Darth Wiki / Bee Shrek Test In The House

Once upon a time, there were four fellows who all wanted something more. One was a teenager who moved into the White House after his dad got a job there as a chef. One was a flame-haired 11-year-old whose genius sisters used him as a lab rat. One was an ogre who had many layers. And one was a college graduate bee who sued the pants off humanity for stealing his honey. If these four ever met, it would be the beginning of something wonderful...

There was one problem. None of them existed in the same universe.

Until the Internet got a hold of them...

Or, the comedic counterpart to Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. Also known as the New Big Four, BSTH is a crossover between Bee Movie, Shrek, Johnny Test, and Cory in the House, and is the swaggiest crossover ever to exist. It emerged a while after the stupid tangled whatevers in early 2013, and since then has amassed a massive fan following.

This crossover contains examples of: