Team [=StarKid=] is a loosely-organised musical theatre production troupe, originally from Ann Arbor and currently based in Chicago, who are famous for making ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical''.

The group began as friends who met while studying at the UsefulNotes/UniversityOfMichigan and did several projects together, usually in conjunction with [[http://www.basementarts.org/ Basement Arts]], before hitting surprise mainstream success through ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical''. Their original musical ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' broke records as [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome it became the first college musical to break into the Billboards top Cast albums, debuting at number 11]]. In July 2010, the group released ''[[http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-very-starkid-album/id382263536 A Very StarKid Album]]'', a compilation album featuring songs from [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]], ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'', ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' and some original music; [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome it rose to number 27 on the [=iTunes=] charts]], beating out Music/LadyGaga and the ''Series/{{Glee}}'' soundtrack for a little while. In late 2010, Team [=StarKid=] relocated to Chicago in order to establish a repertory theatre company. On November 1st 2010, Team [=StarKid=] announced their latest production, ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', which premiered in Chicago in February 2011 and premiered on Website/YouTube on April 30th 2011. By May 1st, it had risen to #4 on the US iTunes charts. Many of their shows can be considered AffectionateParody, and contain numerous [[ShoutOut/TeamStarKid Shout Outs]] to other works.

Their official website and links to their projects, music and merchandise can be found [[http://www.teamstarkid.com on the website]].

!!The '''Team [=StarKid=]''' regulars are:
* '''Matt Lang''': Director and co-writer for all of their productions so far. Also works on the video editing.
* '''Nick Lang''': Co-writer, usually a co-director, works on the video editing, handles the puppet work and has acted in several productions: he played Kevin in ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'' and a number of bit roles in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]'' (including the voice of [[EnsembleDarkhorse the Scarf of Sexual Preference]]). Also portrayed the Caller Bug and Mister Bug in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'' in addition to designing the 2-D puppets. He was also Robin, Barack Obama, and a thug in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman'' He also worked on soapnet.com and was a part of the ''Series/GossipGirl'' [[http://crushable.com/entertainment/exclusive-behind-the-scenes-with-soapnetcoms-gossip-girl-puppets/ finger puppets]], which have reached MemeticMutation in that fandom.
* '''Brian Holden''': Co-writer and frequent actor: he played Zach in ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'', Flopsy in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'', Remus Lupin in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]'', Junior and Veeto Mosquito in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', and Superman in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman''. Has a [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-Holden/124812140898816 Facebook page]] and a [[http://www.twitter.com/Brian_Holden Twitter account]].
* '''Creator/DarrenCriss''': An actor/singer/songwriter, he's written some (and in the cases of ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]'' and ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', all) of the songs in every [=StarKid=] production and was the band guitar player for ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' (Criss was originally slated to play Dick in the production). He played Toby in ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'', but he's best known for playing Harry in [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]]. Of the [=StarKids=], Criss has received the most mainstream attention due to his music, his recurring role on ''Series/{{Eastwick}}'' and his [[http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2010/09/26/darren-criss-glee-kurt-boyfriend/ well]]-[[http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2010/10/15/glee-darren-criss/ publicised]] casting as Blaine (originally a recurring role, and then regular) in the second and third seasons of ''Series/{{Glee}}''. Has an [[http://www.darrencriss.com official website]], a [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Darren-Criss/99840369146 Facebook page]], a [[http://www.twitter.com/DarrenCriss Twitter account]] and a [[http://www.myspace.com/darrencriss MySpace page]]. [[http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/human/id382660889 His EP]] and his cover of [[http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/teenage-dream-glee-cast-version/id401338437 "Teenage Dream"]] from ''Series/{{Glee}}'' (the show's best-selling single yet) are both available for sale on iTunes. Due to his busy schedule on ''Series/{{Glee}}'', Criss has less involvement in [=StarKid=] productions than in their early days. Came up for the original premise of ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'' with Joe Walker and wrote the music.

!!!Frequent Collaborators:
* '''Julia Albain''': Played Crabbe in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM]]'', Crabbe & Percy & the Candy Lady in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]'', Specs in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', and Vicki Vale and Zatanna in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman''. Has a [[http://www.youtube.com/user/jmalbain youtube account ]], a [[http://www.julia-albain.com website]] and a [[http://twitter.com/julsmarietells Twitter account]].
* '''Chris Allen''': Played Duder in [[WebSeries/LittleWhiteLie]], Alfred in [[Theatre/HolyMusicalBatman]] and Ani in [[Theatre/{{Ani}} Ani: A Parody]].
* '''Jaime Lyn Beatty''': Played Ginny in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM]]'', Rita in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]'', Sally in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' (on which she also helped with the video editing), Neato Mosquito in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', both Poison Ivy and Candy in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman'', the big sister in ''Theatre/TheTrailToOregon'', and Schwoopsie in ''Theatre/{{Firebringer}}''. She's turned playing TheWoobie into an art form. Has [[http://jaimelynbeatty.weebly.com/ a website]], [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jaime-Lyn-Beatty/139176782781506 a Facebook page]] and a [[http://twitter.com/jaimelynbeatty Twitter account]]. She has begun recording new EP titled [[PungeonMaster Dolphin Safe Tunes]].
* '''Richard Campbell''': Played Neville in [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]] and Rick in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick''
* '''Denise Donovan''': Typecast as a DumbBlonde. Played a number of smaller roles, February in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', and Keeri in ''Theatre/{{Firebringer}}''.
* '''Eric Kahn Gale''': Co-writer on ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'' and ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'', as well as writer of [[MindScrew a novel]] called ''Literature/TheBullyBook''.
* '''Arielle Goldman''': Played Weenie in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' and a number of smaller roles (e.g. Hedwig, Lily Potter, and Luna Lovegood) in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]''.
* '''Bonnie Gruesen''': Played Hermione in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM]]'' and ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]''. She produced ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]''.
* '''A.J. Holmes''': Actor, songwriter, and musician. He wrote a few of the songs for ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM]]'' and was the band's piano player for the actual production (He's the band member that Voldemort threatens at the end), wrote all the songs (bar three) for ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'', in which he also played the Heart, and wrote some of the songs in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical A Very Potter Senior Year]]'', where he also played Gilderoy Lockhart. In ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', he cameoed the captain of the abandoned starship. As of late, a bit of a MemeticBadass. Has a [[http://twitter.com/ajholmesmusic Twitter account]]. Also wrote music for and starred in ''WebVideo/{{Doppelganger}}''. Starred as Frederick Frankenstein in the National Tour of ''Theatre/YoungFrankenstein''. Also starred as Elder Cunningham in the second national tour of ''Theatre/TheBookofMormon''.
* '''Creator/LaurenLopez''': Played Draco in [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]], Tanya in ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'', Taz and Bugette Bugington in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', Commissioner Gordon, Calendar Man, and Evil King Arthur in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman'', the little brother in ''Theatre/TheTrailToOregon'', and Zazzalil in ''Theatre/{{Firebringer}}''. Has a [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lauren-Lopez/107848392602571 Facebook page]] and a [[http://twitter.com/LaurenLopez1 Twitter account]]. She has also released a gluten free cookbook.
* '''Devin Lytle''': Typecast as a SouthernBelle. Played Cho Chang in [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]] and Miss Cooter in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick''. Jokingly plays a SouthernBelle.
* '''Lily Marks''': Played a number of minor roles in the [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]] and ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick''. Has a [[http://twitter.com/LilyMarks Twitter account]].
* '''Joe Moses''': Played Severus Snape in [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]] in addition to a cameo as Rick's dick in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' and the role of Krayonder in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}''. Now plays a {{Cloudcuckoolander}} version of Snape on his [=YouTube=] channel, WebVideo/PotionMastersCorner, where he interviews other members of Team [=StarKid=]. Also has [[http://www.josephmoses.net a website]], a [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joseph-Moses/118212788222499 Facebook page]] and a [[http://twitter.com/thejoemoses Twitter account]]. Joe currently headlines "The Joe Moses Showses", a comedic variety show.
* '''Jim Povolo''': Played Goyle, Firenze, Rumbleroar, and a few minor parts in [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]], [[TheDanza Jim]] in ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'', the Overqueen and Sweetheart Mosquito in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', and Mr. Freeze, Matches, and Hawkman in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman''. Has a [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jim-Povolo/129253997101610 Facebook page]] and a [[http://twitter.com/jimpovolo Twitter account]], and is the writer of [[http://twitter.com/spaceman_x Spaceman X, a Twitter-only serial story]]. A bit of an EnsembleDarkhorse. Or should that be centaur?
* '''Joey Richter''': Played Ron in [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]], [[TheDanza Joey Richter]] in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'', Bug in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', the Bandit King in ''Theatre/TheTrailToOregon'', and Grunt in ''Theatre/{{Firebringer}}''. Has a [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joey-Richter/140730675959481 Facebook page]] and a [[http://twitter.com/JoeyRichter Twitter account]].
* '''Brian Rosenthal''' Played Quirrell in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM]]'', and Seamus Finnigan and James Potter in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]''.
* '''Dylan Saunders''': Played Dumbledore in [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical the Harry Potter musicals]], Pincer and Tootsie Noodles in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}''. and the Narrator, Green Lantern, Scarecrow, Egghead, and Gob in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman''. Also played Ja'far in ''[[Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier Twisted]]''. Dylan is currently working on a solo album, entitled ''Confluence''.
* '''Rachael Soglin''': Played the Princess in ''[[Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier Twisted]]'', the mother in ''Theatre/TheTrailToOregon'', and Emberly in ''Theatre/{{Firebringer}}''.
* '''Meredith Stepien''': She played one of "The Hot Girls" in ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'', [=MegaGirl=] in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', the Riddler, Rachel Dawes, and a [=TGI=] Friday's worker in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman'', [[TheOtherDarrin Hermione]] in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical A Very Potter Senior Year]]'', Sherrezade in ''[[Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier Twisted]]'', and Jemilla in ''Theatre/{{Firebringer}}''. She has a [[http://twitter.com/#!/ghostydiddy Twitter account]] and a [[http://www.youtube.com/user/MerediddyS YouTube channel]].
* '''Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia''': Played the Old Snatch in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'', Sirius Black in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]'', and The Penguin, a cop, and Mr. Mxyptlk in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman''.
* '''Carlos Valdes''': Co-wrote ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' and ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'', as well as playing music for the latter. Also wrote ''Gibson Fleck'' with other [=StarKids=]. More known presently as Cisco Ramon/Vibe in ''[[Series/TheFlash2014 The Flash]]''.
* '''Creator/JoeWalker''': Co-wrote ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', as well as playing Voldemort in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM]]'', Umbridge in ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]'', Dick in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'', Commander Up in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'', Batman in ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman'', and Prince Achmed in ''[[Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier Twisted]]''. Notable for being able to remain [[MrFanservice dead sexy]] in the most ridiculous of costumes. Has [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joe-Walker/107952042572784 a Facebook page]] and a [[http://twitter.com/FunkWalk Twitter account]].


!!Their projects are:
* ''WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie'' (2007) -- a webseries that follows siblings Sami and Duder Reese, high school musicians in a Battle of the Bands-obsessed school who become rockstars after stealing music from a comatose student and tell lie after lie to keep the truth behind their success secret.
* ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM: A Very Potter Musical]]'' (2009) -- the one that started it all, is a [[TheMusical musical]] [[AffectionateParody parody]] of the Literature/HarryPotter series that mashes together the plots of books 1, 4, 6 and 7. Renowned for its unique, hilarious and genuinely interesting [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation alternate character interpretations]], it went viral in June 2009.
* ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' (2009) -- about [[TheDanza Joey Richter]] and his relationship with his Dick -- which walks, talks and has a mind of its own. Joey and Dick attempt to woo Vanessa, the girl of Joey's dreams, not realizing that they are the object of Sally and her Miss Cooter's affections. Think ''Film/AmericanPie'' [[JustForFun/XMeetsY had it been made by]] Creator/DonBluth.
* ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS: A Very Potter Sequel]]'' (2010) -- the much-anticipated followup, is actually a TimeTravel prequel (in the vein of the [[Film/StarTrek the 2009 Star Trek movie]]) that depicts Harry, Ron and Hermione's first year at Hogwarts, mashing together the plots of books 1, 3 and 5, while Death Eaters from the future travel back in time to off Harry.
* ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'' (2011) -- unlike previous [=StarKid=] productions, the live performance took place in Chicago, audience members were charged for their tickets, and the video was released as a DVD as well as on [=YouTube=]. It's ''not'' about Pigfarts -- it's set on a planet of bug aliens and follows a rebellious young bug who finds a crashed human spaceship and becomes fascinated with all the evidence of human culture, only to then meet ''real'' humans when another spaceship arrives. Darren Criss described the show as "''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'' [[JustForFun/XMeetsY meets]] ''Film/{{Aliens}}''".
* ''Theatre/HolyMusicalBatman'' (2012) -- a parody of the Creator/DCComics character Franchise/{{Batman}}, performed in March 2012 and released April 13th on [=YouTube=].
* ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPSY: A Very Potter Senior Year]]'' (2012) -- the third (and final) Harry Potter musical. [=StarKid=] revealed they had been working on the Threequel in early 2011 and had tentatively planned for a performance and online release around the same time as ''[[Film/HarryPotter Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2]]'', but the busy schedule of Creator/DarrenCriss (his roles in ''Series/{{Glee}}'' and ''Theatre/HowToSucceedInBusinessWithoutReallyTrying'') made that impossible. A reading of the script featuring nearly every [=StarKid=] actor was presented at [=LeakyCon=] 2012 and was released on [=YouTube=] on March 15th 2013. Luna Lovegood appeared, played by the real Luna, Creator/EvannaLynch herself.
* ''Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier'' (2013) -- a parody musical based upon ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'' and the rest of the Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon from the viewpoint of Ja'far, in the style of ''Literature/{{Wicked}}''.
* ''[[Theatre/{{Ani}} Ani: A Parody]]'' (2014) -- a parody musical based on ''Franchise/{{Star Wars}}'' centering around Anakin "Ani" Skywalker's quest to relive his glory days. It was released on [=YouTube=] on October 31, 2014.
* ''Theatre/TheTrailToOregon'' (2014) -- a musical loosely based on ''VideoGame/{{The Oregon Trail}}''. With only a cast of 6 actors, Joey Richter plays just about everybody.
* ''Theatre/{{Firebringer}}'' (2016) -- an original, female-driven musical about cavepeople and the discovery of fire. Performed in August of 2016, to premiere on Youtube on January 1, 2017.

!!!Other works of note:
* The [=StarKid=] Announcement Videos: The secondary purpose of these semi-regular videos is to inform people of the dates, times and locations of upcoming shows, answer frequently-asked-questions, pimp the [=StarKid=] merchandise and let fans know about changes to the website or other things. The main purpose of these videos is to make you laugh your ass off.
* [[http://thedigitour.com/index.html The Digitour]]: In 2011, Team [=StarKid=] were part of the Digitour, a travelling tour of musicians and acts who became famous via [=YouTube=]. Joey Richter, Brian Holden, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez, Joe Walker, Dylan Saunders and A.J. Holmes performed songs from ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM]]'' and ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPS]]'', ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'' and ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'' in front of live audiences.
* Funtastic Slamaganza: In 2011, Team [=StarKid=] had a charity event to benefit Snow City Arts. It was a variety performance featuring most of the members of Team [=StarKid=] who live in Chicago. It included songs from the musicals, songs by Jim and the Povolos, Standup by Meredith Stepien, as well as other acts by the [=StarKids=]. This is also where the first announcement was made confirming ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical A Very Potter Senior Year]]'' for 2012.
* The SPACE Tour: Similar to the Digitour and Funtastic Slamaganza, the SPACE Tour is a performance of various [=StarKid=] songs that toured through the U.S. Midwest and East Coast. Charlene Kaye, who is a friend of most of the members of Team [=StarKid=] from college, is opening on the tour. The tour includes the eastern United States and London... [[RunningGag Ontario]]. A concert album of the New York City show was released on March 13, 2012. A DVD based on the tour including behind-the-scenes footage was released later that month on the 24th.
* Theatre/{{Apocalyptour}}: [=StarKid's=] second national tour, which is more story driven than the SPACE Tour. The [=StarKids=], having given up singing and dancing, have turned to their true passion of archaeological digs until they unearth the Mayan God of Chaos and Death, [[TomTheDarkLord Margaret]], who is ready to bring about the 2012 apocalypse. Fortunately, Margaret is also the Mayan God of Musical Theater, and gives the [=StarKids=] a chance to save the world by putting on a concert. Unlike the SPACE Tour, Apocalyptour visited several venues on the West Coast.
