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"Kid, we have a lot of work to do here."
Izun Rizumu, on losing to the final boss and the Trope Page

The year is 2014. Or at least it WAS. It isn't now. Somebody on your end decided to pick up the Timey-Wimey Ball and you landed smack in the middle of 30XX. Wait, WHAT? Turns out, your world gets destroyed in 2016, and 30XX is just when they've finished picking up the pieces and gotten things back in place.

Depending on your choices, you meet up with one of the Izun siblings- Rizumu or Setsun- and must make the most difficult choice of your life: do you save 2016 and destroy the timeline here, your new friends with it? Or do you sacrifice your own time, possibly your life if you go home, and millions of lives by not preventing it- and also, while you're there, save 30XX from the Megacorporations?

It's in your hands...

Character Sheet that-a way.

This game is a lot of:

  • Apocalypse How- Class I, Human Die-Back. Might have been caused by the player.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall- if you beat the game, you can actually turn it off entirely. And if you walk far enough south of Akihabara, you can actually FIND it.
    • In a certain scene, "Rizumu The Role Model", the MC will remark how Rizumu's smoking makes her look tough but also makes her weaker- then also wonder what kids think, looking at her. She states, "Kids shouldn't be around gangland areas anyway." If you turn off the fourth wall, she says that kids shouldn't be playing this game anyway as it would (realistically) have an M or T rating. She then proceeds to run back through every child unfriendly plot element in the game.
  • Ho Yay- If you buy the Rainbow Ribbon as a male or the Proud Ribbon as a female, you can unlock romantically geared cutscenes with the characters of your gender. And then you have Justice who seems to be so fabulous he poops rainbows.
  • The Heartless- the enemy, Charades. You later get one of the guys responsible for them in your party.
  • Improbable Weapon User- most are fairly standard, but in the modern world, you have psychic teens and adults battling each other for supremacy. Some with scythes, swords and assorted medieval cutlery. Tell me THAT isn't improbable.
  • Party in My Pocket- Generally, only your current battle partner will be running around with you.
  • Rainbow Speak- key words in normal cutscenes are blue. When Chatting (read: Relationship-related cutscenes) key words are highlighted in that character's favorite color. If the fourth wall is off and you talk to any party member whose relationship you previously maxed, it begins a cutscene wherein all the characters in-party play with text colors. Justice makes his RAINBOW.
  • Replay Value- Once you beat the game, you can turn the fourth wall off to completely change the game script. Worth a replay just to see what changes. You can fight the dev team as a boss battle this way.
  • Shout-Out- Rizumu's lighter is implied to be the same lighter Chris Redfield used to carry around.
  • Our Vampires Are Different- normal vampires carry the usual traits, but half-bloods can eat human food and walk in sunlight. They can drink blood to become much stronger. Catch is that if they drink blood and use their full-vampire traits, they better be in a dark area or it better be night.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different- their fur matches their natural hair color and they can switch between humanoid and doglike form at any time. Most also have keronomimi-esque tails and ears. All gain a power boost from the full moon.