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* TheAbridgedSeries
** [[UpToEleven The Abridged Abridged Series]]: ''[[ Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged Episode 1]]''
** [[UpToEleven The Abridged Abridged Series again]]: ''[[ Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged Episode 2]]''
* AbortedArc: The Garlic Jr. Saga [[spoiler:basically becomes a non-event when Garlic Jr. and his henchmen have the misfortune of running into Mr. Popo.]]
** Raditz running around loose in the afterlife gets dropped after a couple episodes.
** Chichi isn't trying to castrate Krillin anymore after season 1. Getting Goku back probably got her to calm down.
* AccidentalMisnaming:
** Freeza has corrected people who mispronounced his name on two occasions: such as Goku calling him Freezer and Trunks mispronouncing it "fry-za" (Since he was using the "Frieza" spelling, lampshaded when he asks why there's an "I" in it.)
*** [[DubNameChange Freeza's name was Freezer in the Japanese version, which was changed to Frieza in the English version]].
** Gero apparently didn't pay attention to many of Goku's allies, and once mistook Krillin for Tien.
** In Revenge of Cooler, the reason Krillin sends Gohan to get senzu beans from Korin is 'cause last time he went there, he kept calling him [[MythologyGag Whiskers the Wonder Cat]].
** Freeza and Zarbon call Qui "[[DubNameChange Kiwi]]" a couple of times.
** Goku keeps mistaking Cooler for Freeza.
** Goku keeps getting "Hyperbolic Time Chamber" wrong.
%%* AbsentParents: Goku's familial neglect is exaggerated to the point where he, Gohan and Piccolo all accept that Piccolo is now %%basically Gohan's father figure. It is of course played for comedy
%%-->'''Gohan:''' (thinking) What would dad do?\\
%%'''Imaginary Goku:''' Bye son!\\
%%'''Gohan:''' I'm beginning to think I have issues.
%%** Apparently it runs in the family as Bardock paid no attention to Raditz when he was growing up, and only visits a newly born Goku when it's pointed out how Raditz being a wimp might be because of that. He also forgets he has kids until Dodoria points it out to him
%%-->'''Bardock:''' I have one of those (a son). OH CRAP! I have two of those!
* AchievementsInIgnorance:
** Goku, as he's dying, manages to give a FinalSpeech, even though...
--> '''Krillin:''' Goku, you can't die! Here! I brought a senzu bean!\\
'''Goku:''' I don't think that's gonna work.\\
'''Krillin:''' Why not?\\
'''Goku:''' I sort of have a hole in my esophagus.\\
'''Krillin:''' Wait, then how are you breathing?\\
'''Goku:''' *dies*
** [[invoked]]Goku is able to obtain a muffin on his spaceship because he erroneously believes there's a muffin button.[[note]]In the second TFS Podcast, [[WordOfGod Kaiserneko confirmed]] a fan theory he found that [[AscendedFanon he believed explained it perfectly]]: the ship is Goku's original ship from when he landed on Earth, which used Freeza's technology. A muffin button existed on the ship before Dr. Briefs took a crack at it, because Freeza's ships have the technology to synthesize their own food.[[/note]]
--> '''Dr. Briefs:''' ...Where did you get that muffin?\\
'''Goku:''' Muffin button.\\
'''Dr. Briefs:''' But I never installed a muffin button!\\
'''Goku:''' Then where did I get this muffin...?
%% I don't know how to override the indent formatting.
** The mysterious muffin button also enables mind reading, somehow.
** Also, the muffin button [[spoiler:on Freeza's ship saves Goku from Namek's explosion]].
** Gero somehow put his brain into his android body. Not even ''he'' knows how did that.[[note]]Canonically, he had Android 19 do it.[[/note]]
* ActionCommand: A [[Franchise/MassEffect Renegade Interrupt prompt]] appears onscreen just before Vegeta kills Recoome and Burter.
* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Subverted. Freeza makes a DoubleEntendre pun while dishing out a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on Nail. Nail begins to chuckle, and Freeza thinks that ActuallyPrettyFunny is in effect. Then Nail reveals that he's actually laughing because he suckered Freeza into spending an hour flying nowhere special and then beating up a hopelessly outclassed opponent while Dende was heading back to Krillin and Gohan to help them use the dragonballs. Freeza quickly stops laughing.
** Later played darkly straight in Episode 30:
--->'''Freeza:''' Come on now, give me something funny.\\
'''Goku:''' [[spoiler: You... killed my best friend!]]\\
'''Freeza:''' Ha! That is pretty funny. Hilarious, actually.
* AdaptationDistillation: They managed to summarize the Saiyan Saga in the space of 12 episodes of approximately 10 minutes each. Then they [[UpToEleven one-upped themselves]] and [[ compressed those 120-odd minutes into 130 seconds.]]
** The half-hour finale to season 2 was in itself 12 episodes of the show compressed. According to Lani, this was for the better because some of the episodes they included dragged at an unbelievable pace. They cut the events of one out entirely because oh how much it slows the plot down (when Gohan goes back and tries to fight Freeza).
** [[spoiler: The Garlic Jr. Saga is compressed into one episode, thanks to Mr. Popo.]]
*** [[spoiler: And most of said episode deals with events utterly peripheral to the Garlic Jr. Saga. You could argue that they compress it into about ''75 seconds.'']]
* AdaptationExpansion: Surprisingly, Kami's reluctance to fuse with Piccolo is given a great deal more development than in the original, and Kami's reservations are ''very'' sympathetic.
* AdaptationInducedPlotHole: Rather than the DeathByDespair induced by his people dying, Abridged Guru dies because of an unrelated heart attack (he explicitly states he doesn't care about any of the other Namekians dying). In spite of this, Guru is still revived by the wish to bring everyone Freeza or his men killed. This could be explained as his heart spontaneously restarting, which is what lines like "actually dying this time" seem to indicate.
** Goku's fight with Freeza takes a sudden and unexplained shift from them being evenly matched to Freeza effortlessly trouncing him due to Freeza powering up being skipped, the footage from Freeza powering up instead changing to Freeza being struck by lightning from God, and it does nothing to him.
*** Going from the pinball gag where Freeza enters his high score, it seems that he's already at half power, as the other scores match up with the characters' power levels at that point. Though it does open a new plot hole concerning why nobody mentioned their opponent suddenly getting several times more powerful.
** In the source material, Present Trunks (but not Future Trunks) could easily become a Super Saiyan at a young age because he was conceived ''after'' Vegeta became a Super Saiyan. However, in this series, Vegeta gets Bulma pregnant ''before'' he becomes a Super Saiyan.
** In the second episode, Goku calls Raditz by name, even though Raditz never shared his name when he introduced himself here.
* AdaptationalVillainy: Guru in the original was AFatherToHisMen and was very TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth. Here, he's a JerkWithAHeartOfJerk who's arguably a worse monster than Freeza [[spoiler: especially how he ordered his people to kill their Albino brethren in order to hide the fact he drank the water supply.]]
** Do we even want to go into how Popo's scarier than the original?
--> '''Popo:''' '''Hi.'''
** The BadFuture versions of Android 17 and 18 were already some of the darkest villains in the original anime, but here they go even further, rivaling ''Freeza'' in terms of horrifying evil.
* AdaptationPersonalityChange: Popo goes from a genial nice guy to the most terrifying thing in the universe. Guru goes from a wise and benevolent leader to a genocidal CloudcuckooLander.
* ADeathInTheLimelight: A sort of common pattern in the Namek Arc; whenever a character is going to die in the episode, they read the disclaimer. Otherwise, it's a character that gets the focus (usually Vegeta). Made [[LampshadeHanging painfully obvious]] in episode 29.
-->[[spoiler:'''Krillin''']]: "The following is a non-profit, fan-based parody. ''Manga/DragonBall'', ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' and ''Anime/DragonBallGT'' are all owned by {{Funimation}}, ToeiAnimation, Fuji Tv and Creator/AkiraToriyama. Please support the official release." Phew. Alright, how was that?\\
'''Voice Director:''' That was perfect [[spoiler: Krillin]]. Eh... don't worry about your check. We'll send it to your next of kin.\\
[[spoiler:'''Krillin''']]: ...what?
** Also common afterwards if there is a death; Freeza and King Cold both read the disclaimer for episode 33.
** Later Yamcha:
--->'''Yamcha''': The following is a--oh wait, ah, I-I did this last time, didn't I? What-what's going on? [...] I have a bad feeling about this...
* ADateWithRosiePalms:
** In Episode 12, Krillin has to go a month with Bulma walking around in her underwear and no "alone time" because the toilet keeps yelling at him. He is finally able to relieve that tension in Episode 13.
--->'''Bulma:''' It's everywhere!
** In the beginning of Episode 20, Burter, Jeice, and Recoome briefly talk about the last time they felt the urge.
** In Episode 22, Ginyu makes it into a BrickJoke.
* AffectionateParody: Naturally.
* AffablyEvil:
** Nappa:
--->'''Nappa:''' (looking at Tenshinhan getting pissed that Nappa just killed his friends) Oh Vegeta, I think I made him mad. Should I talk to him about it? The first step to solving your problems is healthy communication. (Tenshinhan tries to punch him) That was very rude. I was talking to VEGETA! (beats the crap out of Tenshinhan)
** The Ginyu Force, with a special mention to the extremely polite Captain Ginyu.
* AGoodNameForARockBand: From Episode 21: Seizure Procedure
* AGodAmI: Kami in the Garlic Jr. (Aborted) Arc.
-->'''Kami:''' Oh my ME!
** Then there is this exchange between King Kai and Kami:
--->'''King Kai:''' Are you questioning God?\\
'''Kami:''' Are YOU?
** And, not to be outdone, [[JerkAss Guru]] does this upon hearing that Kami is referring to himself as God.
--->'''Guru:''' I shall henceforth be known as Super Kami. No wait... Super Kami Guru.
** It's subtle, but in Revenge of Cooler, he gives this line:
--->'''Piccolo''': Oh yeah? Who's he?\\
'''Cooler''': That's "He" with a capital "H", by the way.
** Later on it becomes apparent that Vegeta's ego has swollen to gargantuan size when he learns that Piccolo has fused with Kami:
-->'''Vegeta:''' The f***'s a Kami?\\
'''Krillin:''' Basically, God.\\
'''Vegeta:''' BUT I'M STILL HERE!\\
'''Trunks:''' Do you really believe your own hype that much?\\
'''Vegeta:''' '''I ''AM'' THE HYPE!'''
