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Japanese fantasy artist influenced by {{Manga}}, psychedelic and pop art, art nouveau and ukiyo-e. He's mainly worked in animation, illustrations, and video game conceptual designs.

His works include:
* He's been involved in ''every single game'' of the main ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' series to some degree.
** Title logos for each title in the main series. Up to the [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI sixth entry]], he was the series' character designer. He has since handed that duty to Creator/TetsuyaNomura and has produced promotional artwork for each entry thereafter.
*** Excluding VII (only dubiously, Amano still worked on the concept sketches) and IX, all of the mainline series uses his work for the title. Nomura handles the character designs of the game, Amano still does the artistic graphics.
** He also did ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'''s character designs, as ''FFIX'' was meant as a throwback to the first six games in the series. Ironically, however, ''FFIX'' is the only installment of the main franchise whose [[http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Logos_of_Final_Fantasy central logo]] was designed by someone else than Amano.
* ''Anime/AngelsEgg''
* ''Literature/DemonCityShinjuku''
* ''Anime/GenesisClimberMospeada''
* Cover art and interior illustrations for the ''LightNovel/VampireHunterD'' light novel series, as well as the character designs for the first movie.
* ''LightNovel/GuinSaga''
* ''Anime/RadioCityFantasy'', an early surrealist OVA scripted by [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Takeshi Shudo]].
* ''ComicBook/TheSandman: The Dream Hunters'', in collaboration with Creator/NeilGaiman.
* The illustrations for the Japanese editions of the ''[[Literature/TheElricSaga Elric]]'' novels.
* Character designs for most of Creator/TatsunokoProduction's landmark early anime, including ''Anime/ScienceNinjaTeamGatchaman'' (which makes him more or less the godfather of the FiveManBand), ''Anime/NeoHumanCasshern'', ''Anime/SpeedRacer'', and several of the ''Anime/TimeBokan'' series, including ''Anime/{{Yatterman}}'' (which makes him more or less the godfather of the TerribleTrio).
** He also designed the original ''Anime/{{Tekkaman}}''... so he is the godfather of '''''SPACE LANCE'''''!
* The covers of Japanese neo-classical metal band Music/{{Galneryus}}'s first three albums, ''The Flag of Punishment,'' ''Advance to the Fall'' and ''Beyond the End of Despair''.
* ''[[Franchise/MarvelUniverse Elektra and Wolverine: The Redeemer]]'', written by Creator/GregRucka. No, really.
* Tanaka Yoshiki's novel series ''Literature/TheHeroicLegendOfArslan'' (or, in Japanese, ''Arslan Senki''). He did the covers, additional illustrations plus drama CD illustrations. Most of his work on ''Arslan'' was published in the artbook ''Tenma no yume - The Heroic Legend of Arslan'' which features additional poetry by Tanaka Yoshiki.
* Hiroshi Aramata's ''Literature/TeitoMonogatari'' novel series. He did the covers for its first republication.
* ''Anime/LilyCAT'' had Yoshitaka provide character and monster designs.
* He's also a Music/DavidBowie fan, [[http://yoshitaka-amano.kouryu.info/gal-eng-divers-return_duke-p-1.html apparently.]]