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->"If you're not writing for teenage girls, you're missing out on a lot of love."
-->-- '''Stephenie Meyer''' in an [[http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20049578_2,00.html interview]] with ''Entertainment Weekly''

[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Stephenie]] Meyer (born 1973) is best known for writing the ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' saga, and has also written another book, ''Literature/TheHost''.
* AuthorAppeal: Meyer has gone on record and stated that she's attracted to both Edward and Jacob.
* AuthorAvatar: Her character [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Bella Swan]] seems to be this according to her haters, although Meyer claims that she is meant to be a kind of placeholder for female readers to project themselves on.
** The AuthorAvatar claim is said to be supported by a strong physical resemblance... and that's pretty much it. They are indeed both white women with brown hair and brown eyes, just like 50 % of her readers. Interestingly, Bella is actually the first name she wanted to give to a daughter who was never born.
** The name "[[Literature/TheHost Melanie Strider]]" is suspiciously similar to "Stephenie Meyer," even though, as before, this character only looks a little like her.
* AuthorVocabularyCalendar: Meyer seems to have a bad habit of over-using the word "chagrin" in her stories. One short story of hers uses "chagrin" and variations of the word at least three times.
* BlondesAreEvil: Some of her blonde characters are based off of people who were mean to her in life. Some blondes are good, but only if they're nice to the main characters.
* CreatorBreakdown: She had one when a few chapters of her new project ''[[PerspectiveFlip Midnight Sun]]'' were leaked on the internet.
** And then one followed when the ''Breaking Dawn'' backlash hit and ''The Host'' movie didn't do well. It's telling that she hasn't written any new books since.
* CreatorCameo: Shows up in the movie version of ''Twilight'' at a restaurant.
** She's also a guest at Bella and Edward's wedding in ''Breaking Dawn-Part 1''.
* FanNickname: Smeyer.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Extreme cases will spell her name Steph'''a'''nie Meyer'''s'''.