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The Future Is Now
Company Motto, 1986-2001

SNK, an acronym for Shin Nihon Kikaku 『新日本企画』 (Japanese for "New Japan Project"), is one of the better known video game companies. Besides developing arcade games dating back to 1978, SNK is also responsible for the Neo Geo home console, as well as the short-lived Hyper Neo Geo 64 and portable Neo Geo Pocket. The company's legal and trading name became SNK in 1986. It also possesses a unique story of collapse and rebirth: After things started to look bad in the beginning of 2000, SNK was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2001 and sold many of its rights to various companies. Eventually, with hard work and effort, its CEO, Eikichi Kawasaki, eventually gathered up many of its former rights and employees and rebuilt SNK, now named SNK Playmore. Kawasaki was the company's largest shareholder until August 2015, when his shares (along with his wife's) were bought over by a Chinese video game company.

SNK is mostly known for its fighting games and was once the biggest rival of Capcom in that field; this rivalry was embodied in the SNK vs. Capcom SNK vs. Capcom crossover series. Their fighting game bosses have a reputation for being extremely harder than their rival companies' counterparts, thus making them the Trope Namer for SNK Boss. To casual observers, SNK's 2D fighters were mere imitators of the Street Fighter series, but this is not the case. The combat systems are totally different, with SNK's Art of Fighting series introducing the whole concept of the super special move that would go onto to become a fighting game staple. Also, although both employed luxuriously rich, detailed 2D visuals, SNK's backgrounds were more expressive, and often filled with comic touches. It's also worth pointing out that staff have switched between the Capcom and SNK camps over the years, with original Street Fighter creators Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto going onto to work at SNK, notably creating the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series, while famed illustrator Shinkiro as well as lesser known Senri Kita note  started at SNK but now work for Capcom. Daisuke Ishiwatari, known best for his work on Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, was also employed under SNK as part of the team developing The Last Blade. If you look at his work (and sometimes squint), you can see more than a few nods to SNK's properties.

Has nothing to do with Attack on Titan (which has the Japanese name of Shingeki no Kyojin), despite sharing the same initials. Fans of the video game company have taken to using the company's new name (SNK Playmore) because of the potential confusion.

Consoles made:

  • Neo Geo (1990–2004)
  • Neo Geo CD (1994–1997)
  • Neo Geo Pocket (1998–1999)
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color (1999–2001)

Games developed:

Fighting games


Tropes present in many SNK games: