Darker And Edgier / Toys

  • BIONICLE, when compared to other LEGO lines. The first LEGO line to feature brutal, on-screen deaths and carry shades of Cosmic Horror Story.
    • Within Bionicle, the story noticeably turned a shade darker from '04 to '05, and with the advent of the online serials in '07, it also became Bloodier and Gorier. So much, in fact, it made the initial years look like a kindergarten play in comparison. A good deal of this stuff LEGO would never have allowed the writer to publish when the theme first started.
      • Fanfics and forum Role playing Games based on BIONICLE will often make the characters take on more human traits compared to their 85% metal, 15% muscle/lung tissue that is canon. While the primary reason by that it's easier to Write What You Know, the addition of human aspects also means that fanfic characters suddenly have more detailed descriptions of such things as pain, bleeding, etc.
    • Everything with Matoro and the Barraki saga basically slaps you in the face if the Piraka saga hasn't already. Not only do we get a downer ending, in another serial we're showned exactly what would have happened if Matoro never put the mask on. the universe dies, and Matoro is labeled a coward and a pariah. Everyone also is now deprived of a home because the universe is crumbling, and Matoro only redeems himself when he sacrifices his life again to save the village. The guy just can't catch a break.
  • LEGO Dino Attack features a group known as the D.I.N.O. Attack team battling against mutated or robotic dinosaurs. It's notable in that it is the only post-apoc LEGO Theme, being set in a empty city ravaged by the dinosaurs. In addition, there is a very heavy emphasis on weaponry and military vehicles.
  • LEGO Exo-Force is implied to take place after the end and is inspired by Anime series such as Mobile Suit Gundam. Like many LEGO themes, it was also cancelled before the story was resolved, adding in a dose of Nothing Is Scarier to the mix - what if the robots won?