Darth Wiki / Aerial Special Squad

A comic series in the works by troper Commander Jay, it hasn't gotten off the ground at all, with the exception of a couple of pictures. The titular squad, or A.S.S, is a group of aerial soldiers fighting for the Great War Of Insect Civilization, often just called the Great Insect War. It should be mentioned that their leader is a insane praying mantis who enjoys ripping enemy soldier's heads off. So yeah, they're pretty dysfunctional.

This war is fought on two sides: The Allied Countries of Fair Insects (wasps, bees, moths, butterflies, dragonflies, mantises) and the Central Empire of Annoying Insects (Cockroaches, silverfish, mosquitoes, houseflies, parasites). The CEAI is lead by Max Von Mcbaron, a cockroach with a top hat and mustache.

The current list of tropes: