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Saban Entertainment (formerly Saban Productions) was an independent television production company formed in 1983 by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. It was best-known for importing and dubbing Japanese series, both of the animated and live-action variety. In addition to that it teamed up with French production teams and DiC Entertainment for several animated series. They notably allied with Fox in the 1990s, forming a joint venture to run Fox Kids (and eventually Fox Family) alongside them and contributing many series (Power Rangers or otherwise) to the block. Thanks to Fox acquiring the remnants of New World Entertainment, they also gained the rights to the library of Marvel Productions (aka Marvel Films and New World Animation), as well as its' predecessor DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (with the exception of DFE co-productions, and Marvel's co-productions with Sunbow Entertainment).

In October 2001, Saban met its demise, and was renamed to BVS Entertainment. This came two months after Haim Saban and News Corporation sold Saban and Fox Family Worldwide (now ABC Family Worldwide) to The Walt Disney Company. Most of their library is still owned and controlled by Disney, except for Power Rangers, its successors (VR Troopers, Beetleborgs, The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nóg, and Masked Rider), and Digimon; all of which were reacquired from Disney by Saban Entertainment's successor, Saban Brands.

In 2002, Disney formed Saban's Spiritual Successor, Sensation Animation, which was created to continue dubbing Digimon episodes (specifically, Digimon Frontier). After the dubbing completed, Sensation was done in by Disney losing the U.S. license to Digimon.

Note: The infamous "Saban Moon" trailer has nothing to do with Saban. This was in fact a misnomer of the fandom because Renaissance Atlantic, TOEI's American branch that acted as a middleman between Saban and TOEI for Power Rangers, was behind it.

Saban Brands, which was set up by Haim Saban to reacquire the Power Rangers franchise in 2010, is the successor to Saban Entertainment.

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