[[AC: ANewLifeEra]]
* It has happened in The Hacker's childhood. [[spoiler:He won the battle, and the bully didn't stand a chance.]] Story that highlights the battle (The Hacker's point of view): http://sonamyfan362.deviantart.com/art/Moe-s-Power-Part-1-375801871, although it is merely a first person view video the characters are watching of the event. Now, years later, [[spoiler:against all odds, history repeats itself, only towards The Hacker's son. Not only once, but, twice.]] Stories: (First battle, though it is brief): http://sonamyfan362.deviantart.com/art/Moe-s-Power-Part-3-384943150, Second battle, which ends [[spoiler:in an epic fashion]]): http://sonamyfan362.deviantart.com/art/Moe-s-Power-Part-4-385895692.

[[AC: Crossover]]
* In ''Fanfic/NoGodsOnlyGuns'', this happens frequently, which only makes sense, as [[Franchise/MassEffect both]] [[Videogame/{{Borderlands}} source]] [[Videogame/{{Borderlands 2}} materials]] are more or less about [[OneManArmy one-man armies]] kicking the crap out of legions of mooks and giant monsters. Particular examples include Salvador stopping the entire invasion of Mindoir by himself, Zer0 destroying Fist's bandit army singlehandedly, Roland taking out an entire force of Eclipse/Maliwan assassins, and Lilith against... well, Lilith versus anyone.
* The Buffyverse-meets-Xmen premise of ''FanFic/HeroesAndVillains'' puts our heroine in a version of Sunnydale High where ''everyone'' has superpowers. Even so, Buffy's blend of strength, speed, agility, and enhanced fighting ability allows her to achieve several very one-sided victories over her fellow students.
* One of the biggest faults of crossing over two series with combatant protagonists is if the author turns every fight into a curb-stomp battle for the fandom they like better, even when it makes no sense, for example, for [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Edward Elric]] to be taking down 50+ [[Franchise/HarryPotter Death Eaters]] at once.
* In chapter 32 of ''Fanfic/TheWizardInTheShadows'', Ginny flips out spectacularly at the Battle of the Black Gate. Channeling the power of what is hinted to be at least one of the Valar (and it being sustained by Gandalf and someone else), she obliterates the physical form of three Nazgűl and at least half of Mordor's army with three flaming tornadoes. Admittedly, [[spoiler:Harry had just been killed]], so she had a fair amount of UnstoppableRage going.
* In FanFic/TheOdyssey, due to an insane spree of luck during his battle with the former Immaculate Monk Beman, Ulyssian manages to leave not only victorious, but uninjured. Beman, on the other hand, left with a gash running across his chest and missing an arm.
** Played straight once again later in the story, but with Ulyssian on the receiving end. After going to great lengths to sabotage and weaken his opponent Jael, he still loses quite handily to him, to the point that he would have died in the first few seconds had Jael not shown restraint.
* In Fanfic/WhiteDevilOfTheMoon, [[LyricalNanoha Nanoha]] is able to kill [[Anime/SailorMoon Jadeite]] with a single Divine Buster attack. When Tuxedo Kamen and the Inner Senshi attack Fate and Arf on two occasions to prevent her from keeping them away from Nanoha, she is able to defeat them easily, although she suspects that things would have gone differently if they had been at their full potential.
** An omake had [[spoiler:Vivio defeat the Nanohaesque version of Chibiusa in ten seconds]].
** Beryl vs. Miyuki. [[spoiler:Despite what you might think, given that Beryl's a powerful being and Miyuki is a human, Miyuki does the curb stomping. She ''is'' a Takamachi, after all. Beryl wins by sheer luck.]]
** Beryl vs. Hayate. [[spoiler:Hayate learns the hard way why you don't bring a cannon to a gun fight.]]
** [[spoiler:Lunar Heart powered Nanoha]] vs. Metallia. [[spoiler:Nanoha wins by firing a Moonlight Breaker at Metallia from inside]].
* ''Fanfic/AHero'' has [[Series/DoctorWho Dalek Sec]] going up against [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica a witch]]. It ends with the witch being vaporized via [[StuffBlowingUp Maximum]] [[OneHitKill Extermination]].
** Earlier, we have Dalek Sec being [[spoiler:utterly destroyed by [[PhysicalGod Kriemhild]] [[PlanetEater Gretchen]]. Thankfully, Sec gets better.]]
** There's also his battle with Kyoko. The one on the receiving end was [[spoiler:the Puella Magi, and he would've killed her were it not for [[BadassPacifist Madoka]]]].
* ''Fanfic/MyLittleAvengers'': The first fight between the Avengers and the [[ThePsychoRangers Dark Avengers]] ended completely in the latter group's favor. This is because [[BigBad Loki]] specifically chose them not just because their powers match and exceed those of the Avengers, but knew the Avengers well enough to hit their {{Berserk Button}}s to throw them off balance. The Avengers OpponentSwitch during the FinalBattle in order to counter this and end up returning the favor.
* In ''[[FanFic/DungeonKeeperAmi Dungeon Keeper Ami]]'' by Pusakuronu, Mercury invades the Avatar Islands -- a blasted wasteland of dead rock and populated by thousands, if not ''millions'' of undead and ghosts. Her initial attack is mildly successful. But Zarekos' counter attack has her on the ropes. At that same time, Mercury discovers that Arachne, a rival Keeper with a grudge, has deployed a force of several thousand giant spiders, and Keeper Morrigan landed troops on Ami's beachhead, denying her access. What does she do? She pits the mindless undead against the spider army, allowing both to kill the other off. She then follows this up with a brutal Blitzkreig that utterly smashes Morrigan in the fiercest, most one-sided fight in the series.
** What makes this such a CrowningMomentOfAwesome is that three Keepers (Arachne, Alphel, and Nero) all stage a simultaneous attack on her dungeon almost directly after this, after weakening her forces and forcing them to fight on a battelfield of their choice. It's close, but she still prevails.
* From ''FanFic/ThousandShinji'', we have 35 Special Forces agents under SEELE versus [[spoiler:four Rubric Marines.]] No contest. Justified as [[spoiler:[=WH40k=] tech is just ''that'' much more advanced than modern tech.]] Quite a number of the fights fall this way too in ''FanFic/TheOpenDoor'', largely thanks to New!Chaos's BiggerStick.
