Suzanne Marie Collins (b. August 10, 1962) is an author of speculative fiction for kids and a screenwriter. She was born to a military pilot and spent her childhood in fear of losing him (that Vietnam thing, y'know), and it shows.

By far her best known work is ''Literature/TheHungerGames'' and its sequels, but she also wrote ''Literature/TheUnderlandChronicles'' for a younger audience. Before her career as a novelist, she served as a writer on several {{Creator/Nickelodeon}} shows, including ''Series/ClarissaExplainsItAll'' and ''Series/TheMysteryFilesOfShelbyWoo'', and the Creator/KidsWB cartoon ''WesternAnimation/GenerationO''!

!!Works by Suzanne Collins with their own trope pages include:
* ''Literature/TheUnderlandChronicles''
* ''Literature/TheHungerGames''

!!Her works contain examples of:
* SignatureStyle: Her preferred strokes include: [[KidHero young heroes]] with younger siblings [[BigBrotherInstinct they would do anything to protect]]; [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan snarkers]], [[JerkWithAHeartofGold world-weary mentors]] [[SinkOrSwimMentor who use sarcasm and put-downs in their training]], authority figures who later turn out to be evil, [[GreyandGreyMorality a balance of good and evil to both sides]], [[AnyoneCanDie beloved characters]] [[NeverGotToSayGoodbye dying suddenly]], and [[LightIsNotGood villains somehow connected to white]].
** And yes, [[WarIsHell war is definitely a nightmare]].
** She also likes to end chapters (and sometimes books) with a WhamLine.