** From episode 46
-->'''Android 16:''' ''(regarding Piccolo)'' He has fused with Kami!\\
'''Android 17:''' Kami? Seriously, what the hell's a Kami?\\
'''Piccolo:''' It means God. ''[[BadAss Now bow.]]''
* AMindIsATerribleThingToRead: King Kai tries to telepathically link with Mr Popo. [[YourHeadAsplode Bad move]].
* AlasPoorVillain: Defied. It seems like Vegeta might incur this in episode 28, but quickly admits he'd still be evil even if Freeza had not enslaved his race.
-->'''Vegeta:''' (to Goku) If this situation were reversed, this conversation would never have happened. You'd be dead, and I'd be laughing. Ahaha-ah, it hurts to laugh.
* AliensMadeThemDoIt: Inverted with Nappa and the Arlians, as he has the king and queen mate because he's curious about the mating ritual.
* AliensSpeakingEnglish:
--> '''Nail''': : English.
* AliensStealCable: Apparently they don't even need to.
-->'''Vegeta:''' (to Gohan) Oh well, if it isn't [[Film/TheThreeStooges Moe Howard.]]\\
'''Gohan:''' How do you even--\\
'''Vegata:''' Space {{Creator/Hulu}}.\\
'''Gohan:''' Figures.
* AllJustADream:
** The events of episode 12. [[OrWasItADream Well, maybe.]]
** And in episode 19, Vegeta's, ahem, ''[[BlackComedyRape encounter]]'' with Bulma...
** And Episode of Bardock. Well, at least the FramingDevice is.
** Goku's [[{{Naruto}} Ninja Dream]] and [[OnePiece Pirate Dream]].
** The ''Dead Zone Abridged'' remake turns out to be Krillin pitching a movie to Nappa.
* AllThereInTheManual: The official Saiyan Handbook, brought out whenever the concept of Saiyans getting stronger after injuries has to be explained.
-->'''Jeice:''' Let's see, full moon, lose your tail, stronger every time you... oh. Well, I'm right f**ked, aren't I?
* AllUpToYou:
-->'''Krillin:''' (taking Spirit Bomb) Holy crap, so ''this'' is what being important feels like!
** A dying Vegeta to Goku:
--> '''Vegeta''': You... are the last remaining Saiyan. {{beat}} Oh God, you're the last remaining Saiyan. *dies*
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: InUniverse, just as in many other abridged series.
** While most of the characters are just [[CharacterExaggeration exaggerated]] versions of their normal selves, Mr. Popo has been turned into the most terrifying and/or [[HeroicComedicSociopath freaking awesome]] creature in existence.
** Nappa as a PsychopathicManchild.
** Lord Guru is a senile, bloodthirsty despot. It gets even better with an alternate interpretation of Abridged Guru, after he gives Nail a [[spoiler:false]] RousingSpeech. He knew Nail was going to die. Why not give him some hope of coming out of it alive?
** Toolo (that surviving Kanassian Alien from from ''Bardock: The Father of Goku''), who is oblivious to the fact his people are destroyed, probably because he couldn't tell the difference between his visions and the present moment anymore.
** Freeza gives us one that explains a little too much: The Namekians are [[DeepSouth space rednecks]].
** Guldo trying to be nice to Vegeta in the past is quite the opposite of their encounter in the source material.
** In the main series, Ginyu cares very little about his men and even plans to replace them with Freeza's mooks before even finding out if they've succeeded in their mission or not. Here, he's undoubtedly loyal to Freeza and while firm with discipline, he and the rest of the force have a mutual respect for each other... [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg except for Guldo]].
** Jeice's voice actor in the FUNimation[=/=]Saban dub (using Ocean Studios) gave Jeice something of a Liverpudlian accent. Chris Sabat at FUNimation took that and turned it into an outrageously exaggerated Aussie twang instead. TFS beats it into the ground and pisses on it for good measure by turning Jeice into a full-on overly-jingoistic Larrikin.
** The Androids are somewhat different from the original series; while the androids from Trunks' timeline are even more malicious, the main timeline's 17 and 18 are more playful and impulsive, acting out of sheer boredom; 16 is a fully stereotypical robot which is somehow even more sensitive and vocal than the original.
** King Kai is a lot less patient and is willing to kick some Ginyu butt if necessary.
* AluminumChristmasTrees: Try searching for YouTube videos of ''TattooedTeenageAlienFightersFromBeverlyHills'' and count the number of comments from people who initially believed that this show made it up.
** Yamcha's "Cat Loves Food" song was actually in the Funimation dub, a non-sequitur joke so bizarre that [=TFS=] just took it and ran with it.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: This has been at play since his introduction, but Episodes 30 and 31 clearly establish that Mr. Popo is the biggest fish in the ''Dragon Ball Z Abridged'' universe.
** The ''Revenge Of Cooler'' movie ends with the song "Always Someone Cooler Than You."
* AmbiguouslyGay: Zarbon, very much so. At least until [[spoiler: we find out he has a girlfriend.]]
--->'''Freeza''': Come again?
** PlayedForLaughs with Vegeta, where Vegeta asks if Zarbon did anything to him while he was asleep. Zarbon replies disgusted, which at first Vegeta is happy about, but then a second later he feels annoyed and demands to know why Zarbon was disgusted. Zarbon then says "This conversation is beginning to sound REALLY gay... not that there's anything wrong with being gay."
** [[spoiler: Freeza is fairly certain that Zarbon's girlfriend is actually named "Chuck".]]
* AmbiguousSyntax: When Trunks and Krillin, and Tien and Piccolo pair off, they each mention they are going after Cell lacking the modifier of which Cell they are aiming for. It leads them to repeating nearly the same line each time.
* AmusingInjuries: ''All over the place''.
-->'''Goku:''' '''AUGH''', spine! ''AUGH, RIBS!'' Definitely ribs!
** Whenever Goku is being crushed in a giant villain's hands, he squeaks like a squeaky dog toy. It is amazing.
--->"Why does everyone laugh when they do that? That's my ribs crushing my lungs!"
** This also applies to when Freeza grabs Goku from behind, eliciting a single squeak and an exclamation of, "Bad touch!" before Goku then pummels Freeza in a spoof of when Freeza was tenderizing Vegeta's kidney.
** And of course, the [[ most amusing injury]] of the entire series.
*** Except possibly:
**** Trumped by what is perhaps [[ the greatest nutshot in history]].
* AnAssKickingChristmas: The ''Christmas Tree of Might''.
** The ''Lord Slug Abridged'' movie parodies this. Goku, IdiotHero that he is, thinks it's Christmas because it's snowing, but it's actually July. [[MotivationalLie King Kai tries to use this to his advantage by making Goku believe he's the savior of Christmas]], and it works until Lord Slug tells Goku that it's snowing because Lord Slug froze the planet himself.
* AndCallHimGeorge: Nappa and [[StarWars the Rancor]].
* {{Angrish}}: Nappa drives Vegeta into a truckload of this.
** During his fight with Vegeta, Goku took Nappa's place.
** In Episode 18, Vegeta is driven to a very immense rage. His scream is so loud, it covers the planet, reaches into space, breaches the barrier between life and death, and travels through time so Future Trunks can hear it. He then goes into a minute-long incoherent "conversation" with Krillin.
---> '''Vegeta:''' I am here for it... Dragonball... I need that Dragonball... Give it to me... One you took... Need my wish... SHUT UP GHOST OF NAPPA! I'M NOT CRAZY! YOU'RE CRAZY! ESPECIALLY YOU, NAPPA! Now, Dragonball. Hand now please.
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: [[spoiler:Dende to Gohan.]]
* AnimationBump[=/=]ArtEvolution: Starting with the Android Saga, a '''''lot''''' more edits to the original footage were made. Including, but not limited to, adding eye movements; changing scenes due to altered continuity; the addition and[=/=]or removal of characters (or poses) to scenes, and even fixing errors that were present ''in the original footage''.
* AnswersToTheNameOfGod:
** Kami to King Kai and King Kai to Kami since they are both kamis.
** Kami, to Goku, in "Dead Zone Abridged". Since Kami is literally the God of Earth, it's not blasphemous:
---> '''Kami:''' Listen, Goku. Just go after your son. I'll handle Garlic Jr.\\
'''Goku:''' Thank God.\\
'''Kami:''' You're welcome.
* {{Anticlimax}}: The ending of episode 31, intentionally.
* AntiHumor: The "It's Over 9000" meme is intentionally and noticeably avoided.
** That is, until the Abridged version of the Abridged version. Vegeta screams the meme, and then has a brief shouting match with Nappa before killing him.
* AppealToObscurity
--> '''Vegeta:''' Now to crush you like an Arlian.\\
'''Goku:''' A what?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Exactly.
** And in Episode 24:
---> '''Freeza:''' Tell me. Have you ever heard of planet Vegeta?\\
'''Nail:''' N-no?\\
'''Freeza:''' Funny. Because that's exactly what I expect the ''next'' person will say when I ask them about Namek!
* ArcFatigue: Lampshaded InUniverse in Episode 24, where Krillin randomly is surprised at the fact that they're ''still'' on Namek. He also gives the fourth wall a nudge by noting that it feels like it's been a year since they got there, which is how long it's taken to do Episodes 13-24. (For the curious, the events in those episodes take place over six days.)
* ArentYouGoingToRavishMe:
-->'''Vegeta:''' That...reminds me. [[CallBack Did you do anything to me while I was unconscious?]]\\
'''Zarbon:''' ''(affronted)'': Did-- Did I what?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Did you do anything to me while I was unconscious?\\
'''Zarbon:''' What? No! ''God'', no!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Oh, thank God! I j-- wait, what do you mean by that? Am I not good enough for you?
** Bulma's nightmare about Vegeta seems to be setting this up.
* AreWeThereYet: Nappa to Vegeta during their flight to Earth. Their ''year-long'' flight.
* ArmorPiercingSlap: Whenever he pisses her off sufficiently, Bulma will slap Krillin. He will always feel pain, even though at his strength he shouldn't be able to feel it at all.
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: When 17 and 18 see Gero turned himself into an android they ask him how he did it. He says he took out his brain and put it in the machine body. When asked how he did 'that', Gero is rendered speechless and wonders himself.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: King Yemma describing his desk:
-->'''King Yemma:''' And not just ''any'' mahogany! But mahogany from the planet Malchior 7! Where the trees are 300 feet tall and '''BREATHE FIRE!''' From these trees this desk was forged 2000 years ago using '''ANCIENT BLOOD RITUALS OF THE MALCHIOR PEOPLE!''' Not only does this make my desk '''NIGH INDESTRUCTIBLE,''' but it can '''BEND THE FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE ITSELF!''' [{{beat}}] ...Also it's a very fine material. Very expensive.\\
'''Kami''': O...kay.
%%* ArtisticLicensePhysics: When Goku throws Chi-Chi into space, she shouldn't be burning up. Objects burn up entering the atmosphere.
* AskAStupidQuestion: Freeza to a Namekian elder in Episode 14.
-->'''Elder:''' What do you want from us? Why are you slaughtering our people?\\
'''Freeza:''' Well you see, I was just in the area and I thought this would be a delightful place for a summer home what the *BEEP* do you think I'm here for?\\
'''Elder:''' ...Our trees?\\
'''Freeza:''' ...Zarbon, two or three more.
* ATeamFiring / ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy: "Damn man, you couldn't hit the broad side of a space-barn!"
** Averted in episode 46 during Piccolo and Android 17's fight.
-->'''Android 17:''' Um, I stopped dodging. Seriously, are you even ''trying'' to hit me?\\
'''Piccolo:''' No!\\
'''Android 17:''' The hell do you mean, "no"?!\\
'''Android 17:''' ''(notices the energy balls floating around him)''\\
'''Android 17:''' ... Oh. ''Ohhh''. [[OhCrap Oh shit.]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' Hellzone Grenade!
* AtomicFBomb: Vegeta is rather prone to it. He once hurt Piccolo's ears when Piccolo was on the other side of the planet at the time, though Piccolo does have super-hearing.
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Goku, Nappa, and Guru do this a lot.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: A simultaneously humorous and chilling example as Mr. Popo's explains the "pecking order" to the Z-Fighters receiving training: [[TheEveryman You]] - The Dirt - The Worms Inside of the Dirt - Popo's Stool (shown as a black box with the word "Censored" stamped across it) - Kami - Popo. A confirmation is even presented after Mr. Popo knocks Krillin off Kami's Lookout ([[RunningGag increasing his "Owned Count"]]) after asking a question out of turn, despite ''asking if anyone had any''.
* AxCrazy:
** Chi-Chi's violent outbursts are feared by Krillin.
** Also Guru. "Kill it like the rest."

* BackFromTheDead: Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Tien, Yamcha, Chaotzu, Krillin, and all the Namekians, except for the ones from the village Vegeta killed on Namek. Since they wished back the ones killed by Freeza and his men, and Vegeta wasn't one of Freeza's men anymore, those Namekians are still dead.
** And in another change from the original series, [[spoiler: Nappa is revealed to be alive in TheStinger of Episode 30 (Part 3), since Vegeta was still working for Freeza at the time he killed Nappa.]]
* BaconAddiction: Goku takes his ''very'' seriously. So much that, instead of a heart virus, Future Goku dies from...
-->'''Future Trunks:''' High cholesterol.\\
'''Goku:''' From ''what?!''\\
'''Future Trunks:''' According to the coroner, too much bacon.\\
'''[[DisproportionateRetribution Super Goku]]:''' [[TranquilFury You take that back.]]
* BadBoss:
** Freeza considers his minions extremely expendable (see WeHaveReserves below), doesn't pay them, and casually kills them off to intimidate his other soldiers and to [[MundaneUtility end awkward conversations]].
** There's also Super Kami Guru. Though his worst phase seems to be over, these days he settles for being a CloudCuckooLander {{Jerkass}}.
*** It's revealed in Lord Slug Abridged that much like Kami and Piccolo, Guru and Slug split from the same Namekian, and that ''Guru'' is the evil one.
* {{Badass}}: [[IdiotHero Go]][[BigEater ku]] manages to be an even bigger one in the Abridged series than in the main continuity, due to his fights being radically cut down in time and his vapid, air headed demeanor making his badassery come across as anywhere from effortless to accidental.
* BadassBoast: Played with a lot, given the prevalence in the source material:
** Piccolo:
---> '''Piccolo:''' Yeah. That's right. I can take anything you can dish ou-''oh God there go my organs.''
** Vegeta's is a rather unusual case. He manages to make a BadassBoast to Cui about how he got ''destroyed'' on Earth.
** Recoome delivers an absolutely epic one in Episode 20.
--->'''Recoome:''' Vegeta! You think that just because you're the Prince of all Saiyans, you're the best there is at what you do, but let Recoome tell ya somethin', [[HulkHogan brother]], you ain't no Wolverine, and you ain't got what it takes to step up to a [[BookerT FIVE-TIME CHAMPION!]] You see, Vegeta, you sit there and brag about how the Saiyans are the mightiest warriors in the universe, how they're the most ruthless, but look where they are now...DEAD! You talk about your legends, your warrior race, and your pride, but that [[DwayneJohnson doesn't mean a damn thing to this man!]] BECAUSE THE NAME'S RECOOME, AND IT RHYMES WITH DOOM, AND YOU'RE GONNA BE HURTIN', ALL TOO SOON!
** Freeza derails a Namekian by keeping a running tally of how many times he's heard a particular BadassBoast. The Namekian tries to utter an original phrase, but Freeza has already heard "We're going to fuck your face!" ''twelve'' times. Admittedly, it was less common than "We're here to stop this senseless slaughter of our people" (92), "Now you're going to pay" (355), "We are the ones who will stop you" (419), or even "You insane bastard" (190).
*** Later, Goku delivers a boast even Freeza hasn't heard before.
---->'''Goku:''' Soooo, are you that Freezer Guy?\\
'''Freeza:''' I am '''Lord''' Freeza, yes.\\
'''Goku:''' Awesome! Imma deck ya in the shnoz!\\
'''Freeza:''' I...I'm sorry. That's a new one!
** Subverted again twice in Episode 25, as Vegeta already knew Freeza could transform and cuts him off, while Freeza grows increasingly exasperated with Vegeta's speeches about the Super Saiyan.
** Gohan gets one in Episode 26 before taking on Form 3 Freeza.
--->'''Gohan:''' Hey Freeza! The human body is composed of 75% water! I am 100% '''DEATH'''! HAVE SOME!
** Even Freeza gets one in Episode 28.
--->'''Freeza:''' You know what the difference between you and I is? You can punch a board and it will break in half. ''I'' can punch a board and ''wipe out its entire race''.
** Super Saiyan Goku gets one in episode 30.
---> '''Goku:''' I am the hope of the Omniverse. I am the light bulb in the darkness. I am the bacon in the fridge for all living things that cry out in hunger. I am the Alpha, and the Amiga.[[note]]Not a misspelling; he pronounced it wrong. Unless you're a fan of Classic DoctorWho. This could also be a reference to the Amiga line of computers, produced by Commodore in the 1980's.[[/note]] ''[[WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck I am the terror that flaps in the night]]''. I am Son Goku! And I am a Super-*smugly takes Freeza's attack to the face unharmed* ...Saiyan.
** When presented with the whole "five minutes" thing:
---> '''Goku:''' Oh, well, then I'll have to kill you in four.
** Future Trunks delivers a good one when Freeza dismisses him as a mere distraction until the Super Saiyan shows up.
--->'''Future Trunks''': Oh, well. If you're looking for a Super Saiyan...''I can fill the part''.
** Vegeta explains how he became a Super Saiyan in episode 36.
---> '''Super Vegeta:''' Besides, my heart is pure... pure, unadulterated ''badass''.
** Piccolo gets another great one after Android 17 is informed that he has fused with Kami.
--->'''Piccolo:''' [[AGodAmI It means 'god.']] '''Now bow.'''
* BadassCreed: The Ginyu Force:
--> '''Burter:''' Speed of light and strength of all\\
'''Recoome:''' The Ginyu Force shall make them fall!\\
'''Jeice:''' We're King Cold's army's strongest force\\
'''Guldo:''' We'll beat them all, secure the course!\\
'''Ginyu:''' If trouble meets us as we pass\\
'''Ginyu Force:''' [[AssShove WE'LL SHOVE OUR FIST RIGHT UP THEIR ASS]]!
* BadassDecay: Mentioned by King Yemma while [[BreakingTheFourthWall mentioning future plot events]]. [[invoked]]
-->'''King Yemma:''' I'm the closest thing to a god in this show! Until you get to the Kais... then I'll be ''horribly'' insignificant.
* BadLiar: Gohan, when facing Vegeta about the Dragon Radar.
* BadNewsIrrelevantNews: Nappa uses this in ''Bardock: The Father of Goku Abridged'' to a young Vegeta.
-->'''Nappa:''' "Well, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is, reports say [[EarthShatteringKaboom our entire planet has been destroyed by a gigantic meteorite]], along with all its inhabitants. [...] Aaaaaaand your father [...] But the good news is, we're going to DAIRY QUEEN!!"
* Main/BadSanta: Slay, one of the Misfit Minions in "Christmas Tree of Might", is pretty proud to be one.
-->'''Slay:''' You know, you look like one of the kids I let sit on my lap once. ĎCourse, he was [[LittlestCancerPatient a cancer patient]]. Asked me if I could get rid of his cancer.\\
'''Krillin:''' [[OhCrap Oh God]], this is going exactly where I think this is, isnít it?\\
'''Slay:''' [[JackassGenie So I blew him up! No more cancer!]]\\
'''Krillin:''' God, you are one of the worst mall Santas ever! Right behind those ones that molest kids.\\
'''Slay:''' ({{Beat}}) So Iím [[BlackComedyRape the]] ''[[BlackComedyRape worst]]'' [[BlackComedyRape mall Santa]].\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, ''come on!''
* BadToTheBone: Alluded to but never implemented in Episode 5 when Vegeta tells the Arlian king, "I'm about to rock you...''[[Music/{{Scorpions}} like a hurricane]]''" in reference to the projectile ChunkyUpdraft.
** Used again by Vegeta by in the stinger for episode 27, complete with the music... till Freeza stops it dead in its tracks, prompting the comment he should've known it was just a [[WorfBarrage one-hit wonder.]]
* BeardOfEvil: Parodied in the Christmas special, as Goku realizes that Turles was his EvilCounterpart, he noticed that he didn't have one of these. So he imagined one.
-->'''Goku:''' ''So evil!''
* {{Beat}}: Excessively used to increase the hilarity in any given scene.
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: In Episode 5, Nail feels that his current life on Namek is dull and hopes that something exciting happens soon, not caring what it is. Then came Freeza...
