Raymond Redvers Briggs, (born 18 January 1934) is an English author and illustrator known for his picture books.

His books for children include ''ComicBook/FatherChristmas'' (awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal), ''Father Christmas Goes on Holiday'', ''Fungus the Bogeyman'', ''ComicBook/TheSnowman'' (a magical and completely wordless tale that was adapted into a beloved animated film), and ''The Man''.

His books for older readers -- disconcertingly illustrated in the same cartoony style -- include ''Gentleman Jim'', ''ComicBook/WhenTheWindBlows'' (a darkly comic take on nuclear holocaust from the point-of-view of a simple cheerful middle-aged couple), ''The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman'' (a satire of UsefulNotes/TheFalklandsWar), and ''Ethel And Ernest'', a graphic biography of his own parents.
!!Works by Raymond Briggs with their own trope pages include:

* ''ComicBook/FatherChristmas''
* ''ComicBook/TheMan''
* ''ComicBook/TheSnowman''
* ''ComicBook/WhenTheWindBlows''

!!Other works by Raymond Briggs provide examples of:

* DelusionsOfEloquence: The protagonist of ''Gentleman Jim''.
* TheVicar: The "Nice Little Vicar" terrorised by Fungus in ''Literature/FungusTheBogeyman''. A footnote explains that bogeys resent Vicars for conflating them with devils.
* WorthlessYellowRocks: Bogeys regard gold as a base metal, and use it to make spittoons.