Sophocles (497/6 406/5 BC) is one of the three Greek tragedians whose work has survived to the present day (the others being Creator/{{Aeschylus}} and Creator/{{Euripides}}). His best-known work is the play ''Theatre/OedipusTheKing''.

!! Tragedies by Sophocles on the wiki:

* ''Theatre/{{Ajax}}''
* ''Theatre/{{Electra}}''
* ''Oedipus'' trilogy
## ''Theatre/OedipusTheKing''
## ''Theatre/OedipusAtColonus''
## ''Theatre/{{Antigone}}''
* ''Theatre/{{Philoctetes}}''
* ''Theatre/TheProgeny'', a fragment -- no more than a few lines have survived.
* ''Theatre/TheWomenOfTrachis''
!! Tropes present in the works of Sophocles include:
* DownerEnding: Well, it's not called tragedy for nothing.
* ForegoneConclusion: Some plot points in many of his lost plays are known from other sources.
** DidTheyOrDidntThey: ''Odysseus Acanthoplex'' is based off the version of the myth where Odysseus and Circe did.
** DisproportionateRetribution: Atreus' revenge on the title character in ''Thyestes''
** ImAHumanitarian: ''Tereus'', ''Thyestes''
** MamasBabyPapasMaybe: There's a play called ''Creusa'', and the only Creusa known in Myth/ClassicalMythology is from Creator/{{Euripides}}' ''Ion''.
** OffingTheOffspring: ''Tereus''
** [[HeWhoFightsMonsters She Who Fights Monsters]]: Procne in ''Tereus''.
* GreekChorus: Creator/{{Aristotle}} in ''Literature/{{Poetics}}'' cited him as how choruses ''should'' work.
* MissingEpisode: More than a hundred.
* RummageSaleReject: According to Creator/{{Aristophanes}}'s comedy ''Theatre/TheBirds'', the hoopoe costume in the lost play ''Tereus'' was ridiculous.