** During the Christmas Special, Krillin wished for the best Christmas tree ever from Shenron, and Shenron delivered...
** When Piccolo gets wished to Namek, he appears somewhere on the planet. [[ExactWords Because they didn't specify WHERE on the planet he should be brought to]].
* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: In Episode 25.
-->'''Gohan:''' I... you... healed me.\\
'''Dende:''' You are the only one I respect.
* BeleagueredAssistant: Nail puts up with a ''lot'' from [[InsistentTerminology Super Kami Guru]].
* BelligerentSexualTension: The moment leading up to Vegeta and Bulma having sex goes from arguing, to insulting, to the two of them simply yelling "Fuck you!" at one another, to Bulma saying "My room, ten minutes."
* BerserkButton:
** Gohan's gets triggered multiple times, especially after Piccolo dies.
** Nappa after getting slashed by Krillin's Destructo Disk. His precious modeling career!
** Krillin snaps after Piccolo calls him a meat-shield. This was when he defeated three of the Saibamen through a LimitBreak, although nobody cares.
** With each subsequent failure, Freeza loses more and more of his composure, so the heroes thwarting his plans again and again could be considered one long, drawn out, BerserkButton.
** Vegeta's BerserkButton gets jammed once he realizes that Gohan stole his Dragon Ball.
** [[ManChild Goku]] has some rather silly ones, mostly related to food and Christmas.
** Burter is rather sensitive about his status as ''"the fastest in the universe"''.
** King Kai and the pronunciation of his SignatureMove, the "Kaioken".
** Tenshinhan is not fond of weeaboos.
** Lord Slug hates being compared to King Piccolo.
** And Cooler hates being compared to his brother.
** Addressing Vegeta's insecurity about Goku being stronger. As Krillin says to Trunks: "You pushed the Goku button. You shouldn't have did that."
* BetterByADifferentName: Done in-universe by Vegeta.
-->"I liked that show (''Manga/{{Bleach}}'') better when it was called ''YuYuHakusho'', and I liked ''that'' show better when it was called Anime/DragonBallZ!"
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Gohan. As if it wasn't obvious enough in the actual series.
* BiggerBad: While Vegeta was the BigBad of Season 1, Team Four Star made it pretty clear that Freeza was lurking around the corner. And during the Ginyu Saga of Season 2, Cooler and King Cold's names were thrown around.
* BigNo: This is practically Vegeta's CatchPhrase.
** One of the outtakes has Vegeta yelling various levels of BigNo in response to Nappa asking "AreWeThereYet" once.
** And Krillin when he hears that they have to face the Saiyans a second time.
** Nappa does this on the bug planet after he [[spoiler:kills a giant bug that he wanted to keep as a pet.]]
** Nappa does a particularly hilarious one when Vegeta kills [[spoiler:Vegeta Jr]].
** Aquaman does this after Nappa's "Best Day Ever".
** Gohan does this after Piccolo was killed the first time by Nappa in episode 9
** And Gohan when Piccolo was killed by Freeza in chapter 29.
** Yamcha does this when he hears that Goku is killed in Namek's explosion in #30.
** And of course, Vegeta's epic, despair-filled BigNo upon learning that he's [[spoiler: being haunted by Ghost Nappa]].
* BigWhat: Piccolo, while channeling StoneColdSteveAustin in ''Lord Slug''. Mostly yelled at Gohan.
** Also Vegeta when Dodoria tells him [[spoiler:she's a woman]].
* BilingualBonus
** The Toilet in Kami's Spaceship. It spoke Japanese (saying "there is a toilet") when Dr. Briefs tried to fix it, but it was set to a "language he didn't know." Later, when Krillin tries to use it twice, the toilet speaks in German.
---> '''Dr. Briefs:''' Damn moonspeak!
*** The toilet speaks three times in German. It says, "I'm filled with pisswater!", "Shit in my face!", and "No!" The last one is briefly heard before being destroyed.
** Apparently, all Namekians are fluent in [[Franchise/StarTrek Klingon.]]
*** And the title card at the end of season one was "PLTLH (finished)".
** Episode 21's opening theme ends with the standard [[PromotionalConsideration sponsor message]] found in Japanese TV shows.
** In Episode 40, when 16 is scanning Krillin, there is a string of binary code at the bottom beside a picture of Goku with "Terminate" written over it. The binary reads "[[spoiler:KILL SON GOKU. FEED BIRDS.]]"
* BizarreAlienBiology: References to it are added to Freeza's soldiers for comedy.
** Also to Namekians, but specifically Piccolo.
---> '''Freeza:''' And now, for your other glubok!\\
'''Piccolo:''' You're not really familiar with our anatomy, are you?
*** A callback in Episode 29, while Freeza is demolishing Piccolo in combat:
----> '''Piccolo:''' "No, no, no-- ''*snap*'' Oh god, my glubok!"
** When fighting Vegeta, Freeza grabs and eats a crab alive. Later, when Goku knocks Freeza into the ground, Freeza cracks his neck [[BrickJoke and that same crab falls out one of the holes on the side of Freeza's head]], implying his throat is directly connected ''to his ears.''
--->'''Jamaican Spirit Crab''': Hey mon!
** Apparently the primitive Saiyans reproduced by kicking each other in the stomach.
* BlackComedyRape:
** Blink and you'll miss it during the "I'll Make a Man Out of You" video:
--->'''Krillin:''' I don't wanna die a virgin!\\
'''Popo:''' Boy, you really need to watch just what you say...\\
'''Krillin:''' OH GOD!
** The end of episode 12 runs in this direction as well. Also with Krillin.
** Episode 19. Bulma and Vegeta... [[AllJustADream Which turns out to be a dream]]. Edges with CrossesTheLineTwice; also with RapeIsLove and ArentYouGoingToRavishMe, considering how Bulma and Vegeta [[HappilyMarried end up later]].
** Twice in the Christmas special.
*** One of the evil minions happily flashes back to the time where he raped [[BestialityIsDepraved Rudolf]].
*** And later with another henchman.
---->'''Krillin''' ''(after hearing the henchman's story of how he killed a cancer patient)'': God, you are one of the '''''worst''''' mall Santas ever -- right behind those ones that molest kids!\\
'''Minion:''' So I'm the ''worst'' mall Santa?\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, come on!
* BlatantLies: Vegeta does this in Episode 21. Goku asks Vegeta what happened to him, and Vegeta says he fell down some stairs. When Krillin attempts to call him out on this, Vegeta threatens to throw him down a flight.
** Goku blames Icarus's death on Vegeta in order to get Gohan to attack him. [[CaptainObvious This is not true.]]
** Guru does this in Episode 22 when he tells Nail he can kick Freeza's ass. As soon as Nail flies away to fight Freeza, Guru calls him a fool and says that if he had bothered to train Nail properly, he might have stood a chance.
** Even Dende pulls one on Krillin.
---> '''Dende:''' The better question is, why did I tell him he was immortal?
* BlofeldPloy: Freeza does this to Minion 43 when he gets fed up with Zarbon's incompetence.
-->'''Freeza:''' Minion 43 could you come to the bridge? I need an example.\\
'''Minion 43:''' An example of what Lord Freeza--''(explodes)''\\
'''Freeza:''' You see that, Zarbon? That's ''you'' if Vegeta is not in front of me in the next 10 minutes. *beat* ''Bye''.
* BloodKnight: The Saiyans sans Gohan, natch. When King Kai tells Goku how monstrously powerful Freeza is, Goku actually {{Squee}}s.
* BloodyHilarious: Happens in the background by the end of Episode 23. When Vegeta [[spoiler:actually squishes Ginyu!Frog, unlike what happened in the official version.]]
* BluntYes: From episode 24:
-->'''Vegeta:''' ''(angry)'' [[CallBack SO WHAT'RE YA DOIN'?]]\\
'''Gohan:''' ''(scared)'' What am I doin'?\\
'''Vegeta:''' WHAT'RE YA DOIN'?\\
'''Gohan:''' Nothing much.\\
'''Vegeta:''' THWARTIN' MAH PLANS?!\\
'''Gohan:''' Thwartin' your plans?!\\
'''Vegeta:''' '''ARE YOU?!'''\\
'''Gohan:''' ...Yes.
* BoltOfDivineRetribution: Freeza challenges God to strike him down if he's really so evil. Cue a lightning bolt striking Freeza. [[SubvertedTrope He doesn't even feel it.]]
--> '''"Ha! [[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu Nice try, jackass!]] [[TemptingFate Next time, give it your A-game!"]]'''
* BondOneLiner: Goku, of all people, makes one when he thinks he killed Freeza:
--> "You could say he suffered a bad case of... freezer burn."
** Krillin sets one up after he and Gohan take out a pair of Freeza's soldiers, but all it does is give him his first [[RunningGag Owned Count point]] of the season.
** Super Saiyan Goku makes several after Freeza's disc cuts himself.
--->'''Goku:''' Wow Freezer! You really were a cut above the rest. But too bad you didn't make the cut. Guess you could call this "a slice of life". All right then, I'll cut you a break. I'm gonna split.
*** Goku also fails miserably at one (hilariously) in ''Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge''
--> '''Goku:''' Time to put you.....on ice!\\
* Throws an energy ball inside Cooler*\\
'''Cooler:''' [[{{Beat}} ...]][[LamePunReaction Really?]] *Sigh* [explodes]
* BrainBleach:
** Bulma's reaction when she walks into the cave in Episode 13, after Krillin ''relieved'' himself.
** Vegeta following the revelation that [[spoiler:Dodoria is a woman]], and especially after [[spoiler:she asks Vegeta to join her as her husband]]. Vegeta blasts [[spoiler:her]] into oblivion to repress THAT knowledge from his mind.
*** Later, when Krillin uses Solar Flare, if there is one frame of [[spoiler:Dodoria in a lace teddy]]. Forget the bleach, you need a melon baller to scoop out that memory.
* BrattyHalfpint: Chaotzu
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs:
** Freeza spends the first part of Episode 27 assessing his situation (with all those dead subordinates and all) while effortlessly dodging Vegeta's attacks. When he gets to what to send the Ginyus' families, he considers gift baskets and wine before kicking Vegeta's ki blast back and deciding on gift baskets ''with'' wine.
** In ''Episode of Bardock'', Bardock, upon unexpectedly waking up in a normal bed, thinks that Hell should have beds made of spikes, spiders, or spiky spiders ("spikers").
