fight, annoying her companions in the process.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Ralph.
  • People of Hair Color: Each of the demon species, with the exception of the Kissa (cat) demons, can be identified by their hair and eye color alone with little leeway. The Mata'i (air) demons have white hair and grey/silver eyes, The Firlys (fire) demons have black hair and red eyes, the Aliuri (water) demons have blue hair and blue eyes, The Hachi (earth) demons have black/brown hair and gold eyes, the Soarei (light) demons have golden hair and gray eyes, and the Magus (shadow) demons have white hair and red eyes. The Ghato (wolf) demons all have blue eyes and half demons, meanwhile, are identified by their Violet Eyes.
  • Pet the Dog: Despite her morally ambiguous traits, Kivah does truly care about Chrono and only wants him to lead a happy life. She also does love the other members of the Time Group despite some of the things she has done against them. Probably the most cementing example however was her role in saving Nira's life by making a deal with Arazoir despite no true gain for her.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Ray who is the smallest of the Time Group but is also the physically strongest.
  • Platonic Life Partners: Kivah and Chrono's relationship in a nutshell.
  • Please Don't Leave Me: Chrono is very upset about the prospect of Kivah leaving him, though he knows that it is kind of inevitable.
  • Please Spare Her, Arazoir: Kivah pulls this after Arazoir reveals that Tiara has to die in order to recreate the balance that Kivah had disrupted by making Tiara Time. It doesn't work.
  • Venomous Demons: Ghatos have venom in their fangs.
  • Poly Amory: Kivah and her two mates: Santorym and Daith.
  • Post-Kiss Catatonia: Tiara after Kivah kisses her to gain the attention of a town full of men.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Inverted. At least for the Ghatos whose wings gives them their power and if a Ghato's wings are clipped they lose all of that power including their ability to speak.
  • Pre-Climax Climax: Between Chrono and Tiara. Possibly.
  • Public Execution: The Time Group witnesses this (in the form of hanging) in a village called Crimson Hill. Ray's Temporary Love Interest is among the ones that get hung.
  • Purple Eyes: Violet eyes are the physical proof that a person is a half demon and it is widely considered bad luck among both humans and demons despite no evidence to contrary.
    Tropes Q - U 
  • The Quest
  • Reality Warper:
    • Tiara, being Time, is a Reality Warper but only to an extent and she can hardly control it.
    • Kivah due to the fact that her Father is the God of Creation and Reality. Kivah however does not use this power often due to the fact that she can hardly control it and usually when she does alter reality the consequences tend to be quite cruel. One example being that due to the fact that she altered reality to make Tiara 'Time' it eventually resulted in Tiara and Chrono's deaths. This of course is a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero moment for Kivah though she does fix it in the Sequel by manipulating Sierra into going back in time and preventing Tiara and Chrono's deaths for her.
  • Really 700 Years Old:
    • Kivah, who is about two hundred years old. This is especially noticeable in her human form where she looks in her early twenties.
    • Ray who, though he claims to be fifteen, is actually eighty years old.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Vane, and also Kivah whose blue eyes turns red when she is particularly angered and this tends to lead to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown moment for her.
  • Red Light District: Multiple ones in Crio, kingdom of pleasures. The Time Group skirts around them and Ralph is the only one to go into one though only because he recognized one of the prostitutes as a survivor of the massacre of his village, Tiara's best friend Mika.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Nira (Red) and Ralph (Blue). They even wear red and blue clothing respectively. A twist; they actually end up together. Tiara (Blue) and Chrono (Red) also to a lesser extent. They also end up together.
  • Rescue Romance: Though Chrono did the actual rescuing for selfish reasons (i.e. due to the Synchronization, if Tiara dies he dies), afterwards Chrono becomes much kinder to Tiara and begin developing feelings for her especially after she thanks him, not for rescuing her, but for using her name.
  • River of Insanity: Ethylio, quite literally. The legend behind Ethylio is this; Rante, God of the Sea and waters, wanted to please his sister Heriana, Goddess of Love and Passion, so he created Ethylio for Heriana to throw in any man that displeases her. The results would be that, upon contact with the water, the unfortunate soul would immediately lose their minds. Kivah actually takes a dip into Ethylio but is saved by Har, her cousin and the God of Games, on her Father's orders.
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue: It was not a good idea to kidnap Kivah's younger brother.
  • Royal Blood: Chrono has royal blood on both sides of his family, being the son of the King of the Firlys and the son of the Queen of the human kingdom; Caaslm. However, he is illegitimate due to his father raping his mother and he has no claim to either thrones.