** Seeing how [[spoiler:Space Marines are {{One Man Arm|y}}ies with the Rubric Marines even more powerful since they're AnimatedArmor with force fields and fire bullets made out of hell which can tear normal PowerArmour like tissue paper, it would take 600 Special Forces at least and even that with ''very'' heavy losses]], so was this really a surprise?
* Pretty much every battle in FanFic/EvaPossibilitiesAndFusionPandemonium is one of these. [[spoiler:Bardiel, who absorbed Saiyan DNA through brief physical contact with Goten, is the first of the Angels to be the ''giver'' of a curb-stomping, effortlessly beating down even Gotenks and [=SSJ3=] Goku... and then Goku & Vegeta [[FusionDance fuse]], and Gogeta effortlessly whomps Bardiel]].
* In Buffy's Friday the 13th, Jason hands one to Angel, stabbing through his shoulder and arm, and ending with him impaling Angel on the wall with his machete.
* Fanfic/ChristianHumberReloaded has this when the [[GodModeSue main character]] fights virtually anyone, to the point at which the exceptions (such as him losing for most of the fight with [[OriginalCharacter Chridion]]) are less common than the straight examples, although some of this is due to a lack of description apart from the killing blows. In what appears to be the final battle, he manages to defeat [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Chaos Blade]] in three moves, then destroys the hordes of Chaos and much of the US army before killing the [[PresidentEvil corrupted President]] without any indications of being injured or having any difficulty.
* In the {{Twilight}}-Series/{{Heroes}} crossover [[GoldenEyedPixieSeries Golden-Eyed Pixie]], Elle inflicts one on [[GenderFlip Jamie]]. It turns out that a vampire is not a match for electrical attacks. And then's there the fact that she gets doused in oil and blown up.
* ''FanFic/AShadowOfTheTitans'': The Jade vs Kitty (Jade wins) and Raven vs Georgia (Raven wins) fights in the Tournament of Villainesses.
** [[AxCrazy Gadjo]] versus anyone unlucky enough to piss him off always ends with a victory for him.
* The [[BabylonFive Minbari]] were curbstomped from the get-go from [[Franchise/StarTrek The Federation and Klingon Empire]] when they chose to fire on a Human Alliance ship in ''Fanfic/AThinVeneer''.
* ''FanFic/JusticeLeagueOfEquestria'':
** ''Mare of Steel'':
*** Rainbow Dash's fight against Flim and Flam's HumongousMecha early on in the first arc; the robot doesn't even ruffle her mane.
*** Rainbow is on the receiving end of one delivered by [[DiscOneFinalBoss General Zod]] later on, before she is crippled by a Kryptonite necklace and tossed into a ravine.
** ''The Princess of Themyscira'':
*** Diana's first fight with the Alicorn Amulet-empowered [[BigBad Ares]] -- she gets some hits in, but is ultimately beaten unconscious and has to be carried to safety by Soarin'.
*** After donning the Helm of Nabu, Twilight dishes one of these out to Ares' demonic army during the FinalBattle.
* In ''FanFic/{{Horseshoes and Hand Grenades}}'', Norio Eguchi, granted the power of Kamen Rider Den-O: Wing Form, tries to go up against a resurrected Gentaro Kisaragi. Unfortunately for Norio, he gets knocked down easily and nearly had his head cleaved off by a chainsaw had it not been for Sieg getting him out in time. Later on, Shun, given the power of Kamen Rider Den-O: Rod Form, goes off against Ryusei Sakuta and is also defeated...[[spoiler:and then killed off.]]
* Sick of Malfoy's bullying, [[FanFic/HarryTano Harry Potter-Tano]] challenges Draco Malfoy and three Slytherins of Malfoy's choice to a duel. To make things fair (and possibly to piss Malfoy off), Harry prohibits himself from using magic. He defeats the Slytherins simply by reflecting their spells back at them using his Lightsaber, then finishing them off with Lightsaber strikes.
* During one fight in ''Fanfic/FateStayNightUltimateMaster'', [[Ben10UltimateAlien Ben as Ultimate Humungosaur]] takes down [[FateStayNight Archer]] in one throw after the latter pushes Ben's BerserkButton about harming civilians, after the two were more or less equal before. Then, to save Shirou from being killed by Berserker, Ben turns into [[AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever Way Big]] and ends the battle in one punch.
** Also, when Saber and Ben's Servant Avenger try to use their Noble Phantasms against each other, Gilgamesh shows up and interrupts the fight by unleashing Ea on both of them. He makes them bite the dust without even having to reveal himself.
* Hilariously standardized in ''FanFic/TheInfiniteLoops.'' Not only is every character stuck in a [[GroundhogDayLoop time loop]] which grants them advance knowledge of their enemy's moves, they're also growing in power and have more and more things stored in their {{Hammerspace}} between loops. Defeating the bad guys becomes more of a game than a challenge.
* A fight between [[Comicbook/{{NormanOsborn}} Iron Patriot]] and The Comicbook/DarkAvengers and Comicbook/TheAvengers in FanFic/BecauseImNotPopularIllTryToGoOutWithAHero ends with Iron Patriot winning with ease.
* Happens whenever someone from Shinji and [[Franchise/MassEffect Aria's]] crew fight someone from [[Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion WILLE]] in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10050327/1/Alpha-and-Omega-Book-2-The-Fallen Alpha and Omega Book 2: The Fallen]]''. Fully justified given that their gear is all top of the line and centuries more advanced.
* In ''Fanfic/OpeningDangerousGates'', the demons from the Book of Zeref tend to deliver these to the ''Manga/FairyTail'' characters, but the ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' characters tend to deliver these to the demons.
* In ''[[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-21621/CrazyDan+The+Child+of+Rao+Book+II.htm Child of Rao Book II]]'', [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Cordelia]] aka Heat Sink fights [[Creator/DCComics Heat Wave]] at one point. Given that the former [[ElementalAbsorption absorbs heat]] and the latter [[PlayingWithFire uses flamethrowers]], the fight is so one-sided that even without Cordelia attacking, Heat Wave is sitting on the curb crying by the time the police show up.
* ''FanFic/MonstersInParadise'': Yukari Yakumo, deprived of her boundary manipulation, versus a gang of delinquents and their Pokémon. She wasn't even aware that she was being attacked for trespassing in their territory, or at ''all''. Not that it mattered, really; none of the Pokémon left the area on their own power.
** Croagunk plus Cirno equals Half-Conscious Poisoned Ice Fairy.

