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Creator: Rafael Sabatini
Rafael Sabatini (1875 - 1950) was an Italian-born English writer of historical adventure stories. The two best-known are Scaramouche and Captain Blood: His Odyssey, both of which have been filmed multiple times. The 1935 film version of Captain Blood launched Errol Flynn to stardom.
    Rafael Sabatini's works include: 
  • The Lovers of Yvonne (AKA The Suitors of Yvonne) (1902)
  • The Tavern Knight (1904)
  • Bardelys the Magnificent (1906)
  • The Trampling of the Lilies (1906)
  • Love-At-Arms (1907)
  • The Shame of Motley (1908)
  • St. Martin's Summer (1909)
  • Mistress Wilding (AKA Anthony Wilding) (1910)
  • The Lion's Skin (1911)
  • The Strolling Saint (1913; revised 1925)
  • The Gates of Doom (1914)
  • The Sea Hawk (1915) — Provided the title, but little else, for Errol Flynn's 1940 The Sea Hawk
  • The Snare (1917)
  • Scaramouche (1921)
  • Captain Blood: His Odyssey (1922)
  • Fortune's Fool (1923)
  • The Carolinian (1924)
  • Bellarion the Fortunate (1926)
  • The Hounds of God (1928)
  • The Romantic Prince (1929)
  • The King's Minion (AKA The Minion) (1930)
  • Scaramouche the Kingmaker (1931)
  • The Black Swan (1932) — Adapted into a 1942 Tyrone Power film of the same name; not to be confused with Darren Aronofsky's similarly titled 2010 film.
  • The Stalking Horse (1933)
  • Venetian Masque (1934)
  • Chivalry (1935)
  • The Lost King (1937)
  • The Sword of Islam (1939)
  • The Marquis of Carabas (AKA Master-At-Arms) (1940)
  • Columbus (1941)
  • King In Prussia (AKA The Birth of Mischief (1944)
  • The Gamester (1949)

Works by Sabatini with their own trope pages include:

Sabatini's other works include the following tropes:

  • The Highwayman: Sabatini wrote many stories about highwaymen, including several concerning the fortunes of a charming rogue who called himself "Captain Evans".
  • Historical-Domain Character: Too numerous to list.
  • Historical Fiction: Most of what he wrote.
  • Not in This for Your Revolution: This is a recurring theme in Sabatini's novels: a non-idealistic character is pointedly not supporting a less competent idealistic character on his/her quest. Then the forces the idealist opposes hurts the non-idealist or those he cares for. This is a Bad Move.
  • Scooby-Doo Hoax: "The Plague of Ghosts"
  • Swashbuckler: Most of what he wrote.

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alternative title(s): Rafael Sabatini
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