** In Episode 31, Maron asks what [[HeterosexualLifePartners Yajirobe's and Korin's]] children would look like: fat men or kitties. Korin responds "fat kitties."
** In Episode 33, when Trunks brought the group to where Goku will land[[note]]and he brought snacks[[/note]]:
--->'''Trunks:''' Now I'm sure you're all wondering why I brought you here.\\
'''Krillin:''' Snacks!\\
'''Yamcha:''' To kill us!\\
'''Vegeta:''' To kill snacks!
* BreadEggsMilkSquick:
** A very straight example and in-universe:
-->'''Freeza:''' Oh good! I'll stop by [Earth] on the way home. Get some [[SpaceX space]] eggs, some space milk, and '''''BLOW IT THE F**K UP!!!'''''
** Another example during Episode 20, when Recoome explains that the only things he sells are his merchandise; we see typical Recoome memorabilia (cap, action figure, etc.), and then the last thing that pops up is a Recoome vibrator.
** From the ''Cooler's Revenge'' abridged movie, Roshi has: a best friend that's a turtle, an island, and chlamydia.
* BreakoutCharacter: Nappa. They brought him back for season 2; [[spoiler: his being dead at this point in the original series (and therefore not having any footage of him on Namek) didn't stop them; they just turned him into a ghost.]]
* BreakTheHaughty: Both Vegeta and Freeza are subject to this as they each realize over the span of a few episodes that they're fighting an utter moron and losing.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: It happens a few times early in the series, but that fades away as the comedy improves. Stops entirely after the first season.
-->'''Vegeta:''' Nine minutes eighteen seconds, nine minutes eighteen seconds.\\
'''Nappa:''' What's that, Vegeta?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Happiest. Moment. Of. My life.[[note]]The moment in the video in which Vegeta kills Nappa.[[/note]]
* BreathlessNonSequitur: Vegeta's rapid-fire conversation with Gohan in Episode 18.
* BreathWeapon:
-->'''Nappa:''' Vegeta, look! [[MemeticMutation Imma firin' mah]]--BLAAH!
* BrickJoke[=/=]CallBack: Almost every joke that isn't a RunningGag. Noteworthy examples would be the ''whaaaaaaaales'', "What smells like deer," and the narrator's bet with King Kai.
** When Gohan asks Krillin if he hears Vegeta's bloodcurdling scream of rage, Krillin replies, "I ''feel'' that." Later, when Gohan asks him if he feels Freeza's energy as he's powering up, Krillin says, "I ''taste'' that."
** [[FunWithAcronyms Freaky Alien Genotype]]. Vegeta says this after killing [[MistakenForGay Zarbon]].
** Goku mentions Fake Namek when he arrives on real Namek.
** Gohan brings up Peach Farming when fighting against Recoome:
---> '''Gohan:''' I'm not going to back down. I may be younger than you, smaller than you, weaker than you, and much less experienced, but I know way more about Peach Farming than y-- I think this was a horrible decision.\\
'''Recoome''': [[CurbStompBattle Recoome agrees]].
** In 2009, Team [=FourStar=] made "Yamcha the Scarfaced Bandit", a parody of "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer". One year later, guess what the minion Yamcha attempts to fight is playing on his scouter?
** In the Bardock: Father Of Goku special, Freeza contemplates calling Cooler, but decides against this, citing his reasons as "No, he's a prick." Cooler is later seen in his ship and deems not to fire on Goku's pod. His reasons? "Because I'm a prick." This joke carries on into a later episode when Freeza is wondering what he'll do first once he becomes immortal. He eventually decides that he'll "slap Cooler right in his smug, prick face!" And on his Space Twitter profile, the message below his boast about blowing up Planet Vegeta says "@Cooler- You're a prick".
** When Krillin and Gohan hide from Freeza and his men in Episode 14, Krillin makes a quacking noise and Dodoria comments on the majestic sound of the space duck. In Episode 21, Goku hears Krillin screaming in pain due to his beating from Recoome... and thinks it's a duck. In Episode, 25 he tries to fool Freeza into thinking he's a space duck. While right in front of him.
*** Then in Episode 40 he tries it on Android 16, and it basically works.
** In Episode 16, Guru wants Nail to gather the dragonballs to wish for a plasma screen TV. In Episode 21, he compares Dende's loss of everyone he ever loved to the origin of Franchise/{{Batman}}. When Dende has no idea who that is, "See! This is why we NEED TV!"
** After two exclamations of "No! My space !" from Raditz, Piccolo exclaims, "We get it, you're from space!" Much later, after Jeice finishes a sentence chock full of Australian slang, Krillin shouts, "We get it, you're from Space Australia!"
** In Episode 11, when Krillin sees Gohan's new hairstyle, he likens Gohan to Moe Howard. Then in Episode 18, Vegeta says the same thing when he meets Gohan mid-flight.
** In Episode 21, Jeice gets repeatedly punched by Goku, while trying to remember what Captain Ginyu told them to do in such a situation. When Ginyu is actually present in Episode 22, he calls him out on it.
** Episode 24 has so many:
*** We found out what happened to the Albino Namekians.
*** George Takei strikes again!
*** Vegeta's "scream" occurs. Piccolo yells out, "Ow! My ear!"
*** This dialogue between Vegeta and Gohan returns from Episode 18, but with different results.
** Bulma's panties.
** In Episode 25, Piccolo mentions something about Nail adding him on MySpace. This goes back to the contents of ''Episode 1''.
** Way back in Episode 7, Gohan asks Piccolo if the fact that he survives mostly on water means he's a plant or a slug, much to Piccolo's annoyance. After he meets Nail in Episode 25, Piccolo finds out that yes, he is in fact a slug man.
** Lord Slug Abridged mentions Freeza Day, the misfit minions, and Goku saving Christmas from the Tree of Might special. When Slug goes giant, he crushes Goku and laughs when Goku squeaks, just like when Vegeta did the same as an Oozaru.
** Gohan's comment that the mountain [[SinkOrSwimMentor Piccolo was throwing him at]] looked more like a plateau gets repeated by Vegeta, when Freeza is throwing him ''into'' one.
** Vegeta's Legendary Super Saiyan Rant;
---> '''Freeza:''' I feel like we've been here before, have we been here before?
** During the credits to the ''Christmas Tree of Might'', it gets mentioned that one of Piccolo's gifts was a bigger part in the next movie. Sure enough, his role in ''Lord Slug'' was key to the good guys winning and probably the most memorable thing about that movie.
** At one point, when Freeza calls Guru a slug, he replies, "Leave my brother out of this!". [[spoiler: We learn that he's the EvilTwin of Lord Slug in the ''Lord Slug'' film.]]
** In episode 27, when Freeza is going to attack.
---> '''Gohan:''' So that means we should-?\\
'''Piccolo:''' DODGE!
** Freeza likes to keep count of all sayings and speeches he gets from opponents. In episode 27, Goku gives him a new one.
---> '''Goku:''' So are you that Freezer guy?\\
'''Freeza:''' ''[beat]'' I am '''Lord''' Freeza, yes.\\
'''Goku:''' Awesome, Imma deck you in the shnoz!\\
'''Freeza:''' ''[beat, followed by dropping Vegeta humorously]''\\
'''Vegeta:''' Ow.\\
'''Freeza:''' I'm sorry, that's a new one.
** Episode 28 brings an end to the "Kaio-ken/Kaio-what?" running gag.
---> '''Freeza:''' [[NoSell No seriously]], ''Kaio what?''\\
'''Goku:''' [[OhCrap Kaio-crap!]]\\
'''Freeza:''' Thought so.
** Episode 29 has Goku send Piccolo to hold off Freeza while he charges his attack, as payback for Piccolo getting him to do the same thing against Radditz in Episode 2.
---> '''Piccolo:''' Di...did you just hold a grudge?
** In Episode 11, Popo says, "See you when you get back! Except... this season... ''you''" to Krillin. In Episode 29, right after Krillin gets killed by Freeza, Popo appears in the stinger, saying, "Called it!"
** During Freeza and Super Saiyan Goku's battle in episode 30 part 2, Freeza gets behind Goku and grabs him around the chest and he squeaks like when Vegeta squeezed him when they fought.
** When Guru confesses his sins as he's dying in episode 30 part 2, he admits that he [[spoiler:shifted the blame on the Albino Namekians after causing a drought]]. This fulfills two {{Brick Joke}}s at once: [[spoiler:The great drought]] we overheard random Namekians talking about in episode 16 and Guru explains, as Freeza had disgustedly asked in episode 22, ''that's'' how he got so fat.
** When escaping the destruction of Namek [[spoiler: Goku gets distracted by an ACTUAL Muffin button.]]
** In episode 20, Ginyu told Freeza that he was contractually obligated by his brother Cooler to perform the "Daddy's Little Princess" dance after completing a successful mission. [[spoiler: In TheStinger for episode 30, part 3, King Cold calls Freeza "my Little Princess".]]
** In episode 18, Vegeta yells at (a hidden) Gohan, saying, "Show yourself before I turn this place into a barren wasteland. So basically the same only on fire." In episode 30 Part 3, while trying to escape a doomed Namek, Goku says, "Everything looked the same before. Now it all looks the same but on fire!"
** In episode 24, Popo claims the plants he is watering are pot. In episode 30, his first line is, "I'M SO F███ING HIGH RIGHT NOW!"
** At the start of Episode 29, Krillin reads the usual legal disclaimer, then gets told by an off-screen "producer" not to "worry about your check, we'll send it to your next of kin". (Krillin's reply: "What?!") In Episode 31, Krillin reveals that he really did have next of kin: himself, thanks to a huge life insurance policy he took out on himself before leaving for Namek (which was first mentioned in episode 15).
** In a fridge heartwarming variant, Krillin explaining Karma to Dende. Dende asks if, by doing a great act of goodness, he can get his family back. Krillin dismisses it, but come the end of the season, his family gets brought back partially because of his own actions.
** Vegeta announces his leaving Earth and his returning to Earth [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch the same way]].
** When Freeza thinks he's finally killed Trunks in Episode 33, the end of his boast ends in "cadaverific."
** When Freeza dismisses the Legend of the Super Saiyan as mere nonsense during his fight with Vegeta, who claims he is one, Vegeta replies with "Bitch, you just jealous of my Super Saiyan Swagger". Episode 36, [[spoiler: where Vegeta reveals he's become a Super Saiyan himself, is called "Super Saiyan Swagger".]]