[[AC: Digimon]]
* In the ''FanFic/TamersForeverSeries'', [[spoiler:the sovereigns end up on the receiving end of a swift beatdown at the hands of [=ChaosGallantmon=].]]
** [[spoiler:And during the final chapter of ''Silent Sorrow'', Daemon gets the everloving crap beaten out of him by Gallantmon Crimson Mode.]]

[[AC: Dragon Age]]
* In Fanfic/DragonAgeTheCrownOfThorns, [[spoiler:the Sloth Demon's strongest form, like a werewolf, gets its rear handed to it, thoroughly, by dwarven commonner warden Faren Brosca, in single combat, even though it had been thrashing everyone else up to that point, including the protagonist. This is because the DC had made contact with it directly the moment it morphed and gained an understanding of how his Fade realm worked, then instinctively began to ignore all imposed limitations much like Sloth was doing. FlashStep battle ensues.]]
** In the same tale, [[spoiler:Uldred is killed instantly because the main cast doesn't wait for him to transform into the Pride Demon form.]]

[[AC: Final Fantasy Tactics A2]]
* In FanFic/TheTaintedGrimoire, this has happened and probably will happen again.
** Early in the story, there were several people who went up against Cid and Ensei, that were defeated in just one hit.
** At the climax of the St. Galleria arc, after Ensei was able to give [[spoiler:Judgemaster Cid]] proof of [[spoiler:Vaticus' crimes]], [[spoiler:Judgemaster Cid]] sent his [[spoiler:personal guard]] to assist The Heretics in battle against the [[spoiler:Archbishop Guard]]. The back-up easily defeated those that went up against them. Many who saw them were in awe.
** When [[spoiler:Veis and Villi]] were introduced, [[spoiler:Veis]] defeated the leader of a group of would-be thieves easily.

[[AC: Firefly]]
* The ''{{Firefly}}'' fic ''FanFic/{{Forward}}'' has this happening at the end of the "Mosaic" story arc, when [[spoiler:River, Jayne, and Mal take on and obliterate Ott's crew]]. Complete with ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' references.
** Later on in "Second Interlude," [[spoiler:Echo beats Jubal Early unconscious in the span of a single second.]]
** In "Hunt," there's a cringe-worthy one where Kaylee fights a Hand of Blue. [[spoiler:Kaylee is in a power loader.]] Needless to say, it ends fast and messy. [[spoiler:For the Hand, that is.]]

[[AC: Girls und Panzer]]
* In ''Fanfic/BoysDoTankary'', this is [[DefiedTrope defied]] when the protagonists go up against St. Gloriana (which, in canon, ended with Miho just barely losing, after taking out all but one of her opponent's tanks). The male main characters could have won almost effortlessly, but hold back to see what Miho and the others can do, and ensure that they don't rely on the boys too much. Miho sees through the boys' claim of having mechanical problems and [[WhatTheHellHero is less than happy with them]].

[[AC: Homestuck]]
* ''{{Fanfic/Hivefled}}'': Gamzee spent two months imprisoned, tortured, starved, raped repeatedly, drugged into incoherency, and bled almost to the point of death, and still managed to deliver a curbstomping to both Equius and Eridan at the same time. Later on, Lereal attempts to lead the 250 {{Child Soldier}}s of the sufferist cult into battle with the empire, with predictably disastorous results.

[[AC: Jackie Chan Adventures]]
* ''FanFic/QueenOfAllOni'': The fight against the sages in their shrine is entirely in their favor; Brothers Dark and Gray hold the advantage against the Shadow Hand and the J-Team the whole time, while Brother Light doesn't even seem to exert himself while continually tossing Jade and Hak Foo out of the inner shrine.
** When Ikazuki temporarily usurped control of the Shadow Hand from Jade, it was greatly aided by his samurai wiping the floor with her ninja.
** The [[AnthropomorphicPersonification Hero vs Mother]] fight lasts all of thirty seconds and ends in Hero's favor (which is quite impressive, given that Hero's hands were manacled at the time).
** Uncle and Jade's first WizardDuel outside the Section 13 Vault. She has the advantage for about two seconds before he overpowers her.
** When [[CoDragons Left and Right]] [[StormingTheCastle assault Lung's fortress]] in order to save Jade from him, they completely cut through his defenses -- terracotta {{Mooks}}? Mow them down. HybridMonster guardian? [[CombatPragmatist Take a]] [[ChainsawGood chainsaw]] [[CombatPragmatist to it]]. Gateway completely impervious to magic attack? Dynamite. While Left is freeing Jade, Right continues after Lung, who proves to be a rather SquishyWizard [[spoiler:and is killed rather quickly.]]
** Right vs Viper in chapter 12. She gets in a few hits, but he's simply stronger and more skilled than her.
** When Kuro takes control of Finn's body during the same fight, he quickly overpowers the heroes and is only stopped [[spoiler:by El Toro taking him by surprise]].
** Flashbacks show that Tarakudo easily defeated the [[PredecessorVillain Oni Elders]], barely wasting any effort in the matter, due to their advanced age and weakness.
* ''FanFic/ShadowsAwakening'': The first fight with Daolon Wong's new [[QuirkyMinibossSquad dark chi warriors]] has the J-Team hit with a serious case of TheWorfEffect, forcing them to retreat for their lives.

[[AC: Lord of the Rings]]
* ''FanFic/LegolasByLaura'': "Gandalf is have a fun time trying to distory the dark lord."

[[AC: Lyrical Nanoha]]
* ''Fanfic/GameTheory'' has a ''very'' one-sided fight between [[spoiler:Zest and Quint against Nanoha and Fate. How one-sided? [[LyricalNanoha Nanoha]] has to resort to [[WaveMotionGun Starlight Breaker]] as a ''distraction'' just so that she and Fate can get away.]]
* In ''Fanfic/MSLNTestDummies'', [[spoiler:Hayate]] underestimates what Zed, who is a CaptainErsatz of the ''{{Terminator}}'', can do and tries to take him on [[IdiotBall up close rather than call for backup]]. The results are predictable.

[[AC: Mai Hime]]
* In ''Fanfic/PerfectionIsOverrated'', [[spoiler:Shizuru]] vs. Hitomi ends fairly quickly, with the new arrival launching a sneak attack on and destroying her opponent's Child. It doesn't help that the defeated combatant had [[spoiler:posed a threat to Natsuki's well-being]], and was largely unused to opponents who could actually fight back on equal terms.
** As Shizune has the ability to reduce the effectiveness of people's powers and completely depower a single person, she's at a considerable advantage against the Himes, as well as her fellow [=SUEs=] in "[[VillainEpisode A Common Enemy Without A Common Cause]]". [[spoiler:On the other hand, her powers provide no protection against mundane weapons, enabling Natsuki to kill her with a handgun in the main story, and two police officers to do the same in "A Common Enemy Without A Common Cause"]].

[[AC: Marvel Universe]]
* [[FanFic/UltimateSleepwalker Sleepwalker]] ends up fighting a [[TheIncredibleHulk Hulk]] being driven nearly insane with rage tearing through New York City. Nothing Sleepwalker does even fazes the Hulk, whether it's impaling him with a large barbed spear or electrocuting the Hulk by connecting him to the New York power grid. The Hulk rapidly heals from all of Sleepwalker's attacks, and while he doesn't manage to hit Sleepwalker too often, the blows he does land are quite literally the most brutal attacks he's ever felt. It's only because Sleepwalker noticed that the Hulk's anger was being increased by his DemonicPossession and tried to use his warp vision to free the Hulk from it that he managed to survive.
* ''FanFic/OriginStory'' features a Kryptonian teenager who is thrown into the Marvel Universe just as the ComicBook/CivilWar is cranking up. Naturally, the government decides she's a threat because she just wants to be left alone, and continually attacks her. Pretty much every time Alex Harris gets into a fight, its counts as a CurbStompBattle simply because she's a Kryptonian and the MarvelUniverse really doesn't have much in the way of people powerful enough to handle a Kryptonian outside of Galactus and his Heralds. Even Sentry, Ares, and Thor get their asses handed to them on a plate.
** The fight with Typhoid Mary is the closest Alex comes to being beaten, and that's because Mary is a telepath able to manipulate her target's perceptions. Mary is actually ''winning'' against Alex when she's suddenly cold-cocked from behind by Louise, who beats Typhoid Mary down from behind with a bottle of sparkling grape juice.

[[AC: Mass Effect]]
* In {{Fanfic/Uplifted}}, after the death of Galas'Yoad in the first book, Dieter Hertzer and crew of Sigrid use the goggles he'd modified for night vision to devastating effect against an Allied convoy moving through the desert at night.

[[AC: Mega Man]]
* In ''FanFic/MegaManDefenderOfTheHumanRace'', [[spoiler:Bass]] tends to deliver these to his opponents.
** In episode 11, chapter 7, the Mad Grinder delivers one to the Robo-Commandos and US Army, killing everyone except Mega Man.

