Dark Is Not Evil: Web Animation

  • The main cast of Card Players consist of an illegal immigrant, a murderer, a gun-toting 10 year old with an agency out to kill her, and two ex mercenaries (one of which drinks the blood of his victims, while the other Demon eats them) all on a quest to thwart the evil around New York City. It doesn't help that they're dressed like muggers while they do it.
  • The only Red vs. Blue character with black armor (Tex) is actually on the side of the (more or less) good guys.
  • Ida is almost a textbook Creepy Child. She's also The Woobie and a Barrier Maiden who can drive back the terrible things threatening her town.
  • From "Web Animation/TOME", Game Crazed is a morphological fighter in the game that has the power of shadows.