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A Drop Of Poison is a possible light novel/Young Adult novel whose concept resides in the unsound mind of mine, set in a not-quite-Everytown, America.

The main character, Andrew Philipps, is a New Transfer Student with a Dark and Troubled Past. He's the only remaining member of his family, the survivor of a tragedy - his twin, Simon, went berserk on the family and murdered their parents and later killed himself, allegedly from guilt. Andrew Philipps is adopted by "proper gentleman" Adrian Smith and is taken under the wing of Ryan Mackenzie and Seth Skinner at school. Andrew is understandably traumatised and withdrawn, which attracts the sympathy and care of most of the student population, and the fact that he seems undeniably moe only helps his case. He is averagely intellgient, averagely athletic, and averagely artistic, and this Slice of Life story is about his road to mental recovery.

Except that it's not.

Andrew Philipps is a Chessmaster after the likes of Light Yagami, sans reasonable motivation. The story is mainly told through his disdainful point of view as he maintains his Nice Guy woobie facade - his goal is to find someone who truly sees through his mask. Everyone else who falls for his act, he sees as trash.

And in the midst of all this, psychopath Ryan Mackenzie thinks he can arise to the level of a god...

Remember, Anyone Can Die, and anyone will.

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