Creator: The King Of Hate

aka: Darksyde Phil

"I didn't mean to do that! The controls are fucking lagging!"

"Did you see that? There was nothing I could do man, come on!"

"Complete Nonsense! Complete fucking nonsense dude!"

Phil Burnell, more commonly known as Darksyde Phil or "The King of Hate", is a very polarizing YouTube content creator, currently partnered with Machinima.

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Tropes About His Work:

  • Aborted Arc: Project 7 was introduced fairly early in Phil's Website/YouTube career in mid-2009, but after several videos vanished.
  • Accentuate the Negative: Usually averted in his reviews, as even in the more negative ones he does generally try and find something positive about them. Even in his review for Amy, which he hated, he admitted it had an okay story (which is odd because he normally doesn't pay attention to the story in video games), it's just the gameplay got so bad that it eventually wasn't worth it.
  • Berserk Button: Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3 really manages to get under his skin. After the Thessia mission, Phil becomes so enraged regarding both Kai Leng and Cerberus it sparks series of Cluster F-Bomb outbursts where he angrily declares It's Personal.
    • In particular, overly long end credit sequences for games seem to be something he really despises.
  • Big "NO!": Phil occasionally blurts them out, such as his playthrough of Mario Party 9 when he loses most of his stars, or in Mass Effect 3 where Phil accidentally puts his Shepard in a relationship with openly gay crewmate Steve Cortez, leading Phil to be horrified when the romance scene begins starting up.
  • Big "WHAT?!": All the time. See Catch Phrase
  • Brilliant but Lazy: ... at least that's how he puts it with his oft-quoted line "I can be good at games if I want to be!" He often does manage to figure success-critical details out in games, but that's in no small part due to his stream telling him the answers (best seen during his Metal Gear Solid 1 playthrough where he states he won't look at the chat for answers, and then proceeds to make comments through the playthrough about what the stream is saying he should do..0.
  • Butt Monkey: The amount of times Phil gets unlucky in games is amazing.
  • Catch Phrase:
    • What's going on guys, DSP here.
    • Alright/Okay!
    • Here I come, to save the daaay!
    • I SPAWN, I DIE!
    • CAN'T BLOCK!
    • CUH-MON MAN!
    • HO-HOOOH!!!!
    • YES!!!
    • F@#$ YOU [insert company here] for [insert problem here]
    • "I'M TAKING A SHIT!"
    • FUCK THIS!
  • Caustic Critic: In his Hateful Truth reviews.
  • Complaining about Complaining: During his Kingdom Hearts playthrough when he decides to ban and punish the chat for his girlfriend bashing the Kingdom Hearts franchise and trolling it's fans despite his girlfriend egging them on in the first place.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Invoked often.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory: In one instance where it actually wasn't his fault after all, Phil loses a number of lives in the first half of God of War III to the double-jump mechanics; he had grown accustomed to the more lenient timing of Darksiders.
    • Also happens in the "Wavy Tube Man Chronicles" where he instinctively attempts to move the gun cursor away from a family on screen to avoid harming them, forgetting that the gameplay is motion activated and moving the cursor up automatically causes it to shoot whatever the cursor had last been on. This causes him to mistakenly "shoot" a little girl and get a game over. John doesn't let him hear the end of it.
  • Dan Browning: If he can, Phil will try to pass himself off as being familiar with games. His One Piece playthrough has him claiming to be a follower of the story and then claiming Buggy was featured in only one arc, having no idea who Mihawk was, and other such mistakes. Similarly, in his Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty playthrough, he claims to have recognized Tosh from Starcraft 1 and also mistakes Brutalisks for Ultralisks, leading to another whiny rant about how an enemy from the first game that couldn't attack air units now suddenly can.
    • During Battle of Z, mistakes Raditz for "Original Vegeta" not even 5 minutes after claiming he is a huge fan who watched the Japanese version of DBZ.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Every time a female character is on screen, Phil cannot refrain from being distracted. In some games, such as MGS3, he misses critical information because of it.
  • The Ditz: He generally has trouble figuring out game mechanics by himself, requiring it to be told directly to him or learning it through trial and error. Even then, he's prone to forgetting about mechanics fairly quickly, which often leads to further problems.
  • Double Standard: He does nothing but curse a blue streak in his playthroughs. If anybody uses swearing when commenting, it's trolling, yet if he swears, it's comedy. Error989 even commented about it in this video, a review of DSP's 2013 Christmas special.
  • End of an Age: After five years of living in a condo in Connecticut, him and Panda Lee moved to a house near Seattle in June 2014.
  • Extreme Omnisexual: Invoked in Mass Effect 3 since his Commander Shepard has had relationships with aliens (ME 1), women (ME 2), and guys (ME 3).
  • Failed a Spot Check: In addition to not paying attention when the game tries to inform him of something, Phil will sometimes look for an item in his inventory and claim he doesn't have it even when it's right there or overlook a collectable or other feature in the environment that would help him figure out what to do. This might be because he has vision problems, but refuses to wear glasses.
  • Fair Weather Friend: Phil's demeanor and treatment of his fans is at least moderately better when he's not in a bad mood or struggling with a game. Once he is though, all bets are off, as best exemplified with his playthrough of the PlayStation 1 Spider-Man.
  • From Bad to Worse: The original channel, darksydephil, was taken down by YouTube for false copyright claims (though it was eventually reactivated, and now serves as an archive of pre-2011 footage). DSP created new channels, and got Google Ad-Sense activated on his TheKingofHateHD channel, allowing him to make money off of his videos. Phil lost his job. His Ad-Sense privileges were revoked due to claims of fraudulent actions designed to exploit the Ad-Sense system. DSP moves to and gains a partnership. That account was later closed by due to some poor-taste attempts at humor about The Holocaust. Now, however, he's back on YouTube and partnered with Machinima.
  • Hypocrite: During any of his play throughs of the the Metal Gear franchise (or any Konami game) he endlessly makes repetitive jabs at Hideo Kojima, usually citing him as an egocentric pervert (making jabs about Kojima's name appearing in the opening credits, and the sexual nature of parts of the games). This coming from a guy who tries to physically pinch EVA's breasts (He recorded with a camcorder at the time so you could see his shadow on screen), and makes non-stop crude sex jokes whenever female characters are on screen.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Phil often chides a character for swearing in-game by telling them to "watch your fucking mouth!"
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: His main strategy for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater either involved spray and pray with the XM16E1, or No Scoping with the SVD.
  • Large Ham: Project 7 thrives on this.
  • Left It In: All of Phil's commentary is live and unedited. Sometimes this is to his benefit. Sometimes he spends hours trying to catch a single hook in Sly Cooper and the Thievious Racoonus.
  • Let's Play: The staple of DSP's content. He doesn't like to use the term, though.
  • Lost Forever: All his videos that were on his account, including the controversial Dead Space 2 demo playthrough that was the reason for its deletion. Another noteworthy one was the tenth episode of "Cooking With The King", which was Phil baking cookies in his stove for Christmas.
  • Manly Tears: Kenny's sacrifice in The Walking Dead moved Phil so much it actually got him to tear up while playing.
    • As did Thane's death in Mass Effect 3, though there it seemed like he was trying to fight them.
  • Never My Fault: To keep it brief, he has a reputation for blaming the games that he plays whenever he loses instead of figuring out what he did wrong and improving from it. Common complaints along this line include mentioning that the controls lagged, a glitch occurred, or that there was nothing he could do.
  • Orphaned Playthrough: While Phil does do an excellent job at completing the vast majority of the games he plays very quickly (well over 90% of the games he plays have been finished within a week or two, something that makes him stand out from many other Lets Players on YouTube), there are several which he has simply abandoned. Some noteworthy ones include Splinter Cell: Conviction (through no fault of his own; see Unknown Rival below), HAWX, Xenoblade, Phoenix Wright: Justice For All, and the co-op playthrough of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.