  • Sadistic Choice: Arazoir asks Kivah who she would choose to save if put in the situation: Tiara or Chrono? Kind of subverted when Kivah immediately says that she would pick Chrono.
  • Samaritan Relationship Starter: Tiara and Chrono's relationship, which is at best strained, begins to improve after Chrono saves Tiara from a rabid dog which Vane Tarmikos sent after her.
  • Scars Are Forever: Nira has one across her throat from when she slit it (see Driven to Suicide). Kivah says that she will have it forever and it is mentioned to still being there in the Sequel.
  • Second Love:
    • Tiara decides that she loves Chrono even though she had a crush on Ralph in the beginning of the story.
    • Nira gets together with Ralph though she had a fiance before him.
    • Ray falls in love with Tiara though he already had his First Love in Celia. His feelings are unrequited however.
  • Seen It All: Kivah, in the weary traveler version.
    Kivah: "I've seen worse." (Says this in response to finding out that Alexis is actually male.}
    Nira: (incredulous) "Where!?"
  • Self Harm: Tiara, in a moment of epiphany, realizes that despite the fact that Vane wants to rape her, he is consciously not striking her because he doesn't want to alert Chrono through the Synchronization until it is too late. Upon realizing this Tiara immediately begins to try and incite Vane into striking her and when that doesn't work, she bites down on her own tongue and even manages to cut her leg on a sharp rock.
  • Selfless Wish: After braving the trials of Tani's Gate, Tiara, Kivah, and Chrono are each allowed one question that Tani would answer. While Kivah and Tiara ask questions pertaining to themselves, Chrono asks if Tiara would reunite with the real Israel again instead of asking a question for himself.
  • Sexby Proxy: It is briefly implied that this will happen to Tiara or Chrono if one of them goes and has sex or does other things. This is due to the Synchronization.
  • Shapeshifter Mode Lock: Has happened to Kivah at least twice.
  • Sinking Ship Scenario: Subverted. Kivah and Ralph didn't bother to save the passenger ship they were on. They just hijacked the pirates' ship that had been attacking them.
  • Six Man Band: Doesn't work because of the huge pile up, but let's try anyway.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: Kivah tends to get this way whenever she sees her mates but this is kind of justified considering she doesn't get to see them all that often.
  • Sickly Green Glow: When the Time group comes upon the River of Insanity, Ethylio, Tiara immediately asks "What is that Green Glow?" Of course only she and Kivah can see the green glow, Tiara because she is Time, pawn of the Gods, and Kivah because she is Half God.
  • Skewed Priorities: A concussed Chrono is more interested that a Soarei demon thinks that he and Ray are exiles rather than the fact that said Soarei demon keeps implying that he wants to rape them and that he thinks Ray and him are incestuous gay lovers. It is of course lampshaded by an incredulous Ray.
  • The Snack Is More Interesting: Ray does this all the time.
  • Snow Means Love: In one chapter the Time Group enters a village where red snows falls during the winter and if you stand in it the red snow will make the person you hold first in your heart appear before you in translucent form. The only ones the reader actually sees though is Nira's, Ralph, and Tiara's, Israel. Neither Ralph or Kivah goes into the snow, Ralph because he already knows who is first in his heart and Kivah because apparently the snow won't show anything if you have more than one most important person. This is what happens to Chrono and Ray who both enter the snow but neither of them are shown who they love most hinting that they each have more than one in their hearts.
  • Staircase Tumble: What happens to Chrono when Ray pushes him down a flight of stairs. It was an illusion.
  • Stepford Smiler: Don't let that grin fool you, Kivah has some serious psychological issues.
  • Stunned Silence: The Time group's normal reaction to surreal events, though the most notable was when Kivah reveals that she has a mate. And then later when she reveals that she has two mates.
  • Suck Out the Poison: Ray at one point suggests Kivah do this when Ralph was poisoned. Kivah just gives him a look and goes on to make the antidote.
  • Super Drowning Skills: Chrono, though justified, since he is half fire demon and water not only stops his power but also drains his strength if he goes more than waist deep into it.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Ray and all of the Hachi Clan (except for a select few whose eyes turn black when their hearts become tainted). It's proof that Lady Era, the Goddess of Earth, was the one that created them.
  • Survival Mantra: In the beginning of the story as Tiara is walking aimlessly in the desert of Arazoir the only thing keeping her from going insane is saying her name over and over again in her mind.
  • Survivors Guilt:
    • Tiara has this for surviving the massacre of her village. It didn't help that it was essentially her fault since Vane was after her (though Vane mainly just destroyed the village for the hell of it.)
    • Kivah has this as well after her brother, Sol, ascends to a higher place of existence after Kivah fails to save him from dying to the point that she actually agrees with her Mother's You Should Have Died Instead statement.
  • Synchronization: An old magic that was lost to humankind due to Arte's (God of Magic) imprisonment, though Arazoir put Arte's power into the Sword of Time which used Synchronization to save Tiara in the beginning of the story by binding her to Chrono. Basically what Synchronization does is bind a broken body to a healthy body in order to save the fatally wounded person. However by doing this the two bodies are now essentially one body while still being separated so anything that happens to one, be it pain, pleasure, or disease, happens to the other. And of course it goes without saying that if one dies so does the other.
  • Take That Kiss:
    • Vane does this to Tiara right before he tries to rape her. He also later does it to Ray and attempts to do it to Kivah, but that time he is thwarted.
    • Sin does this to Chrono while in Tiara's body. Ouch.
  • Talking in Bed: Kivah and Chrono, who shares a bed almost every night, tends to do this trope. A lot.
  • Tastes Like Friendship: Give Ray food? He will follow you to the ends of the earth.
  • Teach Me How To Fight: Tiara asks Chrono to teach her how to use a sword and Ray to teach her how to do martial arts.
  • Technical Pacifist: Tiara is very against killing anybody but has little to no problem in fighting alongside her True Companions.
  • Technicolor Fire: Chrono's flame, which is usually colored normally, is at one point colored in rainbows when he breaks the necklace Arazoir gave him to resurrect Kivah after she was killed by an arrow.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Despite their status as Headbutting Heroes, Nira and Kivah will work together when they have to. This is especially if one of their True Companions is in danger.
  • They're Called Personal Issues For A Reason: Chrono's reason for not knowing a majority of Kivah's past despite the fact that they have lived together for twelve years. Of course, once he finds out about some of Kivah's secrets he is not necessarily happy about them.
    Chrono: "She never told me and I never asked."
  • Thirsty Desert
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Tiara is very firm about not killing anybody. Chrono also has stated that he would never kill anyone, though not being as vocal about it as Tiara, due to his belief that It Gets Easier.
  • Three Plus Three: Tiara, Chrono, and Kivah being the main three with Ray, Ralph and Nira acting as secondary even though they get a lot of character development as well.
  • Threshold Guardians: Three of them that Tiara, Chrono, and Kivah had to face in the Trial of Tani's Gate. First the Riddle Caster who Kivah had to face. His trial was for her, as Wisdom, to answer five riddles. Second was the Beast Tamer that Chrono had to face. His trial for him, as Strength, was for Chrono to defeat five beasts. And the last was the Heart Master who Tiara had to face. His trial for her, as Heart, was for her to try to save at least one of her friends from the lowest point in their lives.
  • Through His Stomach: A non romantic example. Chrono, in a way of apology, tries to give Ray a piece of hard candy from his pocket only to discover that it had completely melted from his dip in the ocean the day before. It does work however in cheering Ray up because the discovery that it had melted and Chrono's embarrassment makes him burst out laughing, completely dissolving the tension.
  • Together in Death: Tiara and Chrono at the end of the story. They do come back to life in the Sequel thanks to Sierra going back in Time to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Nira (Tomboy) and Tiara (Girly Girl).
  • Tranquil Fury: Both Ralph and Kivah have this.
  • Triang Relations: Number Eight: Kivah and her two mates Santorym and Daith (who are as much in love with each other as they are in love with her.)
  • Troubled Fetal Position: The majority of the Time Group is guilty of this but Ray does it the most.
  • True Companions: Kind of inevitable really when half of the group has no other people to rely on.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Tiara and Kivah are this (with Chrono, Ray, and Ralph) until Nira joins.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: Tiara trying to get her brother back and also doing her job as 'Time' are interwoven with each other.
  • Unbalanced By Rival's Kid: Ray is definitely unbalanced after meeting the child of Celia, his former lover, and Gabriel, his former rival. However, he then subverts/inverts this trope once he gets over his shock and acts quite nice to the boy, Aaron.
  • Undying Loyalty:
    • Chrono has this for Kivah.
    • Vane for Sin.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: This would have been Ralph had he and Tiara both not decided that they were more Like Brother and Sister.
    Tropes V - Z 
  • Very Special Episode: In one chapter the Time group has to deal with Homosexuality when they come across a village where it is treated as inappropriate. While there a gay man asks Tiara to 'bless' him and his relationship and the rest of the chapter deals with the different views among the Time group and whether or not Tiara should do it. Tiara believes that it doesn't matter because everyone is equal. Ray is also for it because in the Hachi clan it is accepted. Kivah too is for it. Nira and Chrono on the other hand both speak against it, with Nira being quite bias about it due to her upbringing. Ralph, meanwhile, is predictably neutral.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Chrono and Ray; Type Two.
  • Volleying Insults: Part of Chrono and Ray's way of showing their glowing friendship for each other.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting:
    • Kivah and her mates Santorym and Daith can change into humans at will after the Sword of Humanity (Kryba) involuntarily changed them the first time.
    • Shapeshifting is a power of the Kissa demons who can turn into different types of cats, depending on the Kissa in question.
  • Waif-Fu: Nira in all her Badass Normal glory. Tiara too after her Took A Level In Bad Ass phase.
  • Waking Up Elsewhere: Happens to Chrono and Ray after both of them faint, Ray because of hypothermia and Chrono because of a head injury. They wake up in a cell, chained to each other, and about ready to get raped by a Soarei (light) demon.
  • Wandering Jew: Kivah because of her payment.
  • Weak Sauce Weakness: Each demon species have two weaknesses, one that is on their body and another that is a common substance from nature. The Mata'i (wind) is weak against earth, the Firlys (fire) is weak against water/rain, the Aliuri (water) is weak against extreme heat, the Hachi (earth) is weak against the cold, the Soarei (light) is weak against complete darkness, the Magus (shadow) is weak against the sun, the Ghato (wolf) is weak against lightning, and the Kissa (cat) is weak against gold.
  • We Are as Mayflies: All demons are really older than they look and tends to live at least five hundred years. The half demons on the other hand actually don't have an extended life span but age like humans.
  • We Can Rule Together: Vane tries this on Kivah. Kivah's not impressed.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: Due to his biological Mother's rejection of him Chrono is desperate to have his replacement Mom's, Kivah's, approval.
  • We Were Your Team: The remaining members of the Time group (Kivah, Ray, Ralph, and Nira) separate after Tiara and Chrono's deaths.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: What happened to Tiara's unborn sister after Tiara's mom was slaughtered by Vane? Dead. (Or not, see Infant Immortality)
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: An argument Kivah invokes when trying to convince Chrono early on to break the synchronization with Tiara. After all, if Tiara is already dead what harm would it be to kill her again? Chrono talks her down however.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Actually invoked and lampshaded by Kivah upon finding out that Vane half synchronized himself to Israel so if he dies, Israel would die as well. Rather than be upset by this Kivah considers just killing Vane, and subsequently Israel, with no one being the wiser to her role in it so that she could eliminate Tiara's reason to go into a potentially lethal situation looking for Israel. Vane's immediate response to this conclusion is to ask Kivah if they could rule together. It is however ultimately subverted when Kivah doesn't go through with it.
  • Where It All Began: The final fight with Sin is in the Ruins of Arazoir. Also Tiara and the Time Group rest in the cave that was Tiara and Israel's hangout after Israel's death.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Chrono with his Aquaphobia and Ray with his Claustrophobia.
  • Wild Card: Played With in the case of Kivah. Nira believes she is this and though Kivah does care for her True Companions on some level she has also been shown to exhibit some disturbing thoughts towards her companions such as on occasion sincerely considering sacrificing some of them if doing so would further her goal of protecting Chrono.
  • With a Friend and a Stranger: Tiara, who is the stranger in this scenario, with Chrono and Kivah (the Friend).
  • Woobie of the Week
  • Would Hurta Child: Kivah has killed children of her kind before (during her time in Leit of Zephyr's lab) and she does kill a little girl though that instance was a Shoot the Dog / Mercy Kill moment because the little girl had swallowed a slow-acting and painful poison that couldn't be cured.
    Kivah: (ruefully) "I have killed children before, T. That was nothing."
  • Yaoi Fangirl: Kivah, despite her Shipper on Deck status (For Tiara and Chrono), loves to place Chrono and Ray into awkward situations. She is also mated to two males who are in love with each other as much as they are with her. Nira on the other hand subverts this trope with her bias against Homosexuality. (She gets better though.)
  • You Can Say That Again: Chrono says this in a conversation with Ralph. Ralph responds by saying his statement again.
  • You Monster!: Nira calls Kivah a monster after she sees a head wound Kivah received that Nira believes no one else could have survived. Kivah then mentions that Nira wasn't the first person to call her that.
  • Your Soul Is Mine: Happens to Ray, type one. He gets better though but he also Came Back Wrong with a Damaged Soul.

Chasing Time: Renewal

"Congratulations Sierra of Silverdai, you are the new ‘Time’."
— Kivah, saying the exact same words she had said to Tiara at the beginning of Chasing Time.

The Sequel to Chasing Time, which follows the adventures of Sierra of Silverdai, Tiara and Israel's younger sister. It has been sixteen years after the events of Chasing Time and on her sixteenth birthday Sierra starts out on a journey in order to find her origins. Of course the only clues she has to her origins are what her parents had told her about her sister 'Time' (They didn't know her actual name) and a broken prayer stone that her sister had given her. So upon hearing of a half demon who can fix anything Sierra decides to go to a village named Lior in order to find the half demon to fix the prayer stone. In Lior she encounters the half demon that she is seeking, whose name is Kyo Daye, and his best friend Rundell Sai. There she offers the prayer stone to Kyo and Kyo, with his ability, fixes the prayer stone which then immediately teleports him, Sierra, and Rundell to the Ruins of Arazoir. There they encounter a Ghato named Kivah who has been guarding over the Sword of Time since the end of Chasing Time. Upon recognizing who Sierra is Kivah informs her to draw the Sword of Time which she does only to see that the Sword of Time is broken. Kyo upon seeing this also, uses his ability to combine the Sword of Time with Sierra's sword. This then triggers the dimension that Tiara had sealed Sin in, thus setting him free. So now Sierra has a new objective; to once and for all settle what her older sister could not. To destroy Sin.

Currently Unpublished.

This story contains examples of:

