'''Treasure Co., Ltd.''' is a video game company founded from former Creator/{{Konami}} employees in 1992. They started out with a bang -- quite literally, as their first title, ''VideoGame/GunstarHeroes'' for the Sega Genesis, pushed the system to its limits with outstanding graphics, music, and sound effects, on top of amazing gameplay. Since then, Treasure has built up a reputation for their {{action game}}s, which are unique, distinctive, and often [[NintendoHard very, very challenging]].

Their repitoire is as vast as it is outstanding- sidescrolling shooters like Gunstar Heroes, fighting games like Rakugaki Showtime, and a ''lot'' of extremely weird and experimental games, like Dynamite Headdy, Stretch Panic and Wario World.

Often cited as the [[Creator/StudioGainax Gainax]] of video games due to having similarly [[MindScrew bizarrely]] [[GainaxEnding themed]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic works]] and {{fanservice}} of the gameplay kind. Expect their games to have [[StuffBlowingUp lots of explosions]], {{Unexpected Gameplay Change}}s, and [[EasyLevelsHardBosses tons of big guys to fight]].

A common recurring element in Treasure's platforming games is a late game level featuring their other bread-and-butter genre, [[UnexpectedShmupLevel Space Shooters]].

As an idea of what the staff is like, when the director of ''VideoGame/SinAndPunishment'' stated the game was too [[ItsHardSoItSucks alienatingly difficult]], he was told, "[[{{Jerkass}} Our director doesn't suit us]]," "[[UnsportsmanlikeGloating Those who can't play it aren't a part of our team]]." The working title of the game before they accepted to tone it down was ''[[GlassCannon Glass Soldier]]'' -- even Treasure was considering naming it after how [[EverythingTryingToKillYou easily it killed you]]. In other words, they're video game {{blood knight}}s.

!!Games developed by Treasure:
* ''VideoGame/AlienSoldier''
* ''VideoGame/AstroBoyOmegaFactor''
* ''VideoGame/BangaiO''
* ''VideoGame/DynamiteHeaddy''
* ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}} V''
* ''VideoGame/GuardianHeroes''
* ''VideoGame/GunstarHeroes''
* ''VideoGame/{{Ikaruga}}''
* ''VideoGame/LightCrusader''
* ''VideoGame/McDonaldsTreasureLandAdventure''
* ''VideoGame/MischiefMakers''
* ''VideoGame/RadiantSilvergun''
* ''VideoGame/RakugakiShowtime''
* ''VideoGame/SilhouetteMirage''
* ''VideoGame/SinAndPunishment''
* ''VideoGame/SinAndPunishmentStarSuccessor''
* ''VideoGame/StretchPanic''
* ''VideoGame/WarioWorld''