** Also from Episode 36, Gero yells at #19 to dodge, it's not that complicated. Piccolo just stares at Gohan. It is hysterical.
** Vegeta tosses a dog biscuit at Android 19's disembodied head, the same treatment he gave to Guldo.
** In Dead Zone Abridged, Gohan is reading the uncensored version of Huckleberry Finn that he mentioned reading one episode when Chi Chi got him the censored version.
** In Episode 38, a reference is made to pre-DBZ ''Dragon Ball'' when Vegeta asks Trunks if marriage is "some kind of food". Naturally, he's just f[[SoundEffectBleep *]]cking with Trunks.
*** In episode 32 Krillin mentions that if [[TheChewToy Yamcha wasn't around]] ''he'd'' be the one spazzing out. Come episode 38, Yamcha has been PutOnABus and Krillin is back to being the designated ButtMonkey.
** The episode also ends with Vegeta Screaming a PrecisionFStrike [[CurseCutShort Cut Short]] just like in episode 10.
** In episode 40, after Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, and Tenshinhan are all curbstomped by Androids 17 and 18, Krillin goes to revive them with Senzu Beans, [[CallBack only to wonder where most of them went]].
** Piccolo DID keep his Hellzone Grenade attack.
* BrokenRecord: Vegeta's ability to speak coherently [[SanitySlippage declines rapidly]] during his FreakOut in Episode 18.
** Freeza, thanks to some malfunctioning machine parts, does this in episodes 32 and 33.
* BrotherChuck: Lampshaded in Episode 10 when Bulma and the other characters are reminiscing about the times they were useful to the series.
-->'''Bulma:''' Whatever happened to Launch?\\
''(cut to Launch passed out drunk at the desk of a seedy bar)''
* BuffySpeak: "[[ Well it is a little corpsey.]]"
* BullyingADragon: In the Android Saga, Tien constantly mocks Vegeta, even though Vegeta could easily kill the triclops. When that's pointed out, Tien says that it's become a game; if Vegeta snaps and kills Tien, then Tien wins. And Vegeta knows it.
* BumblingSidekick: Nappa was essentially this to Vegeta.
* ButtMonkey:
** Krillin (by everyone) to the point of having a special counter whenever he is disrespected (usually someone beats him up, but in Episode 2, Krillin got owned when Master Roshi told him to shut up, and in a Season 2 episode, Krillin owned himself after screwing up a witty one-liner).
** If it isn't Krillin, it's normally Yamcha.
*** Lampshaded in the second FAQ special where the question "Why do you guys pick on Krillin so much" in answered with "Because Yamcha isn't around as much".
---> '''Bulma:''' Nobody screws Yamcha but life.
*** After Android 20 put's his fist through his chest:
---> '''Goku:''' Yamcha just got Yamcha'd.
*** When Porunga is summoned for the first time, King Kai wants to know about what Yamcha thinks about who should be revived first. As soon as he starts to speak, Piccolo promptly cuts him off saying that no one cares about his opinions.
*** Also, when Yamcha launches into a panicked rant upon the pending return of [[spoiler: Freeza]], Krillin responds, "You know what? If he wasn't doing it, I would."
** Raditz (by his teammates) with the constant references to how weak he was. Even to the point that any scouter shown on Namek uses Raditzs as a measuring device.
*** Possible subversion, in retrospect. He's always trashtalked, and never when he's around (one GilliganCut aside)...but remember that he spent two episodes [[CurbStompBattle handing Goku and Piccolo their own asses]], [[GroinAttack groin attacked]] King Yemma, and went on a brief rampage through HFIL before vanishing for parts unknown. For a butt monkey, he does pretty well for himself.
** Vegeta seems to be suffering a good deal of psychological trauma as well, especially in Season 2.
** Nail is one toward Guru.
** Guldo to Vegeta, who treats him like a dog, and even to the rest of the Ginyu Force.
** Icarus, who gets eaten whenever he appears in the Abridged movies.
** Piccolo by virtue of being the straight man and putting up with [[IdiotHero Goku's antics]] more than the others.
* ButWeUsedACondom: {{Averted}} in Episode 34. Vegeta doesn't even know what a condom is.
-->'''Bulma''': Gotta admit, even with the broken ribs, you really... Wait...\\
'''Vegeta''': What?\\
'''Bulma''': Where's your condom?\\
'''Vegeta''': The fuck's a condom?!
** Brought up again in Episode 35
--->'''Bulma:''' You said you were wearing protection!\\
'''Vegeta:''' I was wearing my armor!

* TheCaligula: Guru's reign during his prime was apparently "terrifying."
* CallBack: Piccolo mentions that he switched from MySpace to "Spacebook" in Episode 25.
** In Episode 26 he mentions how he just assumed he could connect to the Internet with his antennae when Nail mentions he has apps.
** In Episode 3, Piccolo tells Gohan that he's going to throw him at a mountain in order to draw out his hidden power. [[spoiler:It doesn't work.]] Gohan corrects him, saying that it looks more like a plateau. The scene is repeated in Episode 26 between Freeza and Vegeta.
** Krillin's Destructo Disc hits a mountain after slashing Nappa's cheek, replete with sound effects used previously when Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon hit a different mountain in Episode 2.
** In the ''Lord Slug'' special, the minions think Christmas is the Earth name for Freeza Day, mentioned in the ''(Christmas) Tree of Might'' special.
*** Referenced again in a Christmas Day 2014 Team Four Star tweet to "all [their] exterrestrial friends" [[ here]].
** TheStinger to Episode 27 is a call back to a line from Episode 5. Vegeta even lampshades it:
--->Huh. Should've known that was a one-hit wonder.
** In episode 29, Goku has to [[spoiler:charge his spirit bomb attack to use against Freeza, and needs Piccolo to provide a distraction]]. The conversation between the two is word for word the conversation [[spoiler:between Piccolo and Goku in episode 2 when Piccolo charges his Special Beam Cannon to use on Raditz and gets Goku to distract him, only with the roles reversed.]]
*** Also,[[spoiler: not only is Goku humming the same song Piccolo was while charging the Special Beam Cannon, but Freeza finally hits Piccolo's glubock!]]
*** [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded by Piccolo]], as the way in which Goku says it is so similar that the Namekian wonders if he's angry about dying last time.
----> '''Piccolo:''' Did you just hold a grudge?
** Episode 30: Kidney Shot. Doubles as IronicEcho as in this case, Freeza's on the receiving end. Only after the pause, Goku yells "Stomach Punch."
*** TheStinger? Well in reference to [[spoiler: Krillin]]'s death and episode 11...
----> [[spoiler: Popo]]: Called it.
** Also in Episode 30: Freeza makes good on his promise to Goku that he'd give him two pizzas.
** Another one from Episode 30: Freeza struggles to control the ki disc he tossed at Goku, much like Yamcha with his Spirit Ball in 'The Christmas Tree of Might.'
** While searching for an escape ship, Goku notices that Namek looks "the same, only on fire" while it had looked "all the same" before. This is a call back to not one, but two things Vegeta has said previously. Once he had called out the planet for looking the same everywhere, and another time he had threatened to reduce an area he was floating in to a barren wasteland.
--->"So basically the same, only on fire."
** In the climax of episode 30, Goku finally locates the muffin button that he mentioned to Dr. Briefs.
** In episode 33, Freeza starts malfunctioning while saying "dead" and switches to "cadaveriffic".
** Also in episode 33, Krillin yells "[[Film/TheThreeStooges Whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop!]]" in the background after unintentionally pissing off Vegeta. This goes all the way back to the start of season 2 when he was called "Curly" after calling Gohan looking like a young Moe Howard.
** In Episode 34, Piccolo, Goku, and Gohan are all training together in a three-way spar. Gohan fails to dodge every single attack and ends up falling off a cliff. Goku remarks to Piccolo that he really needs to learn how to dodge, but Piccolo interrupts, saying "Still working on that."
*** Possibly another one to the end of episode 30. When Bulma sardonically asks Vegeta what it's like to be Prince of "all 2 Saiyans" (himself and Goku), Vegeta is quick to correct with "more like 3 and 1/2". The half-Saiyan is certainly referring to Gohan, while the three are Goku, Nappa, and Tarble (Vegeta doesn't count himself in the calculation).
** Episode 36 brings back the dodging joke too, with Gero screaming at #19 to do it. Piccolo just shoots Gohan a look.
** The title of episode 36 is "Super Saiyan Swagger".
** This exchange from episode 40, a call back to the Cooler special.
-->'''Android 16''': Hello, bird. What is your name?\\
'''Bird''': ''*chirping*''\\
'''Android 16''': [[AkiraToriyama Toriyama?]]\\
'''Toriyama''': ''*more chirping*''\\
'''Android 16''': I would love to see your dinosaur.\\
'''Toriyama''': ''*even more chirping*''\\
'''Android 16''': It does '''''WHAT'''''?!
** In Episode 42 just before [[spoiler:Kami and Piccolo fuse, Kami tried the same "go lower" trick Nail pulled on him in Episode 25. Piccolo didn't fall for it this time]].
*** And afterward, [[spoiler:both Nail and Kami try to get Piccolo to repeat his hype-up chant.]]
** When Gohan and Trunks find [[spoiler:Cell's eggshells]] Gohan mentions he fought an alien that looked similar--[[spoiler:said eggshell's look like Dodoria's head.]]
** While discussing the limits of age and his job, Kami notes that when cars came around he did want to try one but his vision was too bad to drive and asks Piccolo about his time driving a car.
* CallForward: When Piccolo and Nail are pitching attack names, one of Piccolo's suggestions is "Hellzone Grenade", an attack he used at a later point in the source material. Nail isn't fond of it, but Piccolo decides to keep it.
* CallingTheOldManOut: Gohan uses Goku and Ginyu's body swap as an opportunity to let out some much needed aggression:
-->'''Gohan:''' Abandon me for a year with Piccolo... Send me off into space... And the next time I get to see you, you lost your damn body!? YOU'RE NOT EVEN YOU ANYMORE!
* CallingYourAttacks: Subverted when Goku takes a bit too long with this to throw the Spirit Bomb and gets blasted by Vegeta.
** [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] in Episode 10:
---> '''Vegeta:''' I'm going to end this with a BIG BANG! ... kind of attack.
*** This example is played straight in Episode 36 however.
** [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] in Episode 2:
--->'''Goku:''' FULL NELSON!\\
'''Raditz:''' ''(incredulously)'' A full nelson? That won't work on me. I'm Raditz!
