Creator: Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi (January 6, 1981), born Yuriko Kikuchi, is a Japanese actress. She is best known in the West for her roles in Pacific Rim and The Brothers Bloom. She was the first Japanese actress in 50 years to be nominated for an Academy Award, for her role as a deaf-mute girl in Babel.

Abridged Filmography

Tropes that apply to this actress:

  • Adorkable: Pacific Rim fans have reacted well to her enthusiasm for chocolate and teddy bears.
  • Doing It for the Art: She campaigned hard for her role in Babel, going through a year-long audition process and taking lessons in sign language on her own just to show how serious she was.
  • Dye Hard: Has been blonde, auburn, dark haired with blue streaks...
  • Dyeing for Your Art
  • Facial Dialogue: She has proven herself talented at this, taking three silent roles.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: She got an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress and is loved by Western fans. However in her home country, she's not very popular. Probable reason is that she didn't star enough TV roles, variety shows and commercials in the Japanese entertainment industry before her international debut in Babelnote . However, due to the success of Pacific Rim, time will tell if she's going to be adored by the Japanese audience.
  • Production Posse: Was part of Kaneto Shindo's in her early career, and participated in two of Mamoru Oshii's projects.
  • Type Cast: As a mute.