* The {{Music/Disturbed}} song "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbGlhVHvBkU 3]]" (which is BasedOnATrueStory) is about three boys [[MiscarriageOfJustice who were falsely accused of murder]] just because they [[{{Goth}} wore dark clothes]]. Also a case of LightIsNotGood:
-->''I was a boy who had to live his own way / I never fit into the model they had designed''\\
''I chose a path less taken... / I stood with others who had often felt the same''\\
''We got stares from passersby / Our dark attire seemed to frighten people away''\\
''And when three young boys died / They pointed fingers and entangled us in a lie!''
** This also seems to be the theme of the chorus to "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyctTU_0FiM The Night]]":
--->''There can be no better way of knowing / In a world beyond controlling''\\
''Are you going to deny the savior / In front of your eyes?''\\
''Stare into the night / Power beyond containing''\\
''Are you going to remain a slave for / The rest of your life?''\\
''Give into the night''
** This trope is a very common theme in Disturbed's music videos, as it depicts "the Guy", a hooded, demonic figure, as a ChaoticGood superhero who liberates the citizens of the world from their corporate oppressors. In the opening scene from their music video for [[https://youtu.be/8nW-IPrzM1g The Vengeful One]], these words appear on the screen:
-->''He watches from the ageless Void,''\\
''Enlightened Shadow of His former Self,''\\
''waiting for the time He'll take Human form again''\\
''to avenge the victims of the War Machine,''\\
''and vanquish the Evil that gave it Life.''\\
''He is the hand of God,''\\
''He is the Dark Messiah,''\\
''[[TitleDrop He is the Vengeful One.]]''
* [[PersonWithTheClothing The Man in Black]] himself, Music/JohnnyCash, wore black in tribute to the suffering of others.
* The Music/BlackSabbath song "N.I.B." is a song about {{Satan}} [[LoveRedeems falling in love and turning away from his evil ways.]]
* In {{Music/Metallica}}'s "Of Wolf And Man" one should seek to become a [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent werewolf]] in order to better understand and preserve the wilderness.
* Music/BulletForMyValentine's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2I0ulTZWXA Waking The Demon]]" is about [[BullyingADragon a bullying victim who gets revenge.]]
* Music/IcedEarth's [[FilkSong Filk]] ConceptAlbum "The Dark Saga" which is about ''{{ComicBook/Spawn}}''. Also their multi-album saga of [[MetalBandMascot Set Abomiae]], which features a sympathetic alien AntiChrist [[VillainProtagonist as the protagonist]]. He's sympathetic because HumansAreTheRealMonsters who have committed genocide and untold atrocities against his kind and [[spoiler: [[AntiAntiChrist ultimately he decides to spare humanity]] with the caveat that if they become [[ANaziByAnyOtherName galactic-conquering monsters]] again he'll come down on them HARD.]]
* Many songs by {{Music/Nightwish}}. Romanticizing darkness (particularly the depiction of night-time as fantastically romantic) is a running theme, seen even in the band's very name.
* The message behind Music/LacunaCoil's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTT6picaCoQ "Trip The Darkness"]] video.
* The Standells' "Sometimes Good Guys (Don't Wear White)"
* The general message of Music/MarilynManson is half this, half LightIsNotGood. Even the original ThemeNaming was about this. The first half of the names was taken from a female sex symbol, and the second half from a convicted murderer. As Marilyn Manson himself said, Marilyn Monroe had bad qualities about her, and Charles Manson has good ones about him (environmentalism, for example). We see only the badness in people we're told are bad, and only the good in people we're told are good. Much of the band's songs and videos highlight these subjects, ranging from the video for Dope Hat's [[UpToEleven even darker]] take on ''Film/WillyWonkaAndTheChocolateFactory'''s boat scene, to Coma White, a song about suicide by OD, to the entire character of Omega (pronounced oh-me-ga) from Mechanical Animals, who is completely white as paper besides for his hair and makeup (and sometimes even his hair is white), but is a dead inside [[ShoutOut rock star]] [[Music/DavidBowie androgynous space alien]]. TheUnseen, Alpha (also called Mar1lyn Man5on due to Manson's obsession with [[ArcNumber 15]]), meanwhile, is a hopeless romantic, who is the other protagonist of the album and sings the emotional songs on it. Manson himself, although dressing in all black most of the time, and covered in tattoos, is an intelligent, DeadpanSnarker who often shows that, despite his shocking image, is actually extremely laid back. His closest love in the world is his pet cat, Lily White, who he considers his child.
* A good portion of BlackMetal is this, though a good portion says that DarkIsEvil and EvilIsCool.
* In fact, a lot of metal that ''doesn't'' rely on EvilIsCool could be looked at this way, as it tends to employ darker artwork and subject matter but [[MeanCharacterNiceActor the band members themselves are often still perfectly decent people]], or at least are no more likely to be evil than any other type of artist.
* ChristianMetal in particular is this in the eyes of its fans. Dark music that is usually regarded as a thoroughly secular style doesn't have to be.
* Most {{Goth}} music qualifies as well. There's a reason the PerkyGoth trope exists.
* The video for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPOM0IUsd_0 "Dance In The Graveyards"]] by Music/DeltaRae shows the most cheerful and kindly necromancers (or death spirits) and the most benevolent use of necromancy you will ever see.
* Similarly, ''Music/CreatureFeature''s ''Wake the Dead'' is about a necromancy cult resurecting the victims of a SerialKiller in an effort to bring him to justice.