    Tropes A - D 

    Tropes E - H 
    Tropes I - L 
    Tropes M - P 
    Tropes Q - U 
    Tropes V - Z 
  • Victorious Childhood Friend: Rundell to Kyo. However, he dies before they get past kissing. It becomes official in the new Timeline however.
  • Virgin Sacrifice: What Hazel ran away from.
  • What Is One Man's Life In Comparison?: Basically the Kissas' logic when it comes to the Virgin Sacrifices they have to preform every fifty years. Hazel, the one having to do the sacrifice, does not agree however and it is this that resulted in her running away.
  • With a Friend and a Stranger: Between Kyo, Rundell (Friend), and Sierra (Stranger).
  • Words Can Break My Bones: Sierra can push the power of Will into her words, effectively doing whatever she commands to happen to reality.
  • Wrecked Weapon: The Sword of Time after the events of Chasing Time. It's a good thing that Kyo was able to fix it by combining it with Sierra's sword...
  • You All Share My Story: The majority of the new Time group is somehow connected/owe their lives to Tiara. For one Sierra is Tiara's younger sister. For two Kyo and Rundell were named and given their powers by Tiara. For three Kendrick is the son of Ralph and Nira who were best friends to Tiara. And finally know...
  • You Kill It, You Bought It: How The Heart of Broken Shards gets passed about. Rundell kills Kyssel for it and then he had Kyo kill him for it so that Kyo could combine it to the Sword of Time and destroy Sin.
  • Youngest Child Wins: Sierra had by far the best fate out of her siblings.

Kayless' Past:

A side story showing the developing relationships between Kayless/Kivah and her mates as they try to survive life in Leit of Zephyr's lab. Told by Santorym's point of view.

This side story contains examples of:

  • Affectionate Nickname: Kay, Sano, and Dai. Started by Daith, as it turns out.
    • Kayless calls Santorym "Green Eyes" due to his unnatural Green Eyes. Subverted in that Santorym really doesn't like it when she calls him this and eventually Kayless drops the nickname altogether as their relationship grows.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Between Santorym and Kayless.
  • Character Development: Santorym becomes more confident in himself, Daith learns to be more social, and Kayless learns to accept her emotions.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Santorym attacks Kayless at one point in pure agitation but he is quickly trounced by her.
  • Deadly Nosebleed: Kayless gains this after overusing her Reality Warper ability, being so giddy about learning of her power to watch how much it is exhausting her.
  • Don't Make Me Destroy You: Kayless at one point says this to Santorym though it was more 'Don't make Zephyr order me to kill you.' Of course, when it actually came to killing him, Kayless couldn't do it.
  • Emotionless Girl / Emotion Suppression: Due to her upbringing, Kayless is all but emotionless (she refers to it as being numb) and her wanting to feel emotion is the true reason behind her social experiment.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Santorym attempts this. Kayless has other ideas however.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Kayless, Santorym, and Daith become mates and all three of them escape from Zephyr's lab. Also the subplot where Daith and Santorym try to find out if Kayless is pregnant is guaranteed to end in failure since Kayless is infertile.
  • Green Eyes: Santorym has these though he was born with blue eyes like every other Ghato and his green eyes were a side effect of one of the chemicals injected into his body to see what a Ghato's body could take.
  • Hope Spot: Santorym, Daith, and Kayless' escape from Zephyr's lab turns out to be this since Kayless/Kivah's curse of no attachments forces her to leave her mates to become a Wandering Jew.
  • Love Redeems: Kayless's love for Santorym and Daith saves her though she does still retain some sociopathic-like tendencies.
  • Mad Scientist Laboratory: The setting. Leit of Zephyr uses it to do multiple experiments on Ghatos. One of his goals is to create the ultimate weapon for his God, Kalani, to use against Arazoir. He found his weapon in Kayless but he made the mistake of attempting to execute Santorym to teach Kayless a lesson. It didn't end well.
  • Morality Chain: What Santorym and Daith become for Kayless.
  • No Social Skills: What prompts Kayless to begin an experiment of sociability with Santorym and Daith. Daith also has this problem.
  • Playing with Syringes
  • The Power of Love: Kayless' love for Santorym has her betray Zephyr.
  • Their First Time: Between Santorym and Kayless. Santorym also takes Daith's as well.
  • They Would Cut You Up: They would and they did.
  • Tykebomb: Kayless is this and a very effective one.
  • Sex Equals Love: Although all three of them were already developing feelings for the other two, it doesn't truly get cemented until after they already been mating for awhile.
  • Sugar and Ice Personality: Kayless, especially around Santorym.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Santorym acknowledges how he is this when he approached Zephyr's designated executioner, Kayless/Kivah, out of pity. However, it is because of this that Kayless decided to incorporate him into her experiment, kicking off the plot of the side story.
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