[[AC: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic]]
* ''FanFic/ABriefHistoryOfEquestria'': When the [[DeadlyDecadentCourt corrupt Unicorn court]] tried to perform a coup on the royal family, [[BadassGrandpa Star-Swirl the Bearded]] came to the rescue, and single-handedly wiped the floor with every noble involved.
** Before the [[MeleeATrois Lake Trot Crisis]], the Kingdom of Unicorns held roughly a third of said lake's shoreline. Afterwards, they held only ''[[EpicFail three percent]]''.
** Also during the Crisis, [[MemeticBadass Lady Cripps the Pink]] led the forces of the Hyracotherium Republic to victory over the Celestine Junta. The Junta's forces were devastated, while the Republic lost exactly ''one'' soldier... who died from ''choking on a sandwich''.
** When the Founders were all in the cave during the Winter War, Platinum and Puddinghead tried to kill Hurricane, only for him to knock them both out with a single buck each.
* ''FanFic/TheImmortalGame'': [[TheDragon General Esteem]] vs anypony that isn't Rarity, Twilight's mother, or Twilight herself.
** Nihilus vs Luna, round one. Though it should be noted that the latter was exhausted and drained at the time.
** [[spoiler:[[PhysicalGod God]]-mode]] Twilight vs. anyone who isn't [[BigBad Titan]] himself (and that includes his Puppet avatars).
** The second Battle of Ponyville is ''very'' clearly in [[EvilMatriarch Terra's]] favor, even when all the Mane Six and Luna are working together to try and bring her down. [[spoiler:Then they reignite the neutralized Elements of Harmony and even the playing ground.]]
* [[FanFic/EquestriaAHistoryRevealed Equestria: A History Revealed]]: The Battle of Canterlot was set up to be one by [[spoiler: Princess Luna as a DefensiveFeintTrap]], assaulting Celestia's tired forces with her own Nightmare battalion three times in number. But she didn't consider the difference that an empowered alicorn princess could make in the battle, and Celestia manages to pull off a very narrow victory.
* ''FanFic/FalloutEquestriaProjectHorizons'':
** By chapter 42, Blackjack has gone berserk twice: The first time in Miramare Air Station, where she only awakens after the [[LudicrousGibs carnage]] she wreaked ''unarmed'' was over. The second time, her brutality made an allied [[BadAss Highlander]] ''visibly afraid'' and her remaining enemies attempted to flee after her first two kills. They didn't make it.
** Later, she fights Legate Vitiosis, who manages to completely NoSell everything Team Blackjack can throw at him, up to and including ''cutting his head off with a [[AbsurdlySharpBlade starmetal sword]].'' The only reason the story doesn't end right then and there is because he decides Blackjack ''isn't'' a WorthyOpponent.
* In ''Fanfic/{{Jericho}}'', there's one particular fight scene so quick that it's literally [[CurbStompBattle blink-and-you'll-miss-it]]. The main character, [[FirstPersonSmartass Jericho]], is reading a billboard when a stallion comes up from behind him, they exchange words, and the guy catches Jericho completely off-guard with a punch. But the actual fight?
--> I gave the guy a side-neck chop as I pivoted and let him fall past me.
* Some battles in ''Fanfic/AceCombatEquestriaChronicles'' may qualify. Since they usually involve the Mirage squadron, their enemies have a hard time winning against them.
** However, in chapter 11 of ''Ace Combat: The Equestrian War'', Rainbow Dash is brutally curbstomped by [[spoiler:Gilda]]. While being immobilized.
* ''FanFic/InnerDemons'': [[BigBad Queen!]][[FaceHeelTurn Twilight Sparkle]] versus Luna. The Princess only gets one attack in, which Twilight reflects back at her, before immobilizing her. [[spoiler:And then she uses a MindControl spell on her, ending the fight.]]
** Applejack's first encounter with Queen!Twilight's magically constructed {{Mooks}} was over very quickly. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, she lost.]]
** When Applejack and Rarity are breaking out of the castle, they absolutely mow down all of the soldiers in their way. [[spoiler:At least until they're confronted by the brainwashed Princess Luna.]]
* ''FanFic/GettingBackOnYourHooves'': The Diamond Dogs try to sabotage Trixie's charity concert and are confronted by Rarity. Having been given ear plugs by [[BigBad Checker Monarch]] to protect themselves from Rarity's whining, the Dogs figure they can take her... only for Rarity to reveal that [[ActionGirl she knows kung-fu]] (or the Equestrian equivalent). She then proceeds to [[Awesome/GettingBackOnYourHooves kick. Their. Asses.]]
* ''FanFic/ChroniclesOfHarmonysEnd'': Array wastes most of his energy on an unsuccessful BeamSpam and KamehameHadoken combo, which Discord casually evades before snaring and restraining him with a whip. Fight over.
* ''FanFic/RainboomsAndRoyalty'': When Twilight fights [[TheDragon Blackened Armor]] [[spoiler:(the [[BrainwashedAndCrazy brainwashed]] Shining Armor)]], she stops holding back her power, as she'd been doing her whole life, and completely wipes the floor with him, [[spoiler:purifying him in the process]].
* In ''FanFic/GuideToRecentEquestrianHistory'':
** The Battle of the Republic: Discord manged to defeat over ''one million'' republic troops.
** The First Battle of Las Pegasus: The Third Army of Equestria is stomped so thoroughly that only fifteen of the ten thousand ponies survived.
* The ''FanFic/PoniesOfOlympus'' series:
** The thugs who [[MuggingTheMonster harass Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo]] in Storm Alley don't last very long.
** Pretty much every fight [[ActionGirl Rarity's]] in. She barely even breaks a sweat.
*** Subverted with [[TheRival Ran Biao]], who actually proves a match for Rarity, [[spoiler:though she still loses]].
** She seems to have picked this up from [[OldMaster Lao Wu]] — the first match we see him in lasts all of a minute.
* ''FanFic/TheStarsWillAidTheirEscape'': [[BigBad Herald]] manages to defeat [[spoiler:the Princesses]] quite easily when [[spoiler:they're weakened by the eclipse]]. Shortly after, he's attacked by all the Element Bearers ([[AndZoidberg and Spike]]) at once, and swats them all away with one hoof.
** [[spoiler:Of course, then Twilight recovers from the [[DrivenToMadness insanity he inflicted on her]] and together, the Bearers return the favor when banishing him back where he came from.]]
* In the ''FanFic/PonyPOVSeries'', the Dragon-Hooviet War ended in one of these when [[{{Kaiju}} Queen Tiamat]] entered the fray. Even by dragon standards she's ''huge'', and after laying waste to the southern half of the Hooviet Empire, (willingly) stopped just short of completely destroying their capital.
** There's also the [[BadFuture Dark World!]]Mane Cast vs. Discord's army of {{Mooks}}. It's so one sided Rarity and Applejack manage to have CasualDangerDialog while kicking flank. Special note goes to the [[EldritchAbomination Shadow-Beast-Of-The-Third-Unresolved]] (which was probably the [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot most normal]] thing there) and the giant-cyborg-spider-vampire, neither of which even get to attack before getting taken out by Pinkie Pie pulling an OffhandBackhand ''with her party cannon'' and Apple Pie using a LogicBomb, respectively.
** Shortly before that, we have [[spoiler:[[SuperPoweredEvilSide Proto-Nightmare Twilight]] vs Angry Pie]]. The battle is ''extremely'' one sided and by the end, [[spoiler:Twilight, after being [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone brought back to her senses]], is left wondering how many times over she would've ''killed'' Angry Pie if she weren't immortal and Angry is left near catatonic.]]
** In Melody's ''7 Dreams/Nightmares'' chapter, Rancor, while visiting the past, gets out of hand and [[TheGrimReaper Mortis]], who's watching her at the time, has to step in. He easily disables her by [[PressurePoint paralyzing her with acupuncture]] in a couple seconds.
*** In the second half, Melody's daughter, Sweet Music, steps up to defend a unicorn named Spell Circle from three colts who are bullying him. Despite being a blank flank filly, she beats the crap out of all three and sends them running home with a warning that if she catches them doing it again, she'll tell everypony in town [[IWasBeatenByAGirl they got beat up by a girl]].
** Back in Dark World, the first fight between the Elements of Harmony and [[spoiler:[[BiggerBad Nightmare Paradox]]'s {{Psycho Ranger|s}} CoDragons]] ends with all the heroes but Twilight OneHitKO'ed, and the chapter ends on a cliffhanger.
*** Later on, [[spoiler:Twilight [[GondorCallsForAid summons]] [[CrisisCrossover the G1, G2, G3, and G4 (Pre-Discord) mane casts to the present]] and reignites the Princesses' Elements to return the favor.]]
** One happens in the backstory of the series. A mortal pegasus uses the Concept Killing Spear to permanently kill the son of Celestia's sister, the LoveGoddess Venus. [[MamaBear Venus descends to the mortal plane]] in an UnstoppableRage and confronts said Pegasus, who prepares to try and kill her with it. [[DoNotTauntCthulhu Venus blows a heart-shaped hole through her chest before she can even attack.]]
** Shining Armor's [[FinalBossPreview first fight]] with [[BigBad General-Admiral Makarov]]. Shining gets one hit; the rest of the fight consists of Makarov delivering a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown to Shining. Makarov probably would've beat him to death if Thunderchild hadn't performed a BigDamnHeroes moment to save his flank.
*** Ironically, during the FinalBattle between the two, [[spoiler:Makarov ends up on the receiving end when Shining summons [[ClockRoaches the Wolf]]. Makarov is able to hit it once... and that's it. Afterward, it {{No Sell}}s all his attacks, ripping out all of his [[TheAssimilator stolen]] Lights of Existence, eventually [[RetGone wiping him from existence]].]]
* The war games exercise in ''FanFic/DiariesOfAMadman'' ends up with the Night Guard winning against the Day Guard in a near-flawless victory after Navarone teaches them guerrilla warfare, to devastating effect.
* In the more [[DeconstructionFic realistic]] [[Fanfic/TheConversionBureau Conversion Bureau]] fanfics such as Fanfic/TheConversionBureauNotAlone and FanFic/TheConversionBureauColdWar, humanity wipes the floor with the Royal Guard thanks to the ''huge'' [[InsufficientlyAdvancedAlien gap in technology]] between the two sides.
** Subverted in Fanfic/TheConversionBureauTheOtherSideOfTheSpectrum. Humanity still has the upper hand in war technology, and it's clear that without the barrier the war would have been laughably easy rather than the three year struggle it has been.
* ''FanFic/MyLittleMetro'': Expected in-universe when Lockbox challenges Steel Crescent to single combat for the freedom of Sidewinder. [[spoiler:[[AvertedTrope Averted]] when Lockbox actually wins, to the shock of nearly everypony present.]]

