Dark Is Not Evil / Web Animation

  • The main cast of Card Players consist of an illegal immigrant, a murderer, a gun-toting 10 year old with an agency out to kill her, and two ex mercenaries (one of which drinks the blood of his victims, while the other Demon eats them) all on a quest to thwart the evil around New York City. It doesn't help that they're dressed like muggers while they do it.
  • The only Red vs. Blue character with black armor (Tex) is actually on the side of the (more or less) good guys.
  • Childrin R Skary: Ida is almost a textbook Creepy Child. She's also The Woobie and a Barrier Maiden who can drive back the terrible things threatening her town.
  • From "Web Animation/TOME", Game Crazed is a morphological fighter in the game that has the power of shadows.
  • RWBY:
    • Ruby Rose, the protagonist. Here's a girl who has the looks and attire of an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, has a red and black color scheme and wields a Sinister Scythe that can cut through monstrous Grimm like they're made of cardboard. She's also an Adorkable Perky Goth and the main cast's resident Wide-Eyed Idealist.
    • From what little we've seen of her, Yang's mom Raven Branwen has an intimidating red and black getup and wears a white mask similar to the Grimm, and also wields a gigantic red nodachi. However, she jumped in to chase off one of Yang's attackers who was about to kill the girl. Subverted later, when Raven leaves a message for Yang saying that her intervention was a one-off "kindness" that Yang shouldn't expect again. Qrow explains that Raven has an unusual outlook on the world and is quite dangerous, despite the two keeping in contact.
    • Qrow also fits here. His colour scheme is dark greys and reds. He wields a Sinister Scythe, is heavily associated with death motifs, a Functional Alcoholic and one of the biggest jerk seen thus far in series. At the same time, he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. He's very affectionate to his nieces, Ruby and Yang, plays the role of a Cool Uncle, trained Ruby and acts with Undying Loyalty to Ozpin.
  • Dreamscape: Keela. As she explains to Dylan after they escape from the Unworld; just because shes a demon, doesn't mean the bad things she does are toward those who dont deserve it.
    • Like Keela, Vladmare is not an evil demon. In fact, his MO is slaying demons that ARE evil.
    • Keedran likes being in her monstrous form more than her true form, and she finds evil magic more fun than holy magic. Be that as it may, she is one of the protectors of the planet, even though she knows Humans Are Flawed.
    • Aseir's powers, personality, and outfit scream "evil!", but he's not an evildoer.