** And Raditz was ''recast'' due to an argument over attack names ("Double Sunday" or "Keep Your Eye on the Birdie") ''mid-attack''.
** Finally, Piccolo tries to call the name of his five-minute beam attack during the battle with Raditz; after struggling to use the Japanese name, he just goes with the English name, Special Beam Cannon.
*** Piccolo just shouts a lot of random syllables in ''Kai Abridged''.
---->'''Piccolo:''' MA-KAN-KO-SOPPA-LOPPA-KHAN!
*** When Cell uses the attack on Piccolo in Episode 43, saying the Japanese name correctly, Kami says "So that's how it's pronounced."
** Parodied in the original version of Dead Zone Abridged when Garlic Jr.'s minions have names for actions/attack patterns that didn't have any in the original, such as: "Wheel of Bitchslaps" for when they attacked Goku in a circle and "Gentle Statue Push" when Goku gets sent flying into a statue.
** "[[ CLOTHES BEAM!]]"
*** It is easily his most metro attack.
** Recoome likes to call most of his attacks, all of which begin with his name.
*** When he jumps headfirst into King Kai's planet, he shouts, "Recoome, DIIIVE!"
** Played with when Vegeta, after getting his arm broken by Android 18, does this while trying to do a sneak attack. Naturally, it fails.
-->"Why do I yell things?"
* CampStraight: [[spoiler:Zarbon as revealed in Episode 17 when he mentions his girlfriend.]]
** Though in Episode 21, Freeza rants that he's convinced [[spoiler: Zarbon's "girlfriend" is named Chuck]].
* CantCatchUp: True to the original series, with plenty of comic lampshades.
-->'''Gohan:''' With this powerup, I'm now as strong as you were when we fought on earth.\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[SarcasmMode Congratulations,]] you're still weaker than the last three guys I killed.\\
'''Gohan:''' Wow. I now know what it's like to be [[ButtMonkey Krillin]].\\
'''Krillin:''' Sucks, doesn't it.
* ICannotSelfTerminate:
-->'''King Kai:''' This is King Kai. Wish these idiots off my planet before I kill myself.\\
'''Krillin:''' Wait, can gods kill themselves?\\
'''King Kai:''' I'm about to try!
* CanNotTellAJoke: Vegeta
* CanonDiscontinuity:
** Lampshaded in Christmas Tree of Might at the very end. And during the credits sequence.
-->'''Vegeta:''' (''still on Namek'') This is so non-canon it hurts.
** Played straight with the [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness sloppy]] Dead Zone and World's Strongest parodies, which were made before Team Four Star really formed. Dead Zone was even ''redone'' in November 2013.
* CaptainObvious: Nappa on several occasions.
** In prison:
--->'''Nappa:''' Hey, Vegeta.\\
'''Vegeta:''' What is it?\\
'''Nappa:''' We're in prison, Vegeta.\\
'''Vegeta:''' I see that, Nappa.\\
'''Nappa:''' Hey.\\
'''Vegeta:''' What?\\
'''Nappa:''' Don't drop the soap.\\
'''Vegeta:''' I swear to God, Nappa, I will shiv you.
** More Nappa:
--->'''Nappa:''' Vegeta... I can fly!
*** Also, the repeated:
---->'''Gohan:''' (exposition of something terrible that just happened)\\
'''Krillin:''' YES GOHAN! I NOTICED!
* CardCarryingVillain: Vegeta in the first season.
-->'''Vegeta:''' That's it, everyone dies! Say goodbye to your planet, Kakarot!\\
'''Goku:''' That's not very nice.\\
'''Vegeta:''' OF COURSE NOT, I'M F**KING EVIL!
** Still is even when he's [[spoiler: dying]].
-->'''Vegeta:''' Oh no, I'd definitely still be evil. If this situation were reversed, this conversation would never have happened. You'd be dead, and I'd be laughing. Ahahaha... ah, it hurts to laugh...
* CarFu: When 17 wants to steal a car, 16 asks if it will help them kill Goku. 17 says that it might if they hit Goku with it.
* TheCastShowOff: In a particularly awesome way, "Make A Man Out Of You".
* CasualDangerDialog: "Not now Nail!"
** Compared to their creator, Androids 17 and 18 have this reaction after being reactivated, being relatively unconcerned about the fact that Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, and Future Trunks are about to break down the door to the lab and instead decide to {{Troll}} Gero [[spoiler: right up until 17 kills him.]]
* CatchPhrase: "Goddammit, Nappa!"
** "God''dammit''!"
** "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! MINE!"
** "Freakin' weeaboo.": Tenshinhan's for those who love GratuitousJapanese or [[{{Engrish}} Gratuitous Engrish]].
** "Doooodge!!" Poor Piccolo...
** One shared by the Namekians: "I don't know who/what this (noun) is, but he/it sounds (adjective)."
*** Example: "I do not know what this 'Yamcha' is, but it sounds disappointing."
*** "Wait...what?", also used by Piccolo and Krillin when someone (usually Goku or Krillin) does something stupid
** "Pecking order."
** "NAIL!!!" and for a moment, "BIG GREEN!!!" by Lord Guru.
*** [[BeleagueredAssistant "Ughh... Yes sir?"]] and [[BadBoss "What is it Lord Guru?"]]
** Nappa has "Hey, Vegeta...".
** King Kai has "Shut up, Bubbles/Gregory/Bojack!", usually in groups and usually ending with Bojack.
** [[IdiotHero Goku]] has "Bored now!" for a catchphrase. [[ButtMonkey Krillin]] also has "Damn it!"
** Gohan has [[OhCrap "Crap baskets!"]]
** Freeza's "Adorable."
** "Ginyu Force: AWAY!"
** Piccolo tends to exclaim "Bitchin" when offered something good
* CeilingBanger: King Kai is shown to do this to Bojack on occasion by stomping on the ground.
* CelebrityEndorsement: Spoofed by Nappa's Butterfinger ad.
* CelebrityImpersonator: Or rather voice actor impersonator.
** Lanipator's voicework is a deadringer for [[Creator/ChristopherSabat Chris Sabat's]] Piccolo, Vegeta, Shenron, and his early work for Popo; Linda Young's Freeza (albeit briefly); and Justin Cook's Raditz ([[RuleOfFunny until the recast]]). He also replaced Creator/MasakoX as the voice of Master Roshi in season 3, sounding much closer to Creator/MikeMcFarland's version of him.
** Kaiser Neko for [[Creator/SeanSchemmel Sean Schemmel's]] King Kai, Creator/EricVale's Future Trunks, and a remarkably good Yajirobe.
** Ganxingba for John Burgmeier's Tenshinhan.
** Vegeta3986 for Sabat's Yamcha and (in the first FAQ special) Creator/BrianDrummond's Vegeta.
*** Faulerro, who replaced Vegeta3986 as Yamcha halfway through season two, also sounds similar to them.
** Despite being cast before ''Anime/DragonBallKai'' was even announced, LittleKuriboh's Freeza sounds uncannily similar to Creator/ChrisAyres' more sophisticated take on him.
** General Ivan's Cooler for Tom Hardy's Bane, especially after he transforms.
** Similar to LittleKuriboh with Freeza, Megami33 as Bulma sounds like Monica Rial as Bulma before the latter ever cuts a line for ''Dragon Ball Kai''.
** It seems Shudo Ranmaru's Android 18 heavily resembles ColleenClinkenbeard's role as 18 in Kai, but this was probably deliberate since the Cell saga of Kai was finished for a while once TFS got this far.
* CerebusSyndrome: Yes, you read that right. The Namek arc is slightly more serious than the Saiyan arc, due to Freeza still being evil and nasty. Sometimes it's PlayedForLaughs, but mostly it's genuine drama.
** The Cell saga may well follow suit. As soon as Kami first brings up the topic of Cell in episode 40, things turn surprisingly serious, the only remaining jokes in the episode being for the sake of [[LampshadeHanging lampshading]] the change in tone. Episode 42 (the unofficial ending of the android saga) is also very dark (lampshaded by Krillin who says that some major shit is going down) [[spoiler: and is the the only episode that doesn't have a stinger, ending instead with a shot of Cell singing a creepy version of [[MisterSandmanSequence Mr Sandman and grinning menacingly]]]].
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: The original Abridged version of the Dead Zone movie (even before the rest of the series) had surprisingly different characterizations for some of the characters, such as Gohan being of average intelligence for his age (or possibly lower,) and Goku being rather callous about his son's well-being.
* CharacterExaggeration: Lots of it:
** Nappa becomes [[PsychopathicManchild FAR too insanely stupid to live]], Piccolo becomes a lonely and [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic]] JerkAss (and frequently the straight man to Goku's idiocy), Krillin's ButtMonkey status has increased to crazy levels (right down to having a counter for the many times he's been "owned"), and Vegeta becomes pretty much the sanest character (when he's calm), and he's the bad guy (for now).
** Goku's abandoning his family to train is taken to new levels (along with his idiocy and appetite), Tien is TheLoner and straight man while his relationship as HeteroSexualLifePartners with Chaotzu is constantly exaggerated by the others, Yamcha is CannonFodder, Chi-Chi is an overprotective MamaBear and Gohan is a child genius with [[ParentalAbandonment issues about Goku's attitude]]
* ChewBubblegum: Piccolo screwed this one up several times throughout the original version of ''Dead Zone''.
* TheChewToy: Krillin, with his status as ButtMonkey. Also Yamcha and Guldo.
* ChirpingCrickets: Both times when Gohan was kidnapped ("Quick, somebody stop him!") and after Yamcha adds that he and Tenshinhan should rescue Krillin during their training in the time city.
* ChristmasSpecial: ''Christmas Tree of Might''.
* CloudCuckoolander: Nappa.
-->''[Gohan disappears from Nappa's sight as he tries to stomp him]''\\
'''Nappa:''' Huh! Where'd he go? Did he disappear? Or [[AllJustADream was he never there to begin with]]?\\
''[Dramatic music plays]''
** And Guru.
--->'''Guru:''' I shall henceforth be known as Super Kami. No wait... Super Kami Guru.
** King Yemma is sometimes no better, with his obsession with his desk, and more specifically the material it's made out of: mahogany. But not just ANY Mahogany. Mahogany from the planet of Melchior SEVEN, where the trees are 300 feet tall and breathe FIRE!
