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Curb Stomp Battle: Professional Wrestling
  • A bread-and-butter trope for years in professional wrestling, wherein an established wrestler is pitted against a jobber, and the resulting match is little more than the winning wrestler showing off all the moves in his offensive arsenal. While all pushed wrestlers from babyfaces to run-of-the-mill heels will be showcased in these matches at some point, this trope is most commonly used in association with the Monster, whom the promoter is trying to push as an unstoppable, feared juggernaut who will hurt, if not kill, at will and without remorse. However, given the nature of wrestling, it is possible for a wrestler to not injure his opponent in any way but still win, as it only takes ten seconds to win by count out, three seconds to win by pin fall and less than a second to win by disqualification.
  • Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe delivered a two on one beating in which they competed to see who could beat Christopher Daniels worse at Hardcore Justice 2012. The winner? AJ Styles, this being a climb up a ladder and retrieve a contract match, not a beat Daniels match.
  • Defied on SHIMMER Volume 69 when Cheerleader Melissa's match with Athena was called off after Melissa knocked out Athena with a curb stomp and then twisted her unconscious for in a Kondo Clutch rather than go for a pin or let the ref count her out.
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