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Creator: That Person You Might Know
The author's mysterious insignia.

"Don't I know you?"
— The headline from ThatPersonYouMightKnow's profile.

ThatPersonYouMightKnow is an acclaimed fan fiction author, primarily known for his masterpiece of literature, The Lion King Adventures.

He was 15 when he started the series, and turned 16 during its year-and-a-half run. The Lion King Adventures became a hit very quickly, as it spawned similar series by other authors, a massive forum—home to multiple works created by the author and the fansmusic, voice recordings by VA Anonymous13 B, the detective thriller The Haiba Mystery, and its follow-up series Poison. This has earned him the reputation of being the most popular of fanfic writers for The Lion King, with many fans and thousands of views.

On January 1, 2014, he wrote and published his very last fanfiction story, Haiba Kong.

As of now, he is currently working on a book series, and plans to get it published.


  • The Lion King Adventures: His main work, and the lead for all the others.
  • The Haiba Mystery: A detective-genre spinoff featuring the author as a detective investigating the murder of Haiba. It was recorded in full by voice actor Anonymous13 B, and was followed by Poison (see below).
  • Poison: The follow-up to The Haiba Mystery, Poison was a series of short stories following the further adventures of Detective TPYMK along with the lioness Sarafina.
  • TLKA Shorts: A series of short stories taking place within TLKA. His fanfiction swan song, Haiba Kong, was the last of these.
  • Cheese: A sitcom starring TPYMK and the fans getting into various madcap misadventures.
  • Coming Out: A non-canon story depicting Simba falling for Haiba.
  • The Hermit: The Hermit of Hekima's backstory, which also features the Interceptor as a cub.


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