* ClusterBleepBomb: In one episode, Vegeta goes into a long rant, most of which can't be heard over the beeps of Jeice's scouter. During TheStinger of that episode, the rant is heard without the beeps, but it turns out to be a MinorInsultMeltdown or string of {{Unusual Euphemism}}s instead. [[note]]If you listen closely, the dialogue sounds slightly different than when he first said it, but it still gives the implication that's what he said in-universe.[[/note]]
-->'''Vegeta:''' Son of a g[[spoiler:um-chewing]] f[[spoiler:unk monster]]! Why the f[[spoiler:ruit]] does all this f[[spoiler:unny]] s[[spoiler:tuff]] happen to me?! F[[spoiler:orget]] my life! Always surrounded by miserable f[[spoiler:ail]]ing clods! Like this whole world just likes to bend me over and [[TheBigLebowski f]][[spoiler:[[TheBigLebowski ind]]]] [[TheBigLebowski me in the A]][[spoiler:[[TheBigLebowski lps]]]]! Like I'm some sort of s[[spoiler:chlock receptacle]]! Well as far as I care, these miserable c[[spoiler:ow]]s can have a f[[spoiler:ancy barbeque]], with a Goddamn pig!
* CombatCommentator: Jeice and Burter during [[ColonCancer Episode 20: Namekimania: Vegeta vs. Recoome]].
* CombinedEnergyAttack: The Spirit Bomb. And charging too long ends up draining so much energy it kills a deer.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: This exchange between Ginyu and Vegeta.
-->'''Vegeta:''' You know, I'm surprised you're here, Ginyu; I thought you'd be busy polishing Freeza's boots.\\
'''Ginyu:''' First off, Lord Freeza doesn't wear boots. Second, if he did, I'd've already polished them.
** And then there was this exchange between Goku and Freeza
--->'''Freeza:''' Unfortunately, Vegeta and I were having ourselves a disagreement. He wanted himself to live, and well... I didn't.\\
'''Goku:''' Why do you want to die?\\
'''Freeza:''' Wha-? No! I-I-I meant-I meant I want ''him'' to di-\\
'''Goku:''' Is it 'cause you look weird?
** A very large portion of episode 28 involves this happening between Goku and Freeza.
--->'''Freeza:''' I'll fight you without using ''either'' of my hands.\\
'''Goku:''' Alright, then I'll fight without using my shirt.\\
'''Freeza:''' I think you're missing the point...\\
'''Goku:''' You punched me ''in the face!''\\
'''Freeza:''' You bit my tail!!!\\
'''Goku:''' Yeah, well I still haven't used my shirt, does that mean I win?
** And then in episode 38 (while trying to break into Gero's lab and take on the Androids):
--->'''Trunks:''' No! We can't do this without Goku!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Why? It's a goddamn door!
* TheComicallySerious: Tenshinhan is the only serious character in this show. That is the joke.
** Piccolo to an extent when he's not being TheLoner (usually the result of Goku's stupidity)
* ContentWarnings: The outtakes, parodied. "If you're under the age of 18 and [[spoiler: have not heard the word "fuck" before... well, ya have now."]]
--> '''Krillin:''' Warning! The following contains strong language not suitable for minors. If you're under the age of 18, then you[[spoiler:-'''*CRASH*''' '''OH MY GOD WHAT THE ''FUCK'' WAS THAT?!''']]
* CouchGag: In most of Season 2 (episodes 17, 19-30), the "please support the official release" message was done by a character who died in that episode (or in the case of Jeice and Recoome, in the following one). Also happens later on in episodes 36 and 38. In episodes 25 and 42, it was done by a character who ceased to exist as an individual being in the episode.
** In Episode 28 this is taken another step: a character who was [[AlmostDeadGuy horribly wounded at the end of 27]] (yes, he did the message for that episode) does it for this one too... slowly... and in great pain.
** Lampshaded in episode 29, where [[spoiler:Krillin]] does it and then is told that his paycheck will sent to his next of kin.
** [[spoiler:Yamcha]] reads the disclaimer for Episode 34 and 35, [[LampshadeHanging lampshading that he did the previous episode's disclaimer as well]] and continues. [[spoiler: He doesn't die, but does get horribly wounded by Gero]].
* CountryMatters: Vegeta calls Android 18 a "smug c*nt" in episode 39. Everyone else present is [[DudeNotFunny visibly stunned]], including [[EvenEvilHasStandards Android 17]], and 18 breaks his arm about a minute later.
* CoversAlwaysLie: The new intro sequence for episode 31, [[spoiler:and the pre-intro scene all show that we'll get into the Garlic Jr saga. The entire episode is about Krillin and his new girlfriend, at the end of which Garlic Jr attacks the lookout and gets [[CurbStompBattle sent back to the Dead Zone by Mr Popo immediately.]]]] Almost certainly deliberate.
* CrazyPrepared: Apparently Vegeta carries dog treats with him at all times for whenever he might run into Guldo.
** What's even weirder is that he still carries dog treats despite Guldo is already dead. He then uses one on Android 19's decapitated head.
* CreepyChild[=/=]CreepyMonotone: Dende, though Krillin doesn't think so.
-->'''Dende:''' Mr. Gohan, those things on that person's chest, what are they?\\
'''Gohan:''' Oh, on Bulma? Those are breasts.\\
'''Dende:''' They look lovely. I wish to nestle between them.\\
'''Krillin:''' [{{beat}}] You are just a''dorable''!
** He briefly drops the monotone post-Guru powerup.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Goku is, by all means, a complete and total idiot through and through, but he's also incredibly badass when the time calls for it. He's a strange variation of his trope in which his idiocy does not take a backseat to his badassery, adding an extra layer of insult to his opponents' injuries.
* CrossOver: The Superfriends in Episode 5. Aquaman's whales [[spoiler: killed by Nappa in Episode 8]].
* {{Crunchtastic}}:
-->'''Reporter 2:''' Mr. Kent, if you had to come up with a word for how dead he is, what would it be?\\
'''Mr. Kent:''' Cadaveriffic!
* {{Cuckold}}: Yamcha (the typical ButtMonkey of the group) is dumped by Bulma and becomes distressed when Vegeta (the man indirectly responsible for his murder, and who bullies and flexes his muscle against Yamcha constantly) starts a sexual relationship with her, where she becomes pregnant by him. In a BadFuture timeline, he is DrivenToSuicide when he finds out.
* CurbStompBattle: [[YouShouldKnowThisAlready Goku vs Nappa in Episode 9. Also, Zarbon vs Vegeta in Episode 16. And Vegeta's rematch.]] [[RunningGag Also Goku vs Recoome and Goku vs Jeice & Burter.]]
** One that isn't plot-relevant is Nappa vs. the Arlian king's thirteen elite guards. He kills them all in a second... [[BizarreAlienReproduction just to see how Arlians breed]].
** Piccolo vs. Dorodabo in ''Lord Slug Abridged'', followed by Goku vs. Angira and Medamatcha.
--->'''Dorodabo:''' '''''[weakly]''''' ''Please'' don't break mah arm...\\
'''Piccolo:''' '''''[deadpan]''''' No.\\
** King Kai vs most of the Ginyu's. [[spoiler: One moment they're mocking him the next they fall down into Hell.]]
** Mr Popo vs Garlic Jr. It was a CurbStompBattle in the original series too, just the other way around.
** Episode 33. Future Trunks versus Mecha-Freeza and King Cold. They don't stand a chance.
** Episode 36, Super Vegeta versus Android 19. Yes, machines do feel fear.
** Episode 39 features Super Saiyan Vegeta against Android 18. At first 18 is merely playing with him and Vegeta is able to get a good few punches in. Then he [[CountryMatters calls her a smug c*nt]] [[BerserkButton and she stops]] [[TranquilFury playing around]].
* CurseCutShort: [[RunningGag Continually]] subverted with Vegeta.
--> '''Vegeta:''' [[RapidFireNo Nononono]] FUUUUUUUU--" ''[[MeanWhileBackAtThe (scene change) (scene changes back)]]'' "--UUUUUUUUCK!

--> '''Vegeta:''' ''FU'' [BEEEEEP] uck.

--> '''Vegeta:''' Oh you mothe[=rF=]U-- ''(scene change)'' (heard from a distance) --CKEEEEEERS!\\
'''Piccolo:''' Ow! My ears!
** Jeice's curse gets cut short in Episode 23:
---> '''Krillin:''' Why's that Space New Zealand guy here?\\
'''Jeice:''' Aw, what the fu--
** Combining this with LastSecondWordSwap: during episode 30, when it looks like Namek has been destroyed and King Kai's plan has failed, King Kai is on an angry rant when Kami telepathically contacts him:
---> '''King Kai:''' And then there's this c-- ami?
** Roshi gets one in Episode 2 after it's explained to him that two Saiyans much stronger than Raditz were on their way to Earth in a year. (And this is right ''after'' Goku dies and Piccolo kidnaps Gohan and takes off.)
---> '''Roshi:''' Well... ...fu- (cut to title sequence)
** Gohan gets a case of this in the new Dead Zone Abridged, both times he was actually about to say the word 'nigger' while reading HuckleberryFinn, innocently unaware of the meaning of it, but each time was cut short before he could finish it.
** Vegeta gets yet another when [[spoiler:Android 18 breaks his arm]] and the episode ends.
* CutawayGag, LastSecondWordSwap, and SmashCut: Bulma, Goku, and Vegeta get in on this in Episode 17.
-->'''Bulma''' ''(after seeing Zarbon)'': Oh my God, he's so hot! I just wanna grab him and--\\
'''Goku''' ''(doing upside down crunches)'': ...sixty-nine, seventy, seventy--\\
'''Vegeta''' ''(confronting Zarbon)'': One time, you've defeated me Zarbon, and that's one time too many.
* CutHimselfShaving: Goku asks Vegeta if he got beaten up by the Ginyu Force. Vegeta responds thusly:
-->'''Goku:''' Vegeta, what happened to you? Did you get beat up by this guy [[note]]Recoome[[/note]]?\\
'''Vegeta:''' Ahh... No? I... um...\\
'''[[spoiler:Ghost Nappa]]:''' You fell down some stairs.\\
'''Vegeta:''' I fell down some stairs.\\
'''Krillin:''' No, you didn't, you--\\
'''Vegeta:''' Shut up, or I'll throw you down a flight.
* CyanidePill: In Episode 12 [[spoiler:the ship of children whose planet was devastated by Freeza encounter Krillin and Gohan. When they think they are Freeza's men and are impervious to their guns, the entire ship takes these pills]].