* Airport For Birds (And Other Great Ideas): The team's first sketch show presented in partnership with Second City Chicago in January-March 2013.
* 1-Night-2-Last-3-Ever: A second sketch show which was performed in Fall 2013. It centered around the fictional boy band 3Ever and featuring sketches based around 1990's culture and nostalgia.
* Starkid Takes Manhattan: The fifth anniversary of ''[[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical AVPM]]'', with songs from all of their previous shows, including ''[[Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier Twisted]]''.
* Starkid Summer Season 2014: In addition to performing ''Theatre/TheTrailToOregon'' and ''[[Theatre/{{Ani}} Ani: A Parody]]'' the team also put on various shows on a smaller-scale. These shows were performed late at night after the musicals and ranged from sketch comedy, to stand up, to dance and everything in between.

!!Tropes associated with the works of Team [=StarKid=]:

* AllMusicalsAreAdaptations: Played with in that their adaptations are unlicensed parodies. Averted with ''Dick'', ''Starship'', and ''Firebringer'', which are original.
* BreakupBreakout: Averted. There were fears that Team [=StarKid=] might fall apart without Darren Criss' involvement, but the group has gone on to be even stronger than before (and Criss does participate in projects with them when he has time to).
* ButtMonkey: A ''lot''
** ''Literature/TheBullyBook'' [[DeconstructedTrope deconstructs]] this.
* CreatorThumbprint
** Apparently the writers like creating villains that are [[LoveRedeems redeemed by love]], along with having at least one villain who receives karmatic retribution in the end.
** They use HoYay [[invoked]] a great deal, too (i.e. Voldemort and Quirrell). ''WebVideo/HolyMusicalBatman'' takes this UpToEleven.
* CrossCastRole: But for laughs, rather than any practical reason.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Lauren Lopez is a big offender.
* FanNickname: [=DCriss=] (Creator/DarrenCriss); Brosenthal (Brian Rosenthal); Lolo (Lauren Lopez); Meredif (Meredith Stepien); Brolden (Brian Holden)
* {{Flanderization}}
** Dylan Saunders is actually Jewish, but he cranked it UpToEleven for Dumbledore.
** It can be assumed from Lauren Lopez's last name that she has at least some Hispanic ancestry, but she exaggerates it as Taz.
* IconicItem
** Joey Richter's headband, which he's worn as three of his characters.
** In several of their shows, every single character wears Chuck Taylor shoes.
** The plain door on stage left in all but the most dramatic of their shows.
* OneOfUs: Many of the writers are big fans of ''[[Franchise/MarvelUniverse Marvel]]'' super heroes. Nick Lang and a few others are admitted ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fans
* OneWomanSong: "Sami", full stop.
* OneSteveLimit: Averted. There are three Joes, two Brians and two Nicks.
* PromotedFanboy: Among the cast members for ''[[Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier Twisted]]'' is the team's fan-turned-friend, Robert Manion
* PuppetShows: Both Harry Potter musicals feature a puppet or two, and ''Theatre/{{Starship}}'' is chock full of them.
* RewrittenPopVersion: Of [[WebVideo/LittleWhiteLie "Sami"]], [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical "Not Alone"]], [[Theatre/MeAndMyDick "Even Though", "Ready to Go"]], [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical "Stutter"]], [[Theatre/TwistedTheUntoldStoryOfARoyalVizier "1001 Nights"]].
* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud: Characters in Starkid shows never gasp, they only ever exclaim the word "Gasp!"
* ShoutOut: References to ''Film/HighSchoolMusical'', ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' and (of course) ''Literature/HarryPotter'' are abundant throughout their projects, as the Team (particularly the writers) are huge fans. [[ShoutOut/TeamStarKid It's to the point where they have their own page.]]
* SouthernBelle: If Devin Lytle is involved.
* UnfortunateNames: Nick Lang has a coincidental one. He shares the name of a porn star, which makes looking him up on Google Images kinda impossible.