Creator / Yoshiaki Koizumi

"If you think about games only as a thing that you interact with, youíre missing the possibility of immersion. The inspirations that I tend to draw on for that all come from real life itself. Hiking on a mountain and seeing a cave and thinking about whatís inside Ė itís that sense of wonder and excitement I want players to feel."

Yoshiaki Koizumi (born born April 29, 1968) is a Japanese video game designer, director and producer, who has been working for Nintendo since 1991.

A protégé of Shigeru Miyamoto, Koizumi has a had a considerable influence on both the The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. franchises.

In regards the former, while he was originally hired to provide art and story-text for the manual to A Link to the Past, Koizumi ended up conceiving much of what became the series' backstory, such as the idea of the three Goddesses and the star sign associated with them. He then went on to write the storyline and several characters on Link's Awakening, work on character design, animation, and wrote several scenes for Ocarina of Time, a role he repeated on Majora's Mask, on which he also came up with the concept of the constantly overhanging threat from the falling moon throughout the game, and was the assistant director on The Wind Waker.

On the latter, he worked as the assistant director and animator on Super Mario 64, director on Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, and producer on Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 3D Land, and Super Mario 3D World. He also directed Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and gave special input on Donkey Kong Country Returns.