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Dark Is Not Evil: Visual Novels
  • Rider in Fate/stay night doesn't appear completely dark or use especially dark powers, but wears a black cloth, initially comes off as the Servant of an evil Smug Snake, is seductively sexy and dangerously ass-kicking, and even Saber calls her off as a monster. To hammer it down worse, she is revealed to be Medusa, a Greek figure mostly viewed as Always Chaotic Evil. But beyond the initial impressions, you find out that she's not THAT evil, only tortured and hammered with lots of misfortunes in the past, and her true Master was someone far more benevolent and kinder than the said Smug Snake (provided she doesn't snap).
  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials And Tribulations, Viola Cadaverini definitely falls under Obviously Evil. Her clothing and hair is entirely black, she has a way of suddenly appearing from nowhere, a creepy giggle, is aware of her family's being The Mafia, and repeatedly offers coffee to Phoenix and Maya. As it turns out, she's an innocent victim being exploited by Furio Tigre, and thinks that his murder scheme was horrible. Of course, that doesn't stop her from "making him drink a lot of coffee" when she finds out the truth.
  • The Nanaya clan in Tsukihime. A family of assassins. Seclusive, described as vicious killers and also seem to have a penchant for rape. The only glimpse we get of one is Nanaya Shiki, the hero's Super-Powered Evil Side who first brutally destroys Arcueid and then later tries to rape her. However, as Akiha points out, they weren't actually that bad (nor that were they very good either) because the only ones they ever had that impulse towards were non humans, who generally are not good people to have around (i.e. the Dead Apostles, demons and the inverted members of the Tohno family). They still seem to enjoy themselves a little too much when 'working' though.
    • Actually, the rape was due to Arcueid's mystic eyes. It had absolutely nothing to do with the Nanaya side.
      • Why aren't we regarding Arcueid herself as this? She's a vampire, after all.
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