Seanan [=McGuire=] is an American fantasy writer and {{filk}}singer. She also writes under the name of Mira Grant, depending on what genre she's working in.

She is the current record holder of the most Hugo Award nominations in a single year, with five in 2013, winning one. Her Toby Daye series has made her a New York Times Bestselling Author as well.

!!Works with their own pages:
* ''Literature/EveryHeartADoorway''
* ''Literature/GhostStories''
* ''Literature/InCryptid'' series
* ''Literature/{{Indexing}}''
* ''Literature/{{Newsflesh}}'' trilogy (as Mira Grant)
* ''Literature/OctoberDaye'' series
* ''Literature/{{Parasitology}}'' trilogy (as Mira Grant)
* ''Literature/VelveteenVs''

!!Tropes in her other works:
* CreatorInJoke: There are several that appear in multiple books.
** The poem "Mairzy Doats" appears in both the Literature/OctoberDaye and Literature/{{Newsflesh}} books.
** Being betrayed to the bad guys by a pair of shoes likewise appears in both sets of books.
** The creepy children's book in ''Literature/{{Parasitology}}'' shares several lines with her filk about Silent Hill.
* DeadpanSnarker: Pretty much the protagonist of any of her stories except for Parasite.
** Literature/InCryptid has Verity (Antimony as well. Alexander can bring the snark from time to time but on the whole he's much more prone to dry academic humor).
** Literature/{{Indexing}}'s is Henry.
** Literature/{{Newsflesh}}'s is George, though the entire cast could qualify.
** Literature/GhostStories has Rose.
** Literature/OctoberDaye has Toby, the Luidaeg, and several others
** Literature/VelveteenVs has Velma.
* GenderBlenderName: A number of her heroines go by masculine-sounding diminutives.
** October "Toby" Daye
** Georgia "George" Mason
** Henrietta "Henry" Marchen
* OneOfUs: She's quite familiar with this site, made clear from her intro to the story "The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell" in the collection ''[[Literature/{{Newsflesh}} Rise]]''. She describes a character as "a manic pixie nightmare girl...part deconstruction of the trope and part broken bird".
* ShoutOut: The author is an unabashed fan of Stephen King, and mentions other pop culture she's fond of as it comes up.
* {{Tuckerization}}: The author likes to toss in her good friends, but also has sold Tuckerization appearances in her books for charity.