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If authority needs to kick some ass, it needs a proper charismatic voice to do so.

Enter Travis Willingham.

Travis Willingham is a voice actor, originally starting out as Col. Roy Mustang in the 2003 anime adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist. After that, he started getting pigeonholed into voicing characters that are either badasses or have a high rank or status, be it military or some other thing (not to mention a few characters Playing with Fire). He is somewhat memetically popular thanks to his infamous "tiny miniskirts" decree and the fact that "HE LOVES DOGS!" (and he actually does like cute things — not hard to believe considering his role as Mori-senpai). Like Vic Mignogna and Aaron Dismuke's Risembool Rangers, his loyal Miniskirt Army follows him from con to con. He is among the few voice actors to also get many live-action roles.

In 2005, he become famous for his non-anime activities when he took on Monica Rial in a tequila shot contest after Anime Weekend Atlanta. Needless to say, the result was hilarious and has come to be known as The Travis Willingham Tequila Story. Multiple versions were told; one each by Vic Mignogna, Monica Rial, and of course, Travis himself.

He has been doing dubbing for many California-based works, as have many other FUNimation voice actors such as Troy Baker and Laura Bailey. And now, he's even living there. He's married to Laura Bailey as of 2011, and thus he's now officially a family man.

Has a Twitter account.

His New York counterpart is Dan Green. Kaiji Tang, Patrick Seitz, and Ian Sinclair could be considered his Spiritual Successors in terms of the similar vocal ranges and typecasting (especially the second in both L.A. and FUNimation side of things), as Travis Willingham primarily does video game voice overs and western animation, rarely getting any new anime roles, generally only reprising roles when he does anime. If he does get a new anime role, it's usually with Studiopolis.

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  • Surprisingly enough, one of the four young punks at the bar in the live action film Secondhand Lions. Surprising because instead of portraying an authority figure, he plays a rebellious youth with a lot of disdain towards authority.
    • Also the source of one of his favorite stories to tell at conventions, as the director assumed Travis was a stuntman (given the fact that he's tall and quite buff), which resulted in Robert Duvall actually hitting him during the fight scene. After learning that Travis is a regular actor, Duvall apologized profusely and gave him some money to make up for it.

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