[[AC: Naruto]]
* In ''Fanfic/NaretoTheScretOfShiobi'', Emeraldia frequently gets into these. Interestingly enough, when she defeats Gaara with a single water attack, the narration tries to pass it off as a long fight.
* In the ''{{Naruto}}'' fanfic ''Fanfic/Team8'', the Naruto vs. Sasuke fight in the Chunin Exams results in this due to [[spoiler:Sasuke pushing Naruto's BerserkButton. Oops.]]
%%* Virtually every battle from ''Naruto Veangance Revelaitons'' involving [[GodModeSue Ronan]] is this. Especially notable is the beginning of Chapter 4, in which Ronan severely injures Orochimaru in the first sentence and forces him to retreat in the second, despite only just having started the fight at the end of the previous chapter.
* Any fight involving a [[OriginalCharacter Corporation Agent]] in [[FanFic/AkatsukiKittenPhoenixCorporationOverhaul Akatsuki Kitten: Phoenix Corporation Overhaul]]. The interesting part? ''The readers actually still like them.'' The author does nothing to hide how well-versed she is in tropes, especially Sue tropes, and knows [[PhysicalGod exactly how close]] [[GodModeSue the Agents come and why.]] Then again, the Agents refer to themselves as being minions, employees, or even just servants of the author.
* In [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6729843/1/Naruto-Mysterious-Power Naruto Mysterious Power]], there are a few minor fights like this, but [[spoiler:the battle between Naruto, his harem, and Future Sakura definitely count; Future Sakura pretty much overpowers them quite brutally. No, this troper is not kidding.]]
* In ''Fanfic/KitsuneNoKenFistOfTheFox'', the fight between Shikamaru and Aoi during the [[TournamentArc Uchiha Zaibatsu Invitational Tournament]] results in this. [[spoiler:Aoi badmouthed Ino repeatedly, so Shikamaru shut him up with one punch]].
* Naruto's first fight with Jiraiya in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6051938/1/The-Sealed-Kunai The Sealed Kunai]]'' predictably ends with Jiraiya easily kicking Naruto's ass.
* There are almost as many fights in ''FanFic/ATeachersGlory'' that play this straight as avert it, and they are all awesome.
** Using teamwork, Team 7 and Hinata run circles around Jiraiya.
** The Sand loses the invasion so badly, it becomes known in-universe as The Breaking of Suna, and Leaf's counter-attack leaves Orochimaru without minions or bases and running for his life.
** Hinata being beaten by Neji in thirty seconds instead of ten minutes wouldn't usually be awesome, except that she fought back so hard that Neji collapses after being declared the victor.

[[AC: Neon Genesis Evangelion]]
* The fight between Unit-01 and Ramiel in the ninth chapter of [[Fanfic/{{Arsenal}} ARSENAL]] qualifies as this.
** In fact, every major battle that Shinji has fought with the exception of Chapters Eight and Ten qualify.