    • Other times, he abandons a game because of sheer frustration or dissatisfaction. The most infamous example of this among his followers is his Dark Souls playthrough. Other examples of similar rage quits by him are Dead Space Ignition, Ninja Gaiden, Amy, SSX 2012, Mega Man X3 and X6, ZombiU, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, and some of the more infamous Batman video games.
      • The Justice for All playthrough is one that's received high demand for him to continue, and Phil's even acknowledged that he plans on getting back to it sometime (one of the problems he had was narrating everything started to hurt his voice, so he wanted to take a bit of a break from it). Based off his 2013 preview it may not be orphaned much longer. Finally in January of 2014, he had returned to Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, picking up from where he left off.
      • Averted in May 2013 when he finally returned to and beat Dark Souls, with a large amount of help.
    • Then, in a well-publicized freak-out, Sniper Elite III.
    • And then rage quitting two popular horror games, P.T. and Five Nights at Freddy's.
    • And now, the Crown of the Iron King DLC for Dark Souls II.
  • Putting the Band Back Together: Nearly said word for word when he talks about reuniting with John, grogdeluxe, and Mayor McJustin for Dead Island: Riptide. Partially subverted, as Justin was unavailable to return due to his job.
  • Rage Quit: Quite a few games, actually.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to his friend and frequent co-op partner John Rambo's blue. Phil is loud and excitable. John is very laid back and calm, and has a much drier, sarcastic sense of humor.
  • The Rashomon: An interesting case in Phil's playthrough of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City: Thanks to a bug, Koruchado only sees John Rambo as an unmoving statue that doesn't do anything. When watching the videos from Phil's POV, you can clearly see John taking part in the action. Watching the videos from Koruchado's POV sees John not doing anything and anything he encounters not registering on the screen (for example, when Phil kicks a zombie dog to help John in Koruchado's vids, it looks like Phil's just kicking the air).
  • Running Gag: A couple, most notably when he shouts out when something is "brought to you by the awesome cleansing powers of Selsun Blue" which begun in his Heavy Rain playthrough and still occasionally pops up in his later vids. Though this seems to have subsided since 2011. He eventually mentioned it later on.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: He steeled himself to beat God of War III without spending a single red soul on weapon upgrades.
    • Slightly ruined though by the fact that once he was aware that people complained that he wasn't using his red souls to upgrade, he preceded to complete the game without ever using them as a big 'fuck you' to the viewers who were only trying to help him out, even going as far as giving the finger on his cam to the 'haters' once he beat the game.
  • Tagline: Ever since he partnered with Machinima in 2011, he has prefaced all his "Hateful Truth" video game review series episodes with the tagline of "Maximum truth, minimum bullshit."
    • In 2014 he's adopted "I play what I like to play and what I want to play".
  • Take That: During his playthrough of the Heavy Rain DLC "The Taxidermist," Phil makes a comment that the only thing Jay Leno is good for is making you fall asleep.
    • Likes to take potshots at celebrities. "I didn't know Joan Rivers was in this game." "Can I make a Chaz Bono character?"
  • Those Two Guys: Phil and John serve out this role in their crossover playthroughs when watching it from a different YouTuber's perspective, such as Koruchado or TheAireaidLord.
  • Unknown Rival: "Steve Jones", the to-this-day unknown person who pretended to be an Ubisoft rep and filed a false copyright strike that got Phil's original channel suspended from YouTube in April 2010 during his Splinter Cell: Conviction playthrough.
  • What Could Have Been: Phil at one point was going to partner with Channel Awesome, but this ultimately didn't happen after the fallout.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Played for Laughs in this case, as Phil and John occasionally call each other out on numerous sleazy moves they pull whether it be intentional or not. Phil seems to be on the receiving end of them a bit more often.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer: Used the SVD for most bosses in Metal Gear Solid 3 - except, ironically, The End. note 
    • DSP is also notorious for spamming lightning bolts against bosses in Dark Souls II, and rage quit the Crown of the Iron King DLC when he discovered that the game had nerfed that spell.

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