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Satomi Koorogi is a voice actress born either in 1962 or 1966. Her roles seem to be usually the Token Mini-Moe or the Ridiculously Cute Critter. Her vocal range can go so high that she is capable of convincingly voicing very young children, even toddlers and babies; however, her real speaking voice is evidently much, much deeper and almost unrecognizable compared to many of her character voices. On the other side of the spectrum, she can also lower her voice in order to voice pre-teen and teen boys on occasion. She's perhaps most famous as Togepi in Pokémon.

She's very short, as mentioned in one Excel Saga episode (where her walking off after her one line as Menchi is represented by the top of someone's head crossing the bottom of the screen).

Notable roles by Satomi Koorogi: