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Creator: Will Wright

Let's put it this way; his games are a bit addictive, and they're not like many other games you've played, in the sense you have to build something as opposed to wiping out masses of Mooks, although cities and civilizations can still get attacked from the disaster button's effects.

Anyway, Will Wright is the creator of mostly the Wide Open Sandbox and Simulation Game genres; in fact, his first game, SimCity, is the mother of such genres. He first proposed SimCity in 1986, but the company to which Wright showed it thought the idea was too bizarre and unusual for gaming of the time. It wouldn't be until 1989 that SimCity would be available to the public, coming from the then newly founded Maxis Studios.

To be honest, the idea was an incredible success. SimCity would spawn more sequels and two other famous titles: The Sims and Spore.

According to his business cards, his official job is "Llama consultant".
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alternative title(s): Will Wright
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