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Reprise (pronounced rih-PREEZ) is a record label owned by the Creator/WarnerMusicGroup and currently its largest sub-label. The label was founded by Music/FrankSinatra in 1960 and after struggling through its early years, was bought by Creator/WarnerBrosRecords three years later (they called it a "rescue takeover").

Sinatra's main philosophy when he founded the label was that all artists would be given full creative control of their work, and eventually ultimate ownership of their catalog. This means that most of Reprise's earliest artists now distribute under different labels.

After the takeover, Reprise's new owner, Mo Ostin, would lead the label away from the swing roster that Sinatra had built and into the pop direction for which it became famous (starting with securing American rights to Music/TheKinks). The roster throughout the late 1960s and the 1970s included Music/JimiHendrix, Music/CaptainBeefheart, Music/TomLehrer, Music/NeilYoung (who's stayed with the label to this day, except during a brief, [[http://ultimateclassicrock.com/neil-young-geffen-records-infamous-rock-lawsuits/ ill-fated switch to]] Creator/GeffenRecords), the 1970's recordings by Music/FrankZappa, Music/FleetwoodMac, Music/JethroTull and the late 1960s to mid 1970s recordings by Music/TheBeachBoys.

Fleetwood Mac's internal conflict and dwindling sales led to them being moved up to the parent label, where they would record the massively popular and critically acclaimed ''Music/{{Rumours}}''; this didn't bode well for Reprise's future. Reprise had been struggling to maintain good sales after coming down from the success they'd had in the early 1970s, and from the mid-1970s to the 1980s, all of its artists (except for Frank Sinatra and Neil Young) had been moved up to Warner. From the label's revival in the late 1980s onward, Ostin has worked to elevate Reprise into the incarnation it's recognized as being today. Most of the label's (many) former artists still distribute their work from that era through the label. Reprise currently holds the place of a secondary parent to Warner, hosting many small labels that Warner can't handle.

Finally, if you've ever had a Warner-licensed song taken down from Website/YouTube, it probably belonged to Reprise — they're very serious about that. Despite this, unlike Warner, Reprise has a good relationship with videogames: they have a track pack on ''VideoGame/GuitarHero III'' and were completely supportive of ''Green Day: VideoGame/RockBand''.

Keep in mind that most of the artists listed here are officially under Warner management, but distribute heavily through Reprise - only a few of them are officially signed Reprise artists.
!!List of current artists:
* Music/{{aha}}
* Music/ArcticMonkeys (licensed from UK indie label Domino Recording Company)
* Music/ArtOfDying (actually signed to Disturbed's Intoxication Records, but the label is an imprint of Reprise)
* Music/{{Bloodsimple}}
* Music/BoneThugsNHarmony
* Music/MichaelBuble
* Music/{{Cher}}
* Music/EricClapton
* [[Music/TheSmashingPumpkins Billy Corgan]]
* Music/{{Deftones}}
* Music/DepecheMode (American distributor)
* Music/{{Disturbed}}
* Music/DukeEllington
* Music/{{Enya}}
* Music/FleetwoodMac
* Music/TheFugs
* Music/GreenDay
* Music/JoshGroban
* Music/{{HIM}}
* Music/{{Mastodon}}
* Music/AlanisMorissette
* Music/MyChemicalRomance
* Music/NewOrder
* Music/{{Oasis}} (American distributor)
* Music/TomPetty & the Heartbreakers
* The Raconteurs
* Music/RiloKiley
* Music/FrankSinatra
* Music/TheSmashingPumpkins
* Music/StaticX
* Music/SteelyDan
* [[Music/SystemOfADown Serj Tankian]] (for releases not under Serjical Strike Records)
* Music/TakingBackSunday
* Music/TeganAndSara
* Music/TheUsed
* Music/NeilYoung

!!List of former artists:
* Music/{{Ash}} (American distributor)
* Music/BarenakedLadies
* Music/TheBeachBoys
* Music/TheBeeGees
* Music/TheB52s
* Music/BlackSabbath (American distributor)
* Music/BoneThugsNHarmony
* Music/JohnCale
* Music/CaptainBeefheart
* Music/BingCrosby
* Music/FatsDomino
* Creator/SammyDavisJr
* Music/RobDougan (American distributor)
* Music/{{Erasure}} (American distributor)
* Music/FaithNoMore
* Music/{{Filter}}[[note]]now owned by Concord Music Group[[/note]]
* Music/{{Heart}}
* Music/JimiHendrix (American distrbutor)
* Music/TheJesusAndMaryChain (American distributor)
* Music/JethroTull (American distributor)
* Music/TheKinks (American distributor)
* Music/TomLehrer
* Music/GordonLightfoot
* Music/LittleRichard
* Music/NickLowe (American distributor)
* Music/{{Maroon 5}} (under the Kara’s Flowers name)
* Music/DeanMartin
* Music/JoniMitchell
* Music/{{Mudhoney}}
* Music/RandyNewman
* Music/{{Nico}}[[note]]now owned by Domino Records[[/note]]
* Creator/RichardPryor
* Music/LouReed
* Music/TheReplacements
* Music/KennyRogers & the First Edition
* Music/RoxyMusic (American distributor)
* Creator/SoupySales
* Music/BobSeger
* Music/TheSmiths (American distributor)
* Music/TinyTim
* Music/TomTomClub
* [[Music/MarcBolan T. Rex]] (American distributor)
* Music/{{Wilco}}: This one involved a famous case of ItWillNeverCatchOn: Reprise felt that their fourth album, to be released in September 2001, wasn't marketable enough. Wilco left the label with the rights to the album, as Reprise didn't feel that they were worth that much to begin with. The band hopped to Warner stablemate Nonesuch and released the album in 2002. Its title? ''Yankee Hotel Foxtrot''. Its reception? Legendary. Its sales? Gold. Yeah, they were kicking themselves after that one.
* Music/PaulWilliams
* Music/DwightYoakam
* Music/FrankZappa