''Rebellion Developments'' is a British developer of video games and the owners of LongRunner ''ComicBook/TwoThousandAD''. They've been around since 1991. Among the various games they've developed or otherwise had a hand in are:

* A reimagining of ''[[{{VideoGame/Battlezone1980}} Battlezone]]'' for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation4 with UsefulNotes/OculusRift.
** A redux of the 1998 ''[[{{VideoGame/Battlezone1998}} Battlezone]]'' by Activision, obviously titled ''Battlezone 98 Redux''.
* ''Delta Force'' (''Urban Warfare'' and ''Black Hawk Down'')
* ''VideoGame/NeverDead''
* ''VideoGame/{{Shellshock}}'' and its sequel, ''VideoGame/{{Shellshock 2}}''
* ''VideoGame/TheSimpsonsGame'' ([=PS2=], PSP and Wii versions)
* ''VideoGame/SniperElite'' and its reboot, ''VideoGame/SniperEliteV2''
** ''VideoGame/SniperEliteIII''
** ''VideoGame/SniperElite4''
* The 1994, 1999 and [[VideoGame/AliensVsPredator2010 2010]] ''Franchise/AlienVsPredator'' {{First Person Shooter}}s
* The ''VideoGame/RogueTrooper'' game
* ''[[VideoGame/JawsUnleashed Jaws: Revenge]]''
* The ''VideoGame/JudgeDreddDreddVsDeath'' first-person shooter
** ''VideoGame/JudgeDreddVsZombies'', the top-down [[IOSGames IOS]] shooter.
* The console version of ''VideoGame/IronStorm''
* ''VideoGame/StarshipTroopers'', originally developed by Strangelite and published by Empire Interactive.