[[AC: One Piece]]
* In [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8204172/10/Strawhat-Theater-2-Our-Mrs-Monkey Our Mrs. Monkey]], Luffy and Nami have gotten married. So when Absalom kidnaps Nami during Thriller Bark? Curbstomp ensues.
-->'''Nami:''' Why is there a hole in the... everything?
-->'''Luffy:''' Well, first I hit him in gear second, but then he turned invisible and I couldn't see him. But I knew he was in the room, so I used gear third to hit it.
-->'''Nami:''' Hit what?
-->'''Luffy:''' The room.

[[AC: Ragnarok Online]]
* In ''Fanfic/WarriorsOfTheWorldSoldiersOfFortune'', Baphomet proceeds to thoroughly stomp Valkron despite the knight getting in a few hits, true to his nature as an ancient demon and one of the Boss Beasts of Midgard. It probably didn't help matters that the knight had to fight against some mind control in the process.

[[AC: Sonic the Hedgehog]]

* Episode 64 of ''FanFic/SonicXDarkChaos'' is basically a drawn of version of this. Lord Maledict himself appears to challenge Sonic and take the Chaos Emeralds. When Sonic and his friends refuse, Maledict promptly stomps Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Eric at the same time. None of their attacks even scratch him.

* In ''Fanfic/TheHeadhunt'', Eleya derides the [[spoiler:USS ''Enterprise''-A, which was stolen from the breaker yards by TheMafia over a century earlier,]] as a "hundred-twenty-five-year-old museum piece with some newer tech bolted on", right before her own ''Galaxy''-class USS ''Bajor'', launched in 2409, casually catches up to it when it's going flat-out and blasts it out of warp in about three seconds. {{Enforced}} in that the author's note said it was a TakeThat to the VocalMinority wanting a T5 retrofit of the ''Constitution''-class in ''STO''.
--> "See that? That's what's ''supposed'' to happen when you send a 23rd century ship up against a 25th century ship. Kiss my pretty Bajoran backside, T5 Connie crowd."
* {{Justified}} in "Fanfic/AenrhienVailiuri". The Kazon were never exactly a threat even forty years ago against the USS ''Voyager'' (it always took multiple Kazon ships to pose a credible threat), and ''Voyager'' was just a medium cruiser stuck on its own with no support. Now factor in that Morgan's ship is a ''D'deridex''-class battlecruiser with modern armament ''and'' a cloaking device. T'Khnialmnae, the tactical officer, says the Kazons' weapons are about as good as what the Romulans were using a century ago and the shields aren't much better.

[[AC: Suzumiya Haruhi]]
* Kyon, Yuki, and Tsuruya in ''Fanfic/KyonBigDamnHero'' pull this off against two dozen Yakuza, with the first two doing practically all the fighting.
[[AC: Sherlock Holmes]]
* [[Fanfic/DeliverUsFromEvilSeries Mortality]] [[PlayingWithATrope plays with]] this. Holmes gets [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutally captured]] after he kills two criminals.
[[AC: Touhou]]
* ''FanFic/ImperfectMetamorphosis'' pits a [[ExplosiveOverclocking limitedly-powered]]-[[HeroicRROD up-Marisa]] (was also supplied with twelve of Yukari's absolutely insanely over the top Spellcards), [[AGodIAm Mima]], [[ButterflyOfDeathAndRebirth Yuyuko]], [[MasterSwordsman Youmu]], [[ILoveNuclearPower Utsuho]], [[PsychicPowers Satori]], [[KillItWithFire Orin]], [[PersonOfMassDestruction Flandre]], [[WindsOfDestinyChange Remilia]], [[TimeMaster Sakuya]], and [[PhysicalGod Yuk]][[RealityWarper ari]] against [[GreenThumb Yuu]][[EldritchAbomination ka]] [[spoiler:and [[{{Shinigami}} Elly]], who Yuuka brought in to even things up a bit after Yukari cheated and brought in 11 people to a supposedly one-on-one duel]]. Yuuka laughingly curbstomps the Scarlet Devil and Underground forces using one quater of her power [[spoiler:(possibly permakilling Satori and Flandre, or trapping them in a FateWorseThanDeath)]], and then brings three quaters of her power to bear against [[PhysicalGod Yuk]][[RealityWarper ari]] and gets a draw where both sides are too damaged to continue, with Yukari in worse shape. The only battle she 'lost' was against Marisa, Mima, Yuyuko, and Youmu, and even then she was only using 1/4 of her power, and she had '[[CuteWitch Team]] [[CuteGhostGirl Halloween]]' down to the ropes during the later part of the fight. Yuuka curbstomped most of the upper tier of the VideoGame/{{Touhou}}-verse at once without ever bringing her full power to bear.

[[AC: Yu-Gi-Oh GX]]
* In Fanfic/DuelingUnlimited, we have a few duels that are completely one-sided. The first is when [[spoiler:Santa Claus]] shows up to take on a villainous mercenary. The next four take place when Anti-Heroes/Anti-Villains Bat, Boa, Raven, and Dove pull off their BigDamnHeroes moment and curbstomp enemy forces. All these duels double as CrowningMomentOfFunny.

