Warren Beatty (born 1937) is a noted American actor, producer, screenwriter and director whom may be so vain as inferred by CarlySimon's song, but he proved a real innovator from the 1960s onward both artistically and what is possible for artists' careers in American film.

He started out in 1950s Hollywood as a young actor in TV productions as classy as ''StudioOne'' and ''Playhouse90'' as well as meat and potatoes work such as a regular in ''TheManyLovesOfDobieGillis''. He then hit the big time quickly in film with the hit, ''SplendorInTheGrass'' that made him an instant star in the medium with a [[TheCasanova reputation for his randy pastimes]] and his reserved attitude to the press.

However, his career soon stumbled with a string of flops with the low point of starting production in ''WhatsNewPussycat'' only to make the mistake of asking Creator/WoodyAllen to write the screenplay. The comic genius took advantage of being given a bit part and proceeding to give himself more and more business by taking the equivalent amount away from Beatty. Beatty tried putting his foot down and walked, hoping the producers would try to coax him back, only to find them calling his bluff and replacing him.

At that point, Beatty resolved to have more control of his projects by becoming a film producer himself, an unheard ambition for an pretty boy actor that young. However, he proved that Hollywood thinking wrong by producing the film, ''Film/BonnieAndClyde'', an innovative and daring hit that helped usher in NewHollywood.

Afterward, Beatty has distinguished himself with a string of noted films in which he served in various functions in different combinations whether it be acting, directing or producing. They include ''Film/{{Shampoo}}'', ''Film/HeavenCanWait1978'', ''Film/{{Reds}}'', ''Film/DickTracy'', ''Film/{{Bulworth}}'', and ''Film/{{Bugsy}}''. Unfortunately, his career has included major bombs like ''Film/{{Ishtar}}'' and his own production, ''Film/TownAndCountry''. Since [[StarDerailingRole that latter movie bombed in 2001]], he has not acted in any film.

However, these downturns do not change the fact Beatty made it possible to actors and other artist to stretch their wings and try for far more in their careers than the old stereotypes ever made seem possible. Rumors circulate that he still wants to bring ''Film/DickTracy'' back to pop culture prominence and that he is working on a film about Howard Hughes.

Beatty's older sister is Creator/ShirleyMacLaine. Yes, in ''this'' life. That's [[IncestuousCasting why she didn't get the role of Bonnie]] in ''Bonnie and Clyde''.

For a long time Beatty was one of Hollywood's most notorious ladies men, his famous loves including Creator/NatalieWood, Julie Christie and Diane Keaton. He finally met his match in Creator/AnnetteBening and, after professing for years that he had no intention of ever settling down, he finally married her in 1992 and had four children with her.

He also has a son ([[BerserkButton NOT a daughter]]), Stephen Ira, who's a transgender activist and writer with [[http://supermattachine.wordpress.com/ a pretty good blog]].