[[AC: Unsorted]]
* [[http://kleinerkiller.deviantart.com/gallery/41037509 Yognapped]]'s main antagonist Sben wipes the floor with [[spoiler:Duncan when the latter tries to hold him off. It's strongly implied that Duncan gets killed.]]
** In the third installment, every fight with [[spoiler:the resurrected Sben]] plays out like this, due to [[spoiler:him hosting the spirits and power of both [[WellIntentionedExtremist Herobrine]] and [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds Rana]]]]. Even [[PhysicalGod Notch]] bails out when he steps onto the scene.
* ''FanFic/TiberiumWars'' has this happen pretty much anytime infantry go up against a Commando. At one point there's a drawn-out fight between a GDI soldier and a Nod Commando that only exists because the Commando was quite clearly toying with the soldier.
** Later on, this happens when the Nod army runs headlong into the [[spoiler:Mammoth Tanks]] of the GDI 2nd Heavy Armored. Specifically, the [[spoiler:''one thousand'' Mammoth Tanks]] of the GDI 2nd Heavy Armored.
* ''[[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-19103/Meshakhad+ Fated.htm Fated]]'' has a different version of the climactic battle at the end of [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer "Innocence"]]. [[spoiler:The Scoobies ambush Spike and the Judge at the factory. Buffy's blowing away the Judge with her ''BLOODY ROCKET LAUNCHER'' is followed by the Scoobies barraging the vampires with crossbows. Spike and the wounded Drusilla beat a hasty retreat through the sewers, leaving Spike's minions to get massacred.]]
* Sins of a Colonial Empire has one: 30 Colonial ships from BSG 2003, including 6 Battlestars Vs. 1 GDI ship. [[spoiler:''The GDI ship, which incidentally is mentioned as one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy, wins, suffering only 17% damage to their shields, even after being hit with 6 nukes!'' ]]
* Several examples in ''Fanfic/WithStringsAttached'':
** In New Zork, the “Hitler Youth” ambush Paul and Ringo in the “alley” next to the Dakota Building. About ten seconds later, one guy has been slammed into the wall across the street, one guy has a garbage can crimped around him, one guy is upside-down in a garbage can, and one guy is hanging upside-down on a fence. Shortly thereafter, the fifth guy, after a brief moment of glory, recognizes just how outmatched he is and goes to help his friends.
** The final battle in the warehouse.
** When Ringo beats the huge warrior Mung in ''three seconds''.
--> "I think I win. Can I ''please'' go to sleep now?"
** Ringo's CrowningMomentOfAwesome with the Brothers of Death (and it was kind of a double CurbStompBattle, since he also humiliated Jeft by effortlessly neutralizing some of the toughest baddies he'd ever developed).
*** Really, it's a Good Thing that the four [[ActualPacifist are not interested in combat]].
**** Especially Ringo, a key player in every CurbStompBattle in the book.
* Most of the fights in [[http://www.tohokingdom.com/articles/kwc.htm Kaiju War Chronicles]] are fairly even, but some of them end up being this. Most of them involve [[PhysicalGod Bagan]] during the "Bagan Trilogy" (Bagan vs Monster X, Bagan vs. ''Everyone'', and Bagan vs Everyone: Fallout). First he utterly ''destroys'' Monster X with ease and the title of the other two isn't lying, it literally takes basically the ''entire'' roster just to stand a ghost of a chance against him.
* In the Megacrossover [[http://s7.zetaboards.com/AntiFanfiction/topic/1015048/1/#newVampire Massacre: Fall of the Nosferatu]], The fights between Diva fromm Blood+ and Damon (Vampire Diaries) Vampire Hunter D vs Alucard (Castlevania) and Hellsing's Alucard vs Simon Bellmont (Catlevania) are this trope.
* The second battle of Markab in ''FanFic/TheDilgarWar'' sees the Dilgar First Strike Fleet, Second Strike Fleet and First Line Fleet receiving one by the Earth Expeditionary Force. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] by the [[MightyGlacier extreme toughness and short range firepower of Earthforce warships]] when compared to the [[FragileSpeedster faster but less tough Dilgar ones]], the Dilgar being used to fight opponents with faster ships and less skill than Earthforce, Earthforce having brought an insane number of [[NukeEm nuclear weapons]] and admiral Hamato having an intelligence operative ''telling him what orders Jha'dur gave to her forces'', allowing him to place his dreadnoughts for maximum effect and launch ''[[NoKillLikeOverkill all of his nukes]]'' at the one moment when the Dilgar were concentrated enough to be annihilable in one shot and with their point defense weapons away from where the missiles were coming from.
** The ground battle on Tiree is even worse. The Dilgar have eight regular divisions, one Stormtrooper division (basically thugs in uniform) and one [[EliteMook Guard]] division, with comparable infantry and artillery equipment and no dedicated tank, only infantry fighting vehicles with good firepower. [=EarthForce=] shows up with overwhelming numbers, aircraft and ''orbital'' support that obliterates most of the Dilgar artillery before the troops even land, even without that [=EarthForce=] is artillery heavy, ''and'' human infantry equipment has better body armour with superior communication abilities. It's not pretty.
* In ''{{XSGCOM}}'', most of the Tau'ri - Goa'uld battles end up like this after the X-COM soldiers join the Stargate program.
* It's perhaps easier to list the fights that ''Fanfic/ThePrayerWarriors'' have that ''do not'' fall into this, but the one that stands out more than any is the battle against Hades. Hades is said to be Satan's "[[TheDragon most elite servant]]", is able to revive all the other "false" Greek gods, and makes a BadassBoast about [[BlasphemousBoast being stronger than God and Jesus]] and being undefeatable. The Prayer Warriors fall to their knees in prayer and he is immediately defeated.
* This is a requirement for the duel against Guiche in any ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'' fanfic, but it's up to the author to decide which side is the receiving end.
* The SI of "''Fanfic/WithThisRing''" has been on the delivering and receiving end of these. On the delivering end, against most opponents, who are incapable of even touching him. On the receiving end, against Klarion, who decided that torturing him would be more fun then just outright killing him.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9937462/16/Black-Princess-Ascendant Black Princess Ascendant]]'', [[GenderFlip Jen]] is asked to come at [[Literature/HarryPotter Flitwick]] with everything she has so he can gauge her current fighting ability. The fight lasts fifteen seconds with Jen on the defensive most of the time. [[OldMaster Flitwick]] is ''impressed'' she lasted so long given how much he was holding back.
* Ares and Aphrodite are on the receiving end of one in ''{{Fanfic/Broken Bow}}'', with Artemis in {{Mama Bear}} mode delivering it.